You cant buy it because its only available in china right now, but i do have the 10 pro in my hands. Now it comes in two different colors and this video is all about gaming, but well touch on some of the other different points on this device. As i mentioned two different colors, this is powered by the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. I keep making a mistake while im trying to mention that properly, but the snapdragon 8 gen 1. uh – we also have 8 gigs of ram in here – can go up to 16 uh. Then we also have, of course, 120 gigabytes of storage, and we can also increase that as well now theres, a 5 000 milliamp battery built into this bad boy, which is great, and it does support an 80 watt charger. But this is a super voc charger. As you can see here, so this is taking a lot from what oppo is doing, because now this is part of oppo as a company design wise. I do like this device and i like its look and feel the display is 6.7 inches. 120 hertz its now lpto display, which means you can go from 1 hertz to 120hz, very adaptive, which is nice. We can actually see that here in the settings by literally jumping in we go to display and then boom. We have it right here, screen refresh rate high maximum and thats great. I love that aspect about it so before we get into gaming, lets, take a quick look at the camera itself.

Now the camera app feels like the oppo camera app. You can see a lot of the details feel the same check out my arena. 7. Pro video. You can find a lot of those features up, because this is running. Call os 12 in here and weve got a ton of features from tilt shift overview. All that fun stuff and the recording is where we have a couple of recording modes. I want to quickly show you this because were going to see in this video weve got 4k and weve got 8k, so we can record it 8k 24 frames per second or we recorded 4k at up to 120 frames per second Music Music Music. Now lets get to the meat of the mata and what we care about, which is gaming, so this, of course, has the brand new snapdragon 8 gen 1, and we have a couple of games. We want to play. First off, of course, is call of duty mobile. Now playing call of duty mobile uh before we actually even do anything in that we do have a hyper boost center, which i do like now. What i like about it is the fact that in the hyper boost center, you do have the ability to improve your performance. You can lock your orientation, you can block notifications. You can also see your fps readings for your game that youre playing as well as also your cpu and gpu usage there, which is actually pretty good, and that allows you to do a lot more while youre gaming.

But i actually want to go into the benchmarks of those games, so call of duty. Mobile is one that we start off with quite well and using our benchmark tool, uh game bench, and we actually have game bench pro here. We can go in and see what we actually got for benchmark, so we got 59 frames per second, which is pretty solid. Normal five minutes of gameplay cpu percentage was 11 gpu was at 47 and we used about 876 megabytes of ram. Now our frame rates. We can see how the frame rates actually went through throughout our gameplay period and it calculated battery drain. So in per hour, we will look at about 23 percent battery in per hour, which uh is something im just checking recently, but thats kind of high. For me, at least in my mindset on there so thats what you get with a game like call of duty mobile. So when we go into pubg mobile, we have two gameplays. Of course, we start off with our normal ultra hd ultra played for about eight minutes, and we got ‘ frames per second and cpu is eleven percent. Gpu 23 ram usage is actually pretty low at 334 megabits per second now. Our frame rate chart is also here. Medium frame rate is about a medium frame rate, which is ‘ frames per. Second. We had that for about 64 of the time now. Battery drain is about 22 percent uh per hour, so slightly less very slightly less than call of duty mobile in there um and then when we go ahead and change to smooth extreme.

We play for about five minutes and 50 seconds. We go to 59 frames per second, which is something thats very typical for ’60 frames per second cpu usage was 15. Gpu was 17 ram. Usage was much less at 277 megabytes, so less ram used with pubg mobile. Our median fps at 59 frames was we had that for about 86 of the time, so thats actually pretty good in terms of our battery drain. That was much higher 31 per hour, so youre playing that smooth extreme youre going to be draining more battery. Now i did get do all this gameplay using qhd display at 120 hertz so thats. What i actually got now, of course, to the main game, genting impact. This is where things were interesting. Genji impact will play for about 20 minutes and our benchmark tool give us a performance of 42 frames per second at the highest sentence for gunshin impact, which is quite interesting, and we actually got a battery reading of 4.2 hours is what we would get playing engine Impact fully cpu was 21 gpu, 55 usage, because its a gpu, intensive game and ram was 746 megabytes, so not too bad. Our average uh or median fps was 42 frames per second. We had that for 99 of the time, which again is interesting, and then we go to battery drain were looking at 24 per hour again. This is a little higher, but not as high, of course, as pubg mobile smooth extreme.

What is interesting here is that fps 42 frames per second. I got better fps readings from snapdragon triple eight from last year, but then again, this device hasnt fully hit the market yet so there are no updates to the games. Of course, at this point in time to take full advantage of the chipset so, which is why were seeing such numbers im going to put that as the liberal caveat here? But that is something for you guys to take note in terms of temperatures were getting about. 110 degrees, so that actually wasnt too bad on this device and in terms of audio, you guys just take a listen Music Applause Laughter: oh Music Applause, Music Applause enemy in sighting yeah. So this device is quite interesting, especially when you look at the frame rates were getting in terms of gameplay and some stuff. That, of course, i think will change due to updates. But i cant wait to compare it against the s22 ultra, because i think that is a device that will at least push for updates for some of these games. So we can see how well they perform now when it comes to game streaming services, it works pretty. Well, as you would expect stadia xbox game pass, work well and thats, something i think you would expect from devices now now. The controller you see here is the knock on controller uh, its knock on mg x, pro uh, its 99 and its pretty great controller.

If youre using game streaming services, but not for your standard, android gameplay, i want to know your thoughts guys.