Their famous find x line of phones make waves in the industry every time. A nuance release from motorized pop up cameras to microscope lenses. Oppo have always combined interesting ideas with outstanding build quality and user experience. This year is no exception and we have just got our hands on the new oppo find x5 pro lets have a look at whats new and how this device stacks up to whats on the market. So first things. First, the materials we get a super reflective ceramic back, no floating camera, island or lenses that stick out just a single piece that molds and bends light like a high performance car exterior, although it may collect fingerprints easily, this design is striking when you take it out Of your pocket just be careful when placing it on smooth surfaces, because if you dont use a case, this phone will slip around. Luckily, for us there is a case included in the box and its nice, a thin smooth silicon with raised edges for some extra protection. Theres also a screen protector, pre installed and oppos famous 80 watt super voot fast charger, which is a lot more than other manufacturers. Give you at this price point that charger is outstanding too charging the phone to 94 in 30 minutes. I found i never really worried about battery life, even as a last minute thought. A quick charge would give me enough battery before i had to head out the back of the device flows into an aluminium frame, which is then met by the outstanding 6.

7 inch. 120 hertz amoled display coated and gorilla glass vectors. The shape is smooth and consistent and its surprisingly lightweight and noticeably thin because of the 20×9 tall aspect ratio. I find that at least for my average size hands. It fits very comfortably as for specs theres, a snapdragon 8gen1 12 gigs of ram that can be boosted to 19 gigs using virtual ram 256gb storage and a massive 5000mah battery, and that battery uses oppos new smart battery charging technology. The oppo claims, even after 1600 charge cycles or charging your phone every day for four and a half years, youll still be at 80 battery health. So this is a phone thats really built to last that gorgeous display paired with some solid stereo speakers makes this device a dream for watching videos and with that new snapdragon, 8 processor, its a great little gaming device too, with aaa titles like diablo and mortal coming Out theres never been a better time to have so much power in your pocket and to top it all off, we get some massive camera sensors. In fact, we get three 50 megapixel primary 50 megapixel ultra wide and a 13 megapixel telephoto. I like that. Oppo is focused more on the ultra wide compared to the zoom lens, as i find it far more useful in most situations and i never really use any of the periscope features on other handsets. These sensors are all controlled by oppos new mari silicon x, chip, a camera specific processor that produces some great looking images.

The photos are very true to life, good colors and sharpness, and lots of freedom to zoom and crop. It also does some outstanding low light photos and videos with good looking noise reduction. I think its just a very all round versatile camera topos partnership with hasselblad has really delivered something unique. We even get a fancy hasselblad pro mode, complete with the famous orange button and shutter sound for some of those retro camera lovers out there oppo didnt skip on the front camera, either 32 megapixel front camera. They can even detect how many people are in the shot and change the focal angle. Accordingly, i really have delivered a premium product here, a futuristic design top of the range specs and, to top it all off a great operating system. I found so much to love about color os 12.1, its still one of my favorite android skins, its simple and easy to use with clearly laid out settings and a wealth of customization options throughout the os. You can really make it feel, like your own oppo. Also promises three years of android os updates with a fourth year, security patches, which is see this phone update to android, 13, 14 and eventually, 15. theres, just been so much thought put into all aspects of this phone and thats. What makes this device stand out? Its definitely expensive, but i do think its worthy of that premium price tag and, if youre lucky enough to get your hands on one, i think itll be a great device for years to come.