Well, today, i have just the thing that fits this description. Youll be having a hands on look at the okitel wp19. The box itself looks professional with some cool specs listed at the back of the box. Lets proceed to check out what is inside the box inside the box. Users would find one okitel wp19 rugged smartphone placed nicely around foam protective layering. One user guide is included to guide users on the product operation. A sim card tray pin is included too, along with a charging wall adapter and a usbc charging cable all packed neatly in the product packaging. On first impressions, the wp 19 rugged smartphone looks really cool with a solid and rugged design to it. At the back, users will notice the nice leather texture pattern signifying elegance and class at the sides. Users will be able to see that it is casted with a durable metal body frame which looks good check out this massive 6.78 inch display. It looks really huge and functional cant wait to power it up to try it out. A sim card tray is included, as you see it can fit dual 4g sim cards and an sd expandable storage card, good options on it. At the other side, users will find the volume control button and power button fitted nicely on the phone at the bottom. When you open the flap, you will be able to find the headphone jack, which is pretty rare nowadays, along with the usbc charging port to recharge up the device at the back.

There are triple ai cameras that looks really futuristic in design. Each camera has their own unique feature like the 64 megapixel main camera lens to capture clear and crisp shots, while the 2 megapixel macro lens is for capturing close up shots and finally, the 20 megapixel night vision camera to capture night shots all unique features to explore. There is a 16 megapixels front camera which is fitted nicely in the screen. As you see unique design and engineering lets power, it up press and hold the power button to power up once it boots up. You can follow the on screen instructions to configure the phone check out the home page layout. It looks so bright, vibrant and beautiful. It has the latest at the time of filming, android 12 on it. So the interface looks clean and neat. It is very smooth when i browse around on the phone: it uses stock android and there is no massive bloatware on it. Unlike other phones, so the phone stays fast and smooth check out the camera interface. There are many different shooting modes on the camera. App like night vision photo videos its also very easy to use just point and capture what you want. Other photography, shooting modes are available like time lapse, panorama and more good options available. It has a unique infrared night vision sensor on it, as you see here on the back, so users can see and capture shots on their phones, even in complete darkness like in this test, i entered a pitch darkroom and, to my amazement, the ir night vision.

Camera works great. I can see even in complete darkness with this feature on the wp 19 smartphone amazing, great for outdoor camps or expeditions check out some test photos. I took with the wp 19 smartphone. They look really good. Vibrant sharp and even the macro mode looks good. I can see patterns and things up close in video mode. I can capture clear and crisp video shots of sceneries or animals in biv detail. The 64 megapixel camera main lens capture shot in great clarity and depth. Google play store is available, so you can download your favorite apps on it. Lets try playing a game on it to see if it runs smoothly. During my trial, the game runs very smoothly without any lags or disconnection thanks to the fast performing mediatek processor within it. That runs smoothly and is able to multitask effectively without lag the huge eight gigabyte ram and massive 256 gigabytes storage space helps to maintain the phones fast and optimal performance, even under intense usage. Moving on to streaming quality, the massive 6.78 inch hd display works great. It has 90 hertz refresh rate for fast and clear streaming quality. As you see, the images relayed on it is super clear and crisp. The colors look good and vibrant. I feel really immersed in the video when using it great for games and video streaming with global 4g band support users can stay connected on the go use the phone or messaging app to connect with friends and family.

It runs on android 12, which means users can stay up to date with the latest android software updates and features, which is at the time of filming one of the newest android versions available great. It is dust proof, waterproof and mil std certified. So, even if dropping it from a height of 1.5 meters, it wont be greatly damaged with its durable built in rating with such a massive battery 21 000 milliamps. It has rapid, fast charging features for a maximum standby time of 2252 hours, really impressive right. The massive battery can last through your short camping trips with so many other features on the wp 19. You are sure to stay connected throughout your time using it. Overall, i find the okitel wp19 rugged smartphone a durable and functional device, such a huge battery capacity. Rugged smartphone is hard to come by. If you are looking for something that is durable and can have long lasting battery life, you can check out the okie tail wp19. More details with the link in description check it out.