Galaxy phones stems from the a5x series, so its not surprising for samsung to only evolve the series through cautious modifications to each new model in order to avoid putting off fans once again this year. The galaxy a535g is a phone that doesnt present any major changes. Maybe, apart from the fact that theres no longer a 4g model this year, but can the manufacturer keep up with the competition by now, rivals also offer high end processors in the upper mid range price segment, such as in the motorola moto g 205g or fast wi Fi 6, like in the xiaomi 11 lite5 gna. The case is already very reminiscent of the predecessors, the samsung galaxy a52 and galaxy a52s, a plastic chassis with a prominent camera module in which the lenses are arranged in the same way as in the previous generation. While the back is still matte, the four color options are now white, black light blue and a bright peach orange, which is also the color of our review sample. The glossy frame has been extended a bit further over the edges of the front and back creating a somewhat more uniform and high quality impression in terms of looks. Furthermore, the front is protected by gorilla glass, 5 and the devices stability hardly leaves anything to be desired. The smartphone features an ip67 certification, which means that the device is well protected against dust and water penetration compared to the predecessor. Nothing has changed in terms of the smartphone storage variants and prices, samsung, galaxy a535g, 128 gigabytes, storage, six gigabytes, ram, 449 euros, tilde dollar, 478.

Samsung galaxy a535g, 256 gigabytes storage, eight gigabytes, ram 509 euros, tilde dollar 542 users of traditional wired headphones will probably complain about the removal of the 3.5 millimeters audio jack. You can only use the usbc port of the galaxy a53 as a headphone connection, if necessary with an adapter with bluetooth. 5.1. You now get a slightly more up to date. Version of the wireless communication standard and nfc is once again on board. We measure the data throughput that the card reader offers with our reference micro sd card the angle bird v60. The samsung galaxy a53 can only score points when it comes to write speeds here, transfer rates fluctuate considerably when reading data and only low speeds are achieved in our copy test, its a bit annoying that you can only use either two sim cards at the same time Or one micro sd card and one sim card, just like with the predecessor android 12, is now pre installed out of the box, namely samsungs one ui 4.1, which is based on it. Samsung software interface is, in fact a pretty comprehensive customization compared to vanilla android, but users of other phones will still be able to adjust well after a short familiarization period. Thats also due to the fact that you have many options to customize the interface and the operation, we received an update to the latest security patches from may 2022 during our review, which are completely up to date at the time of writing praiseworthy, although for a long Time samsung was reluctant to make any concrete statements about how long the phones would receive updates, for there have been good news since the galaxy s 22s.

Unpacked event select phones, including the galaxy a535g, will receive four major updates and five years of software support. Now its samsung, the one that has set a standard for other providers, the galaxy a53 is only available as a 5g version. The number of 5g and 4g frequencies is solid, but particularly in the lte range. There might be too few frequencies available to use the local network when traveling abroad, in other words the galaxy phone isnt, really a world phone. We repeatedly checked the phones reception in random samples. During our test period, we observed that the samsung galaxy a535g performed a bit worse than some high end phones. Although the 4g network reception was usually sufficient, it was always a bit weaker than that of other phones both indoors and outdoors. In terms of wi fi, the manufacturer has equipped the smartphone with wi fi five as the fastest standard, with the xiaomi 11 lite 5g and the motorola moto g 205g. You can definitely find smartphones in this price range that already support wi fi six, allowing them to achieve much higher speeds than our review sample. The other wi fi five phones in the comparison field also provide faster wi fi than the galaxy a53 outdoors. A short moment is needed, but then our location is determined with an accuracy of a good four meters. Numerous satellite networks are used for positioning, including gps, glonass and galileo. In order to be able to give a realistic assessment of the phones tracking accuracy, we go for a bike ride with the galaxy a53 and the garmin venue 2 as a comparison device.