Now i read that other new manga and yeah im not gon na, do a review on it. So i will read it when it comes. I will keep reading and get interested so so anyway, um this is chapter six of six month old is a good manga. I hope he gets an anime adaptation in the future. Sorry ill continue have today the queue on the two directors messages whose name is nagi huh hes also wondering what to do so lets do conductor way says the other smartphone user is trying to contact him for that box. Hey anyway, um Music, hey that peace headquarters, nagi is with other police force. Members about this whole thing about some all information and stuff, but they dont have any you know so here im going to havent yeah a little bit more. Her dad was a cop who loved who was ch, who believed in justice, but because of how corrupt the police force can be. I guess the priest was just corrupt a bit. I thought i was sent over to a different branch where he cant do justice anymore. Sad and she hates it when people spill spill ill will about her bada Music, so yeah, Music, so shes very pissed, and when someone insults her dad, she gets pissed yells on my face, but its also yeah. She wonders, if shes doing something right thing, but theres. Some friends other people in a force maggie so its not to quit.

You know just people believing in her um all right. My turn she looks a message watch and sees that cuny. Super smartphone user are having a chat, a chat in her inbox theyre trying to get her involved. Shes nice. Not to tell anyone about this, you see it for now. I should break that trust, so i should join in this conversation because theres something you usually want to meet up with you, yeah and the guy gets notified when its pronounced shes in but shes a little mad that shes talking to him. That talking to you all right, my john immediate happens keeps using the voice changer. So he no one recognizes his voice uh, so yeah anyway. The other guy shows up at the meeting. You know, starting to get things underway as well. The chapter clues and chapter six was pretty good im, looking forward to chapter seven im really interested in this great series, but its really hard to review chapters. You know its short, i dont like doing videos, this short, oh well, its probably it so yeah. I think this this manga is good. Are you guys watching you enjoy my content hit that thumbs up button once you watch subscribe to the channel and click on the kitchen bell yesterday, all of those that comes out in the future and i cant wait to do more reviews.