Most popular smartphone brand in 2021 is no stranger to breaking a new ground in bringing luxury product design to entry level headsets and making them affordable to all filipinos. In keeping with this philosophy, realme is introducing the cheek and classy realme c35. The latest addition to its affordable powerhouse c series, the real me c3 pipe – will be available in two color options: the glowing black and glowing green with the storage options of 4 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte of rom and a 4 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabytes of Ram opening the box, you will have the warranty papers, pin ejector the real me c3 pipe unit itself, usb type c, cable and 18 watt quick charge power, brick Music, with its more modern squared up style. The realme c35 is designed to be the most stylish entry level smartphone in 2010, it comes in an 8.1 millimeter ulta slim design, the thinness and lightness in the c series smartphones, making it incredibly comfortable to operate with one hand looking at the device on the right Side youll find the power on and off button, and it is equipped with a finger fringe scanner below the phone. You will find the headphone jack, the type c port for charging and speaker on the left side. There are the volume buttons with a sim card tray above it, sim card tray can support two nano sims and one micro sd card for storage expansion, while nothing above the phone.

Furthermore, the realme c35 features a 90.7 percent screen to body ratio and nearly bezel less design flipping the phone at the back. There are the triple camera lens setup, with a glassy back, combined with the aesthetics of dynamic glowing design which produces an effect when light is reflected on it. The realme c3 pipe provides a peaceful experience that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to use. The real mu, c3 pipe will be available in two vibrant colors. The dust in black and dust in green, the real mu c3 pipe is a red line. Smartphone high reliability certified ensuring overall longevity and a free mu sturdy, build quality that has passed rigorous quality tests to provide the greatest possible experience for customers. The real meat c3 pipes runs on android 11 with real me uir edition. It is simple, clean and easy to use. It offers a stock android look, the software comes with a preloaded apps installed, no software themes and other personal customizations available. So this means you cannot change your style icon, advance missing the features that i love the most. Unlike most smartphones in the same price range, the realme c35 is the first in the c series to feature an fhd screen with a 6.6 inch, full hd plus large display, which means a more colorful and immersive viewing experience for its users additionally can reach up to 480 nits of brightness in normal light up to 600 nits in auto in direct sunlight.

It has also a touch sampling rate of 180 hertz for better touch responsiveness. The real me c35 is also powered by the unison d616 processor. A powerful and efficient 12 nanometer octa core processor, with two cortex a75 six cortex 855 and a mali g57 gpu for faster processing and switching between tasks, terms of storage. The real me c3 pipe supports microsd card expansion up to 256 gigabyte. All of these characteristics contribute to a better user experience. Audio quality is good. It only supports a single speaker. Sound coming on the device is decent. Please do avoid setting it to high volume, as the sound quality gets muffled playing mobile legends and call of duty. Mobile on this device are playable. Both games are automatically locked on medium graphics, settings, movement and animations are decent. Some minor starters occurred when clashing to a heavy effects and animation scene. Some games are not optimized for the t616 processor, but it can handle more light games out there. Multitasking is manageable. You can switch multiple apps with no hiccups. Switching between apps is good, but not the best, though some apps keeps on reloading when often loading time of the apps is a bit of concern, but the device can handle it well with its ai triple camera, which features a 50mp primary main camera. The realme c35 illustrates that a high quality camera does not have to be a pricey. This is paired with two additional lenses: a 2mp macro and 0.

3 depth sensor, with a focus distance of up to 4 centimeters for other mobile photography needs shots taken are detailed and natural with good lighting. It pick ups, the color well and captures more details in low light. Night mode can be improved. There is no hdr wide angle and optical zoom portrait. Shots is only available in the rear camera. The camera ui for the front shots in portrait is disabled. The real mid c3 pipe also has an 8mp sony, imx 3.5 selpi camera, which captures sharper images and has a high level of clarity, whether taking beautiful selfies or using it for live streams and online calls. The 8mp lens selfie gets the job done with good highlights and skin tones. It definitely fits on purpose. Video recording can go up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, which is pretty normal for a smartphone. Nowadays, it is still considerable for a social media use the color science, reproduction and image output are superior to other smartphones in the segment, because realme enhance the balance of camera hardware to the processor as well as overall software, optimization realme, c35 immersive display is matched by A 5000 mah battery capacity with a 18 watt quick charge which allows the phone to stay on standby for a couple of days and charge from 0 to 100, faster than most spartans in its price range Music. The unit will be available for an srp of only 8499 for the 4 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte, brian and 9499 for a 4 gigabyte and 128 gigabyte variant.

It is also available by online realme official store through lasada and chappie and offline by a realme official stores and partner dealers nation.