Today i have this jt xn40 ultra ive been using this smartphone for more than a month now. Currently, this one is my primary daily drive, so you can understand how much i like this device. Well, i believe, in truth, be told and yeah we are gon na reveal the truth. Anyway, i have recorded some part of this. Video after jt has pushed an update on 9th june 2022. So this video is much more updated than other review videos that was published ahead of this video if you end up liking this video, if you find this updated review video a bit more helpful than others, then please click on the like button and please subscribe to This channel, i really like the box and design on the box of jetty action. 40 ultra. I usually dont keep the box of a smartphone, but im gon na keep this one after opening the top lid of the box. The first thing you will notice is this: gorgeous jetty action. 40 ultra lets put the phone aside and check what else we have got inside the box. Well, as usual, jetty has provided a sim ejector tool, warranty papers and a tpu silicon protective case. This is a transparent case. This one offers good protection, but i am sure this will definitely ruin the outlook of the phone underneath the case. There are two other boxes. The top one contains a 65 watt charger. This is a premium quality charger.

They have provided the same charger with axon 30 ultra, which ive been using almost for a year now and im really happy with its performance. This charger supports pps or programmable power supply and qc4. Plus there is a usb c to 3.5 millimeter dongle included inside the box. This means no 3.5 millimeter port on the phone. Jt has also provided a usb c2 usbc charging cable, and this one is even better than the previous generation one Music well its time to unwrap the newest zte flagship, xn40 ultra in hand. It provides a pleasant and comfortable feelings, because this jetty action, 40 ultra, is built with premium materials and it weighs only 204 grams. This one is definitely lighter than many other flagships. Jetty has used a matte class with super smooth finish, which feels more like a paper. Rather than a glass in hand, it feels more premium than samsung galaxy s22 ultra side by side, samsung, galaxy s22 ultra definitely looks bigger, feels heavier, but in terms of outlook and appearance both have their own unique design. Language both have that cheerful, vibe. Both the action 40 ultra and galaxy s22 ultra have flat top and bottom. So, if you want them to vertically stand on a flat surface, both of them can stand without any issue. On top jetty comes with a dedicated speaker for stereo sound and the ir blaster, while s22 ultra only got a noise cancellation microphone at the bottom speaker, grille usb c port primary microphone, antenna bands – everything is almost the same, but galaxy s22 ultra has a s pen, Which is not available on jet the action 40 ultra volume, rockers and power button all are located on the right side of the phone and placement is also similar.

If you put jetty on top of samsung s22 ultra is slightly bigger than xn40 ultra, its nothing huge, but the lightweight of xn40 ultra offers more comfort, while s pen of s22 ultra offers more convenience. Okay, here comes the protective case i dont like it. So i have bought an additional protective case before we go through the review process. Lets check the specifications of jetty action 40. Ultra briefly, jetty action: 40 ultra is powered by snapdragon 8 gen 1 lpddr5 ram ufs 3.1 storage, 6.8 inch amoled display panel 5000 mah battery and supports 65 watt fast charging. We will talk about camera specifications later in this video. We get more display real estate, uninterrupted amazing for media consumption and gaming. Jetty accent, 40 ultra comes with a 6.8 inch fhd plus amoled panel. This panel supports hdr, 10 plus and can reproduce 1 billion colors. I have managed to get up to 1400 nits by manually. Adjusting brightness, which is similar to their claim of 1500 nits. This one also has 1440hz pwm pulse width, modulation, dimming, which really helps a lot side by side with samsung galaxy s22 ultra and vivo x80 pro. I am amazed by accent 40 ultras display performance. Truly, i didnt expect this type of performance from accent 40 ultra. It has performed beyond my expectation as we can tweak color temperature and color mode. We can actually get the most natural or the most preferred output on this display panel.

All the other standard features are also available system wide, dark mode works very fine and its pretty smooth. There is a reading mode alongside night light option, which is a big advantage in terms of refresh rate. We can either select 120 hertz or 60 hertz im a bit disappointed to see that there is no 90 hertz option. 90 hertz actually offers smoothness and helps to preserve battery. You can select how you want the top area of the display, which, in my opinion, is useless in 2022. in 120hz, refresh rate you will get battery smooth scrolling and everything is seamless. Jetty has done well to get fantastic color rendition, along with shiny greasy smoothness jetty action. 40 ultra comes with dual speaker stereo setup. There is a dedicated speaker on top which provides better stereo performance side by side with samsung galaxy s22 ultra. It has performed very well Applause Applause personally, i dont believe in antutu scores. Those scores means nothing to me, because there is a huge difference between real life performance and antutu scores. Anyway, i prefer 3dmark benchmark, especially wildlife, extreme stress test, because this one offers valid and dependable information. This test takes around 20 minutes. Actually it runs the same extreme test in 20 loops and offers the most accurate data. Samsung galaxy s22 ultra has managed to get a good big score, but it has very heavy throttling, which leads to a poor stability of 59.8 percent. Yet the action 40 ultra has got a better peak score of 2411 and it has managed to have a very steady performance due to its unique 9 layer.

Cooling system. 75.8 percent stability is a very high number for any snapdragon 8gen1 based smartphones, vivo x80. Pro has done better than zt x140 ultra, but considering the price and other features, i think the difference is acceptable. As samsung galaxy s22 ultra has generated a lot of heat and throttled its performance. It didnt train a lot of battery. It has mediocre 7 to 17 fps, both the zt xn40 ultra and vivo x80 pro has drained 16 percent of battery, but if you check carefully, vivo has actually allowed x80 pro to run in a very high temperature, which may lead to a longevity issue. Action 40. Ultra has generated less heat, but frame rate is very similar to vivo x80 pro yeah benchmarks. Dont always depict real life performance. I love gaming on this jt xn40 ultra for three different reasons. Number one this display panel is so addictive. Uninterrupted edge to edge display gives me sparkling and static feeling number two jetty action. 40 ultra has very good nine layer, cooling. It offers a very steady 38 frames per second, even after playing games in impact for hours number three action: 40 ultra offers smooth touch sampling. Better miss touch protection and offers one of the finest in game experience among all the camera. Centric flagships, yeah gaming performance of zt xn40 ultra, is even comparable to gaming smartphones. A lot of people have already talked about the selfie camera and the science behind it. I dont believe in dry words, i believe in real life performance.

I have asked my friend kim to take some selfie photos with chetty xn40 ultra side by side with a few other smartphones im. Neither super satisfied nor dissatisfied. You cannot expect under display technology to perform. Like a usual selfie camera, definitely there is a trade off, but jetty has actually done very good. It is way better than any other under display selfie camera available in the market Music. Okay time to check the rear camera setup, jetty has decided to start a new era of 35 millimeter lens. The main sensor is a sony imx 787 64 megapixel sensor. It has ois, and surprisingly it has a very good aperture. F. 1.6 zte has also another sony. Imx 787 64 megapixel sensor for ultra wide lens. We should appreciate jetty for doing this, because most of the other brands are choosing weaker ultrawide sensor to cut some cost kudos to jetty. The third sensor is also a 64 megapixel sensor, but its from omnivision. This one is ov64b. This omnivision sensor is a very good sensor and capable of delivering quality photo. This sensor is tagged to a 90 millimeter periscope lens, which offers 3.5 times optical zoom. I have taken some photos with this zt xn40 ultra side by side with many other flagships and yeah im super impressed. Zt has learned from their previous mistakes that the xn40 ultra camera performance is way better than its predecessors and it belongs to the real flagship league. I will also do a camera comparison between jt, xn40 ultra and vivo x80 pro.

So, if you are interested in camera comparison, videos hang tight and stay tuned. I have to mention there is a significant difference in charging speed and charging time while charging this jetty action. 40, ultra in power on state and while charging in power of state in power of state, it takes 42 minutes to get fully charged from 0 to 100, but while the phone is powered on, it takes 46 minutes to get charged from two percent to hundred percent. I have managed to squeeze more than eight hours of screen on time. However, if you are a heavy gamer, it wont go beyond seven hours and thirty minutes. I think seven hours and 30 minutes is even good enough and better than many other super flagships because screen on time off that the xn40 ultra is a bit better than vivo x80 pro honor magic 4 pro and samsung galaxy s22 ultra jetty action, 40 ultra comes With my os 12 on top of android 12., i personally have no complaint about this os. Rather, i think this is the cleanest android skin developed by any chinese companies face unlock option is also available and works fine. However, i am slightly disappointed that jetty did not go for ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Jt have used the generic sensor, but the sensor works. Fine. I think that the action 40 ultra fingerprint sensor is the fastest to recognize fingerprint and to unlock the smartphone Music. Okay, after watching through this video, what do you think would you buy a jetty accent, 40 ultra? Is it because it has a under display, selfie, camera or because of its uninterrupted amazing display panel, or is it because of its camera performance? Please let me know in the comment section below actually i would recommend jt xn40 ultra.

If you are not a heavy selfie shooter i mean. If you dont, take selfie photos every day, then this is the best value for money flagship smartphone available in the market. Well, i have also done a separate camera comparison, video between jt, xn40 ultra and two other flagships. I wish you will stay tuned and watch that camera comparison. Video.