So far roundups hippie parade and oh boy. Do we have a lot of funds to choose from ive personally fondled, almost 40 new blowers since emerging for my new year stupa and they havent all been completely bore and clones of each other honest. Some have been good. Some have been better. Some have been all right and some have been complete arse, but the big question is which ones are worthy of that precious spot in your purse or pants. Well, lets take a trip through memory lane and check out some of the best phones of 2022 so far and for more on the latest and greatest deck. Please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers so lets kick off with what is undoubtedly my most favoritest phone of 2022, thus far, the innovative and eminently enjoyable third generation iphone se lol, just josh and kiddies. This phone is an enormous steam and turd seriously. This phone it right in its stupid, lightning, port and then dump it in the sea moving swiftly on and whenever samsung launches new flagship, smartphones youtube is absolutely swamped with tech. Influencer types gushing high praise from every orifice, whether its actually deserved or not so much, and this years s22 series was a bit of a mixed bag. All things considered the design didnt exactly elicit gasps of joy and wonder the specs were all too familiar, but then to be fair. These are complaints that could be levelled at most manufacturers this year.

The regular s22 was the one i really wanted to love as its one of very few smartphones released in 2022.. You could actually just about get away with colin compact. Unfortunately, despite boston, strong media chops on the usual enjoyable one ui experience, the s22 was somewhat crippled by dreadful battery life, rarely scraping through even a single day with a full charge. However, this is the samsung exonus version of the s22, which you get here in bolite. Apparently the snapdragon model which is available in the us does fare a bit better in that department. So if youre in the uk youre tempted by the s22, you might want to look at importing it or, alternatively, for a bit more cash, you can always upgrade to the s22 plus, and i would heartily recommend doing so. Sadly, it aint as compact as the name kinda, gives away packing an enlarged 6.6 inch screen. However, you will enjoy all day battery life and faster charging, which is a more than worthy trade off, and the plus sports that same flexible camera tech, which can capture great looking horn movies and detail, packed picks and even quite testing conditions. Of course, if your pockets are absolutely stuffed with lovely cash, and you want the best possible camera experience on a sami smartphone, you could always upgrade again to the samsung galaxy s22 ultra, i got ta say the s22 ultra isnt one of my absolute favorite phones of 2022, but those optics are impressive beyond the somewhat gimmicky 100 times space zoom, the ultra is ideal for snapping picks of your fam, and it serves me well during a surprisingly boozy trip to disney world proven, particularly good for capturing slick 4k video.

However, it is also a complete heifer. One handed use is definitely right out. Still no other smartphones this year boasts that excellent s, pen stylus, which might sway creative users and serious business e types to make a purchase. Now, one of the smartphones that surprised me and pleased me, the most in 2022, is the xiaomi 12, another flagship smartphone, costing a little less than the regular samsung s22. This right here. This is all i wanted from sami. Just a compact smartphone with dependable battery life. Hallelujah, the xiaomi 12 is a premium smartphone through and through from the crisp and punchy amoled screen with hdr, 10 plus and dolby vision. Support to that snapdragon, 8 gen1 chipset running the show ideal for a bit of gaming on the go. You dont get any kind of telephoto options stuffed into the camera hardware, but this blower can capture fantastic photos and respectable home movies in almost any conditions and its all wrapped up in a hardy colored shell. That feels great in the hand, of course, the usual premium smartphone caveats do apply: no micro, sd support for expanding the storage, no headphone jack, yada, yada and, of course not everyone will get on with xiaomis miui launcher, which is slapped on top of android 12. Even though it does have more of a stock android vibe in these latest iterations, it can still be a little bit janky and you dont get the same level of os and security update support that you do from rivals like samsung, but all the same i got Ta say the xiaomi 12 is a proper cracker id have to use it every day, as my full time, smartphone and thats.

Why its one of my best picks of 2022 so far now another magnificent flagship smartphone from 2022 is the oppo find x5 pro which again is far from cheap? But if you want the best of the best right now, then you better start yanking out grans gold teeth, because the fine x5 pro really is worth it. No, its definitely not dinky like the xiaomi 12, but it is just as clever, and the real highlight here is that camera setup, sonys imx 766 sensor is paired beautifully with oppos on mario silicon x, npu or mazer as its known around these parts. The resultant partnership is better than fish and chips or beer and more beer were talking incredibly natural, looking picks and video, even in very test and light, and especially at night time. Yeah. The telephoto shooter isnt as impressive as the samsung galaxy s22 ultras and its got all of the usual problems that flagship smartphones have these days: no expandable, storage, etc, but that bright white model oof just oh and factory in the excellent battery life, the tip top performance And the impressive overall user experience – and this is a proper gold star smartphone, of course the oppo find x5 pro – does cost a slightly ludicrous 1200 pounds yeah, but never fear if you happen to not be completely minted to the point that you line your cats litter Tree with original money and masterpieces well theres, always the regular oppo find x5.

Instead, this still serves up some of the best camera tech of the year, including that marisilicon chipset. So once again the optics are on point. A few of the specs have been cut back to save some cash, however, such as the snapdragon 888 chipset, which runs the show, instead of that fresher 8 gen 1. bit of a bummer. Considering the fine x5 still costs over 700 quid here in blighty, and you could definitely pick up cheaper handsets with the hn1 stuffed inside, but all the same it is a very good handset indeed now next to my greatest hits of 2022 list is the vivo x80 Pro which once again boasts some almighty camera tech, this time its some zeiss branded hardware, gimbal stabilization and yet another swanky image and chipset to spruce up your captured memories. Those specs arent particularly standout, but they are proper beefy youve once again got the snapdragon eargen one with dedicated coolant tech to smash through even the most memory guzzling games out there, plus a big old battery with 80 watt wide and 50 watt wireless charging support and Yeah youll happily get all day battery life from this beast, no worries at all the near 6.8 inch amoled ltpo display, makes everything look good. Besides, bolder, youtube gets obviously with a superfine wqhd plus resolution, although to be fair, most androids costing around 300 pounds and upwards come with a decent oled display these days. So no biggie flip the vivo x80 pro around.

You got yourself a smart. Looking finish, that wouldnt look out a place in a boardroom, smoking, a big fat cigar, its just so alluring in so many ways, and it definitely gets a hearty uncle spurt recommendation now if youve got less cash to spunk on your next smartphone. Well, real me has got you covered with the rather bloody good gt2 and gt2 pro now, ive done a full side by side in depth. Comparison! These two real me blowers here on the channel and ive got to say that regular gt2, even though it isnt as well specd as the pro version is stunning value for money, got ta, say: im still not entirely sold on real mes, allegedly paper like design, which Feels an awful bloody lot like cheap plastic to me, but the amoled display is another stunner with dolby atmos stereo speakers and into the media experience like opposite phones, youve got a snapdragon 88 or an agent one, depending on your model choice. Although things are a bit cheaper here, plus youve got a beefy 5000 milliamp hour battery with 65 watt charging support and both of these gt2 branded phones serve up the same sony, imac 766 camera sensor as the find x5 and the 5×5 pro, albeit without those mara. Silicon smarts overall, i got ta, say great stuff, despite the fact that, once again, you are hampered by limited os and security update guarantees. If youre a gamer, then youve got some solid smartphone choices this year too, including the poko f4 gt and the black shark 5.

Pro, which boasts poppy out shoulder buttons and a wealth of excellent gaming features and gamers can expect plenty more to launch before the end of the year as well, including azusas. Rogue 4 and 6, which is lingering on the horizon, should be one of the most premium. Efforts of the year by far – and those right now are my favorite phones that have launched so far in 2022, but there are quite a few also runs that are worth a mention. The oneplus 10 pro is a perfectly decent handset, but it doesnt really do anything to stand out from the crowd. Likewise, the xiaomi 12 pro was perfectly fine, but the battery life was a little bit cack and then, of course, theres the huawei p50 pro a lovely bit of hardware. Shame about the complete lack of google services. Of course, there are lots more big smartphones set to launch in 2022. The xiaomi 12 ultra is just around the corner. I did do a preview of that in an episode of texpert weekly recently so check that out for more info on that bad boy, but in a nutshell, thatll be xiaomis. First smartphone launched since it cozied up with optics expert leica, who previously partnered with huawei on all of their excellent smartphone cameras. So fingers crossed its a good, your googles, pixel, 7 and the 6a as well, if youre a bit more skinned and, of course, those those iphones if, if thats your bag, and if your budget is tighter than a guppys bum hole.

Well, no worries. I have rounded up my favorite smartphones under a budget of 400 pounds, 300 pounds and even 200 pounds so far in 2022, as well as go check out those videos for more and all that now ill stop banging on. Let me know your own personal favorites down in the comments below have.