So far for the last couple of years, the infinix line pinas will its a lot more brands. Top gaming phones under 10k guys knowledge, infinix, note 10 pro i dont the best gaming phone for under 10k thats right. No other phone can compare to the infinix note 10 pro when it comes to specs and price ratio. Infinix note 12 now infinix note: 12 vip. Okay, g96! Wait till you see the 12 vip get a load of the specs 6.7 inch, full hd plus true color amoled display mediatek helio g96 ultra gaming processor metamation. What eight plus five gigabytes of ram up to 13 gigabytes extended rampant ultra sleek design? Seven point: eight millimeters metabolish 33 watts of fast charging and 5 000 milliamperes of battery admirable 50 megapixel ultra night triple camera wow in a span of a few months that are gon na improve the sobra and note series Music: okay, not a good way. To start a video but yes, see infinix note 12: the box is really updated in terms of design measurement box box, texture jen, somewhat gasp onto it, infinix note 12 case and screen protector. My pubg yes, Music, warranty card user manual, sim ejector, pin plastico social and, of course, my collection of the one x gold cryptocurrency that youll find from the currency together with the usb type c cable. The super powerful 33 watt fast charger able to charge to 5 000 milliampere battery in just one hour and something so and of course the special accessories is here gaming phone.

Let me just check it out now: thats, how you do it and, as you can see its a huge departure from the infinix note, 10 series, glossy bacna, fingerprint, magnet, textured wooden back design and im a swirly swirly man. It feels like wood, oh by the way, this color is the force black mirror. No, it wont its now a full flat back much like the iphone the mangosteen iphone Music. Yes, that glossy part right. There is just a panel at all. Speaking of the cameras, 50 megapixels, 64, 1 and 108 mp, 950 megapixels, a secondary camera, two megapixels admirable and thats pretty much it for the camera. Oh, my selfie. Camera is 16 megapixel. So there you go. Yes, it does feel like the iphone so iphone like shape. The phone number button for gaming well look no further than the infinix note 12 and the infinix logo and thats pretty much it. So back aside, someone flat the insides, you know, and here are the buttons and ports fingerprint and power buttons right side. So thats nice, dual stereo speakers with dts doll, wow satisfying sim card slot, now merchandise, sim card slot, plus micro sd card slot for expandability, which is very nice, oh by the way, apart from the eighties, from 128 gigs of internal storage storage, as you want to Eat gigabytes, which will make it eight plus five gigabytes, equals 13 gigabytes for this phone wow on technology, smartphones display 6.

7 inch 1080p. True color omelette display it up with the 1 000 nits of brightness amoled, that is, the spectrum pressure usually made on 90 hertz refresh rate tapas ips lcd. It is totally a game. Changer gala, lamparian beans, while 90 hurts your fresh rate, its 20 22 per valencia. 90 hurts your fresh rate, unacceptable, nope in depot its totally okay theres, a reason display thats. Why, for me at this price, it is much more important to have an amoled display. It just makes more sense for a second calendar, putting both amulet. That may hide refresh rate well, of course, mahal casino, classic display guys. That is not impressive thats why? You only have to pick one or the other, no yeah, you cant, have it all at this price, but right here is a phone that makes sense for the price and with emily display youll get wonderful. Looking blacks, pure whites, young content plus a facebook say youtube. Any picture or video will certainly look beautiful or in technical terms, much more enhanced, thats right in enhancement, coloring picture or video mask pictures made greater than 60 fps well with a score of 347 thousand points and two benchmark. I have the score guys: thats a 50 to 60 fps yen. Some now to put this in perspective, garbage helio g96 processor for its price, 347 thousand points, processor, helium, 790, and if they put a 5g phone on one of their note series right now when it comes to mobile legends call of duty.

Infinix is one of the most optimized phones for those games. Minimal frame drops very smooth gaming experience, infinix users for a very long time at this price, and if your display is great, everything will look great inside high graphics, optimization for ultra graphics and high frame rates. Like, of course, the settings are medium graphics and high frame rates ion looks like the optimism. No, we just wait for updates. Dont worry infinix note. 10. Pro last year, i indeed get optimized for after a while known as better settings, auto graphics and even ultra frame rate, so just wait for it. Ips lcd panels display in terms of graphics. It just looks so good plus speakers not stereo, again, 30 frames per second playable and, although smartphones at this price im problem in the casino guys must loop, it, then our requirements to get an impact as the game evolves. Additional files must resource hungering on segentian impact than ever before, thats, why? I cannot do some minimal smartphones in terms of hardware parameters, but, as you can see right here, smoking none, so you go to best neighbor 60 frames per second at the lowest graphics infinix. But little do you know the soprano improvement in the camera over the years and although 50 megapixel and young pixel account like this system, video or hindi, important that and then megapixel account. It doesnt count these days anymore. What matters is sony sensor, android image processing, so here it is now in terms of image quality.

The cameras are decent at best. There is good amount of detail zoom in just like that, and the colors are pretty good as well after the major improvement over last years. Cameras also apart from that short video beauty super night mode and each setting for me, usable mentor here, is the selfie video with beautification on uh, saves time, beautification, see, infinix, note, 12 infinix, note, 12 vips, 120 watts, fast charger box and feeling going 120 in the Market, but how about the infinix note 12? How much is this beast phone? The infinix note 12 is for the eight plus five gigabytes of ram plus 128 gigs of internal storage. The price is eight thousand nine hundred ninety nine business long tops and two by six gigabytes, nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine pesos only pair at launch price, no pressure, guys you one two: eight gigabytes, eight thousand two hundred: ninety nine percent from 12 a.m to 9 00 a.m: on june 13., engine two five: six, nine, eight, nine thousand two hundred ninety nine launch price twelve – am to nine, am better. If you missed the launch price, no matter flash sale, it impression eight thousand four hundred ninety nine one to eight gigabytes and nine thousand four hundred ninety nine, a month young, two, five six in botanics infinix theyre, always proving themselves the best for the price of the Phone more infinix phones to come in the future come on subscribe so that you dont miss any of my great content and dont.