. Now, every year i pretty much break down how these phones hold up in the middle of the year early year and late year, this time around im kind of surprised how this specific device is holding up right now, mostly because it just got unsupported with ios. You know versions of software now its still going to be getting ios 15 security updates for probably hopefully the next several years, like the iphone 6 did on ios 12, but its kind of too soon to tell but im going to be completely honest, theres been so Many moving pieces with this type of device right now and im still kind of surprised and im still kind of surprised in the situation were at right now too, with the device like the iphone 6s. Now i will go ahead and do a quick little body. You know update, you know still that 4.7 inch panel, nothing has changed there home button design still a little bit dated, but the iphone se 3 also has the same design. So i guess its not really that dated. If you think about it, this phone came out in 2015, so its approaching seven years old, we have the full aluminum back with a single camera set up on the front in the back as well, so thats kind of a quick synopsis of it now tuning into The details of this specific phone right now, like i said ios 16, is probably one of the biggest things that have came out that directly affected this specific iphone.

Not only this device, but also the iphone 7 as well, well get into that in a second, but since this device did not get ios 16, this makes me a little bit optimistic about the future of this specific device. Now, what do i mean by that? Basically, when an ios version, doesnt come out for a device, thats kind of a bad thing right well, personally, i feel, like apple, did a smart thing by having ios 15 kind of become the last version of software for this specific device. Now, what now? What i mean by that is basically with an iphone like the iphone 6s. This iphone could have been very well in a situation like the iphone 4s, where it ended up getting software versions where it really shouldnt have been, and it kind of ruined the legacy of those specific iphones with the iphone 6s. Maybe if it got ios 16, it may have not been able to handle it too well or whatever. The case is, but my main, you know, focus point of why im upset about this is with the iphone 7 series i feel, like apple, could have easily supported those and, in fact, theres an ipad, the ipad 5th generation that has the same internals for the most Part as the iphone 6s that that actually ended up getting ipad os 16 and in fact, my ipad pro my 9.7 inch one, i think from like 2016 or something pretty much has the same internals as this too, and and that ended up getting ipad os 16.

As well so very interesting, like flip flopping, going on here, im not 100 too sure what apple was thinking but regardless with the iphone 6s. I have been getting. I guess a more and more stable experience on the iphone 6s with every iteration of ios 15, which is really good on ios 14. I felt like it was pretty solid. You know for the amount of features we were bringing and everything it really could have been. A little bit better, but it really wasnt that bad on ios 15 in the beginning, with really really choppy experience. It really was not that good and i had no idea what apple was doing in that specific situation. However, since then weve gotten many improvements, many things have been. You know going down that road which i really like, and i personally i think that was a really good move with apple. They improved that software experience like crazy and now on ios 15.5. I think 15.5.1 is coming out soon, if its already not out, i feel like apple, did a tremendous job with that specific version of software and although its still not as stable as it could be. If apple ends up, you know perfecting the software for years and years to come, i feel like we will be in a situation where ios 15 will be more like ios 12. Then it will be like ios 11.. Ios 11 was not that stable of a software, but it brought a lot to the table.

Ios 14 was kind of stable and it also brought a lot to the table. Ios 15 wasnt really that stable in the beginning with, but it got exceptionally better throughout time. So what i will tell you is is that, with the iphone 6s, the biggest things that have changed from my early on review was basically just with the software, its not getting the next major version of software. This is the first time since this phones released that were in this situation, so its very interesting – and this was honestly the last bit of iphones that have been unsupported since 2018. I believe that was the last time or sorry 2019 or something that was actually the last time. Iphones ended up getting drop support so now were in the situation where these iphones, you know, dropped support as well. They ended up getting software support for a long period of time, so im not mad about these ones, but the iphone 7 could have gotten the next version of software. I think i still think the performance and everything is so solid with this phone for it being seven years old now, obviously, i would not recommend anyone buying this phone anymore. If you currently own it, you know, maybe you can squeeze out. You know a little bit more time until the iphone 14s come out, but some of these used iphones have been getting so cheap in the market. Now you might as well go pick up an iphone 10 or something theyre like less than 200 and id recommend going down that road in my opinion, so that kind of covers it up.

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