So this is my third product by you green. I have this beautiful holder for my ipad. This is the ipad mini fantastic device, and i recently bought this um stand to be used on my desk aluminium build materials. It has a very nice possibility for changing the angles and it has some nice silicon materials to protect the ipad. You reach the ugreen and, as you can see, you can change the angles which makes you know using this device easy its very sturdy, as you can see like it, cost me a lot of force to operate it really like this one. This one i use for my ipad and i will throw in another photo here of me using another device by ugreen, which i also use for my ipad, which i mounted to my desk. So that can opt as an external display, or i use it on my couch to watch videos or read articles, so i dont need to hold my ipad so its hands free. So again, that is the ugreen tablet, holder also with a nice cutout here for your cable management or for using the ports on the ipad. So fantastic gadget that i bought on amazon and also previously, i bought a nice uh stand for my iphone from spigen. A very nice product, very simple, nice, aluminium material, really blends well together with with the imac nice cable management system, also for the ports, rubberish material, very nice thing, but what i noticed when, for example, face calling video calling which you use a lot these days.

I noticed that what i like to do is be able to adjust the angles for your video calling and also even just checking out a video. So i decided to put the trigger on a new product, and this is the phone holder with roller, and i think the roller refers to these angles that you can change, lets zoom in a bit yeah, so its adjustable its stable. Basically, you know it looks the same as the one that i have for my ipad and, as you can see, duo access, design, multi angle adjustment. It has multi point silicon material to protect your device and the sport is more stable quality alloy. So i think its like a mix foldable and portable, so you know, i think the foldable portable is great for your holidays, for example, if you want to bring it along in your suitcase, you can easily make it smaller and portable, so material, aluminium, alloy and silicon. These are the dimensions and, if you want to use it, make sure that you check these dimensions of your phone im going to use it with the iphone 13 mini and, as you can see its made in china. So let me open it up and ill be right back, so i removed the plastics and lets open it up. So there we have it. This is the gadgets itself. I read you green, and i guess here we have some paperwork. Thank you for choosing new green.

Well, no instructions just some papers, so there we have it um. I think the color is a little bit different from the one i have for my ipad. As you can see here, i think color is slightly different regardless. I think it looks great that looks pretty nice. As you can see here. We have the ugreen name, name, embossed, very nice, so um. I think its gon na work like this. So this is where the phone will go with the cutouts and let me check yeah. So this is folded like this. Okay, as you can see its actually its quite thin, you might also be able to fold it like this anyway, as you can see its quite thin, so thats great for your travels and im just gon na use it in my home or im, not gon na Fold it every time im just gon na keep it on my desk, like this yeah thats, the way it should go, as you can see here, this part should go on the desk. That one goes straight and then here you can change the angle of the phone holder. Okay, so we zoomed out a little bit, because i want to show you. I think you can turn this all the way. Therefore, you can change the angle of this part, as you can see almost to the position of folding it you can. You can change the the right angle, so thats this part, and also this part, you can see you you can change.

The angle from like lets say a 90 degree, uh 45. I think for me this will be ideal this this angle, uh for watching your screen using the camera even a little bit straight like this, so i think for me im just going to use it like, so i think this would be ideal put the phone inside. I can use the bottom uh for the cable management can have like a charging cable connected to my imac. So lets uh go to another angle. Im gon na place my iphone right in here and im gon na record with the ipad. So the quality of the video might be a little bit off, but at least you can see what it looks like in reality. So here we have the one for the ipad mini the one i have been using for quite some time and right here we have the one for the phone, so lets get rid of this one for a second and lets have a closer look here. So here were dealing with the iphone mini the 13 edition in the other box case, and as you can see, it sits quite flush almost a straight angle, and you know i think it looks rather nice this way. So, as you can see like this could be the way for like uh video conferencing, using it like this with the front facing camera, and then you can change like the angles. However, you see fit or even lower, you can even make it like this is.

This is so funny like i have it like all the way straight. Even you know all the way straight and you can still like use it like that it its not falling. You know i will say this looks quite scary, but, as you can see like it does work so thats really great and, as you can see like changing the angles, even with one hand its doable, but definitely with two hands is much better. So again there we have it um. I think it would be great for for um face timing, but also like. I think it would be great for like checking out the videos – and you know you can also put it in the landscape position like this. I think it looks rather nice, so that was just a quick peek at the phone holder by you, green and, as you can see, it looks rather nice. The build quality is, is just excellent, its not that pricey. So i think definitely have a look at it.