I also bought into the hype and was expecting some amazing results from its cameras. Unfortunately, the camera experience turned out to be a mixed bag with some seriously impressive highs and some downright stupid lows. Now, one year later, with its successor, the oneplus 10 pro already available in the market, does it make any sense to buy this one? The oneplus 9 pro well lets find out in this video Music design wise. I like this phone. It definitely wont turn any heads, but the design is understated and elegant. I especially like the matte glass back and how it reacts to light the camera bump is also well designed and doesnt protrude much despite housing. Two large sensors, the weight distribution is also quite good, so it doesnt feel top heavy, like some other phones, also, the overall shape and dimensions make it quite comfortable to use for longer durations in terms of build. It has gorilla glass, 5 on both front and back along with an aluminum frame, gorilla glass, 5 for a phone. This expensive seems a bit insufficient. It should have used gorilla, glass, vectus or at least gorilla glass. 6.. Another thing that is expected for a phone, this expensive is an ip68 rating and fortunately this phone has it weirdly its successor, the oneplus 10 pro doesnt have it at least here in india. So in terms of design and build, i am quite happy with it and after using it for over a year, it still looks as good as new Music.

In terms of display, this phone takes pretty much all the boxes. This is a 6.7 inch hertz ltpo amoled display with quad hd plus resolution 1 billion colors and 240hz touch sampling rate. The ltbo tech here can, in theory, go from 120 hertz, all the way to 1 hertz, but in reality i only see it switching between 60 and 120 hertz, maybe that lower refresh rate is limited to always on display in terms of brightness. It can get really bright around 800 nits in full screen and 1300 nits of peak brightness in terms of color accuracy. This phone again does a great job. You can choose between multiple color profiles, as well as tweak the white balance of the display. It also has true tone like functionality where it adjusts the color temperature of the display, based on the ambient lighting for ensuring great multimedia consumption experience. This phone is wide one l1, as well as hdr10, plus certified and hdr works perfectly in youtube, as well as netflix and prime video. So, overall, everything is pretty good about this display Music coming to audio this phone does a good job. You get stereo speakers which sound pretty good here is a sample Music. The base is a bit lacking and it could have been a bit louder, but other than that, i have no issues with the speakers here. There is obviously no 3.5 mm audio jack here, which is also the case for pretty much all the other flagship phones.

The earpiece is solid with crisp and clear sound. Even the mic quality is really good, especially the back one Music. Okay, now the camera department is a complete roller coaster, with a lot of highs and lows, starting with the camera specs, the main camera, as well as the ultrawide utilize, fantastic hardware, the 3.3 x telephoto camera is also decent, but the addition of a 2 megapixel monochrome Sensor on a flagship phone like this is just not cool. Also the 16 megapixel selfie camera is quite outdated, as it has been used on many older oneplus phones coming to the image samples. The primary camera is really good in almost every situation. The colors and details are very impressive, as it has a pretty big sensor. It creates a very nice natural bokeh when shooting close up objects even in low light. The night mode does a great job, with plenty of details being captured, while keeping the image virtually noise. Free using pro mode, you can capture shots in 12, bit draw with a lot of tweaking potential. The only area where this primary camera struggles is with dynamic range, its decent, but compared to something like the vivo x70 pro plus. You can easily see that a lot of shadows are being crushed on the oneplus coming to the ultrawide camera. This has to be one of the best ultra white cameras on any phone. It is very similar to the primary camera in terms of image quality.

With a lot of details and great colors, it is also one of the best ultra wide cameras for low light. It also doubles up as one of the best macro cameras on any phone. It is sad to see that oneplus has downgraded the ultra white camera on the 10 pro by using a much smaller sensor, which also lacks macro capabilities. The 3.3x telephoto camera here is average. It does a decent job in good light, but in terms of color parity with other cameras, it is not very consistent in low light conditions. The telephoto camera is not even used the app defaults to the primary camera with a 3.3 x digital zoom, the selfie camera is also pretty average. It does well in good lighting with natural skin tones and decent dynamic range, but in low light the image becomes much softer and lacks details. Also, there is no night mode for selfies, which is just plain stupid. Even the oneplus nord and not 2 have much superior selfie cameras and they are less than half the price of this phone anyways coming to video recording. This phone does really well in some areas, but it completely falters in other areas. The primary camera, as well as the ultrawide, can do really good 4k 60 fps video recording with stabilization and good dynamic range. You can also switch between them while recording with smooth zoom. These two cameras, also capable of recording 8k videos and the quality, especially in good lighting, is pretty good.

The primary camera is also capable of 4k 120 fps video recording, which even the latest and greatest samsung galaxy s22 ultra cant. Do it also has night mode for videos, and it works quite well? Unfortunately, oneplus decided to limit the video recording capabilities of these cameras by not providing a pro video mode, which nowadays even budget phones offer. Also disappointing is the fact that the x telephoto camera can only record videos in 1080p 30fps. Even the front camera is limited to 1080p videos, which is quite surprising, given the fact that its 16 megapixel resolution is more than enough to cover the 4k resolution requirement. So, overall, in terms of cameras, there is some serious potential here, but a half baked attempt by oneplus lets it down. Performance is one area where i dont have any major problems with this phone. It is powered by snapdragon triple eight, which is quite a beast in terms of performance in day to day use. This phone is as smooth as it gets, and it feels very responsive even in terms of benchmarks. This phone scores pretty high as far as sustained performance is concerned. It does a good job here as well, not as good as some gaming phones with advanced cooling solutions, but definitely not bad. Also, you can switch to high performance mode for even better performance, but it will definitely impact the battery life. Gaming is great on this phone games like asphalt, 9 call of duty and bgmi run at 60fps at max settings without any problems.

However, many games like subway surfers, which support 120 fps, are limited to 60 fps on this phone, its not that the phone cant handle 120 fps its just that oneplus hasnt enabled it yet still. Overall. As far as the performance is concerned, i am quite happy with it Music, okay, now moving to the software department. This is where oneplus really messed up, especially in the last few months. So the biggest usp of oneplus has always been oxygen, os known for its stock android, like aesthetics and bloatware free experience. Unfortunately, oneplus has made a mess out of it in the recent past. Since the android well update oxygen, os has moved to a new code base, which is the same as the one used by color os of oppo. This move has created a lot of issues like inconsistent design, language missing features and quite a few bugs. This bug situation is getting better with each new ota update and the phone is still usable, but a flagship phone like this definitely deserves a better software experience anyways its not all bad news here. The software is still bloatware free and there are some really useful features here, like screen of gestures, quick launch, zen mode, one plus shelf creative, always on displays, and so on. Also oneplus has committed to providing three major software updates and four years of security updates to this phone, which is pretty good, so, hopefully, oneplus will be able to sort out all the software issues soon and bring back the glory days of oxygen os next is the Battery department, this phone is powered by a 4500mah battery which is pretty average in terms of battery size.

This years, oneplus 10 pro gets an upgrade to five thousand milliamp hour cell in comparison anyways, this 4500 milliamp hour battery on the nine pro does a decent job. My typical day includes a couple hours of video streaming, one or two hours of gaming, and the balance goes to social media browsing with that kind of usage. This phone should easily last a day with 5 to 6 hours of screen on time. However, if used extensively for gaming and camera usage, the battery will drop much faster anyways, even with an average battery life. I have absolutely no battery anxiety with this phone and this 65 watt charger is the reason this thing charges the phone in no time and is easily one of the best parts of this phone. This phone also supports 50 watt wireless charging, and even that is just ridiculously fast, so, as i said, no battery anxiety with this phone Music, this phone has a very useful hardware, feature the alert slider. I wish more brands adopted this feature on their phones. In terms of biometric security, the under display fingerprint scanner as well as face unlock works really well after one year of use. I am completely used to the fingerprint scanners placement, but still it would have been nice if the scanner was placed slightly higher as far as connectivity and sensors are concerned. There is nothing missing on this phone. However, when it comes to 5g networks, this phone misses out on a lot of 5g bands, as it only supports two bands.

This is simply unacceptable for a flagship phone. At least things like carrier, aggregation and voice over wi fi are perfectly supported: Music compared to the new oneplus 10 pro. This phone offers a very similar feature set while providing superior, ultrawide and macro capabilities and being significantly cheaper. So among these two phones, the 9 pro is easily the better choice. Another major competition to this phone is the samsung galaxy s21 fe. While in terms of camera capabilities, the s21 fv might be slightly superior. The oneplus 9 pro definitely wins in terms of performance as snapdragon triple eight is superior to exynos 2100 of the s21 fe. The oneplus 9 pro is also better in terms of design and build, as well as providing a much faster charging solution out of the box. So, to conclude, oneplus 9 pro was a major missed opportunity last year, but now with its revised pricing, it has become a lot more appealing under 50 000 rupees. There is hardly any phone that can provide everything that the oneplus 9 pro offers. So, despite its flaws, it is easily one of the best options to consider under 50, 000 rupees and certainly a much better deal than the oneplus 10 pro thats it for this video hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.