Theres. Also a chinese version of the reno 75g to keep in mind with different specs, to keep things simple here. Well, just refer to it as the reno 75g. So how competitive is the phone overall im will for gsm marina and lets find out in our full review Music? The oppo reno 75g is a mid tier, mid ranger and it isnt much of an overhaul compared to the previous model. There are a handful of tweaks here and there like a headphone jack, expandable storage and a slightly larger battery. The phones back panel is plastic and has an eye catching laser etched gradient finish that sparkles in the light, while the reno 65g had a metal frame. This one is made of glossy plastic overall, the phone is pretty lightweight and easy to wield theres no ingress protection here, even though there are competitors that offer it at this price. The display of the phone is quite like last years: reno 65g, a 6.43 inch amoled with a 1080p resolution, gorilla, glass, 5 protection and a 90 hertz refresh rate. The high refresh rate makes swiping and scrolling a smoother experience and it will dial down to 60 hertz when youre, not touching it to save energy. Not much has changed with the screen since last year, except that now you get hdr 10 plus support regardless the quality. Here is good with deep amoled, blacks and plenty of sharpness. Colors can be decently accurate if you play with them in settings and we achieved 450 nits of max brightness with the manual brightness slider, which can boost to 630 nits in auto mode when out in the sun theres a fingerprint reader sitting under the display too, for Unlocking and authentication is quite fast and accurate, like i mentioned before, for your audio oppa has brought back a traditional headphone jack this time around theres still just a single speaker, though, which earned a mark of average on our loudness test.

Still, the sound quality does seem to be a bit better than last year with clearer highs and vocals. Another upgrade you get on. The reno 75g is expandable storage on top of the 256 gigs built in the interface of the phone is oppos color os 12, based on android 11., its pretty straightforward and familiar. If youve used your recent oppo or realme phone. There are plenty of features provided by google like your standard, leftmost news, feed search, but on top of that there are a bunch of options and settings. You can use to customize the look and feel of the interface and one color os feature thats really useful. If you like, using the phone with one hand, is the icon pull down a little swipe will bring all of your icons down within a thumbs reach powering. All of these features is the same. Chipset youd find on last years model a mediatek demensity, 900 5g. Its not flagship grade but its solid and in benchmarks the reno 75g outperforms popular mid range rivals like the samsung galaxy a53. 5G overall is more than enough to provide a smooth user experience and even games run pretty well. On top of that, the phone packs, an advanced passive cooling system and the thermal management is great in our stress test. The phone didnt overheat and performance remains stable when it comes to battery the reno 75g has a larger 4 500 milliamp hour capacity compared to last year and seems to be better optimized too.

It was able to score an endurance rating of 123 hours in our proprietary tests. You get the same 65 watt charging is the reno 65g, but maybe because of the bigger battery is a little slower here, we were able to charge the renault 75g from zero to 90 percent in half an hour. Now we have the cameras theres a 64 megapixel main cam, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro camera just like last years model and many other current mid ranges. 16 megapixel photos from the main cam come out great for the class. There is a lot of resolved detail, low noise, true to life, colors and excellent, dynamic range. Our main issue is that if you look closely, some details can look like a painting such as people or cars. In the background, portraits have a ton of detail and the colors and dynamic range look good. The subject separation can get thrown off from time to time, though, 8 megapixel photos from the ultra wide camera are likable and actually among the better ones. Weve seen from these sorts of mid range phones, theres enough detail, good, looking colors and wide dynamic range noise is pretty low too two megapixel close ups from the macro camera are decent theyre, sharp enough with saturated colors theres, not a ton of detail to be had At this resolution, though, in low light photos from the main cam look very good, especially for this price range.

Theres plenty of resolved, detail, low noise, saturated colors, good exposure and satisfying dynamic range. There does seem to be an issue where, if you shoot another photo right after the first one, you get an under processed, noisy and soft result. You just need to wait a few moments between each shot for the processing to catch up the dedicated night mode. Does a good job at brightening the photos, especially in the skies, and it reveals more detail in the shadows, while keeping highlights from blowing out colors are popping too. The overall look is a bit unrealistic. Low light photos taken with the ultra wide camera are pretty good. They are detailed with preserved, colors and low noise. The exposure and look are pretty natural. Looking the net mode photos are softer, but brighter with improved dynamic range and color saturation selfies come from the 32 megapixel front facing cam and they have a wide dynamic range and accurate colors. The dtl is average and the sharpness isnt great, but the overall result is decent. The main cam can shoot video in up to 4k at 30fps, and the quality is great. There is a good amount of resolved detail and sharpness true to life, colors, low noise and wide dynamic range. There is electronic stabilization available for this camera, but only if you switch to 1080p, the ultrawide maxes out at 1080p anyway. The colors here are a bit desaturated, but theres good enough sharpness, low noise and excellent dynamic range, so thats, the oppo reno 75g aka oppo find x5 light.

You get pretty much the same features as last year, but with a few improvements here and there like better battery life and hdr time plus, and the addition of fan favorites like a headphone, jack and expandable storage. Sure the reno 75g would have been even more competitive with stereo speakers, ingress protection or a faster chipset, but still the phone is a solid.