Video is going to be for super smartphone chapter six, so before i get into this recap in live reaction. Let me just remind you to hit that like share and subscribe buttons and because, of course, this channel, let alone this video are not sponsored and mean sponsored by suition. I mean sponsored by mangaplus, said no me and sponsored by this and considering how much we promote one good plus on this channel, its kind of surprising right and im just a wrong woman and somewhere around here, one kitty operation struggling to keep a roof over our Heads and praying to the anime and manga gods that we arent going to be homeless and sleeping on the street. If you love what were doing, i want to help keep this operation alive and kicking so could keep bringing more anime and manga content, whether it be news, analysis or live reactions like this one feel free to hit up our cash up and paypal links are in The description box below so um, so last chapter we got to know more about uh, zenchiro kangan and you know the other smartphone user and i like him a lot. He gives me some major christian gray vibes like a more extreme christian, grey vibes, and i like him for it. I do. I still think he was boring. He was just not doing it for me at least like zen shiro. I get something i get something interesting going on, but anyways were gon na see the two meet this week.

So lets get to this chapter and see whats in store for us today, and this chapter is titled more than one its clearly written as an invitation. For me, oh i see a super phone holder can contact another if they leave messages in a place where both parties share a strong interest, its reasonable that this person would choose detective uh su the recipient, since she has been analyzing your anonymous tips, but still, if I meet them, i lose the high rise. Instigator has a leg up on me and it has superior smartphone features. They also use thugs, so theyve got superior offense as well and seeing as theyre offering a meeting, they seem just as confident in their defense plus. If i think about it, the enemy has already unlocked the security feature, which means theyve, probably contacted another super phone holder and worst case scenario theyre working together. This looks like a losing battle. Yes, this is quite the predicament screw it ill arrange a meeting. Yee. Are you sure, youre bound to lose arent you i lose on my own, but a duo might work. I see the key to this fight is detective cmizu to take ah hes thinking. If detective c mizu is the type of person, i imagine then ill have a shot at winning. Oh man im so freaking tired. I really have no stamina at all sheesh. Once i eat, i get twice as tired: im gon na sleep for 20 more hours.

Ah, damn im running late, kishijoji high rise, uh raid case special investigation hq so youre saying instead of the right itself, the bigger issue at hand is the two intelligence agencies pulling the string thats behind the scenes. Correct and thats uh toshi, unai tokyo, metro, um, super intent, uh wait, superintendent, general correct, sir. These people could incite a high rise incident every day if they felt so inclined. In fact, they could easily overthrow a whole nation if they wanted, as well actually thats pretty true. If you think about it, because information is the key information is worth more than money, especially if its the right information yep too bad. It hasnt, reflected my bank account. Yet hopefully well see me zoo a detective shouldnt, be speaking in hyper. Bowls get to the point already. What is your plan to deal with them? Nothing? We cannot do anything at this point in time. Did you literally just say that, oh, my god, she just said nothing? I love i kind of love her for this shes being realistic. What kind of empathetic stance is that at the fact, not even theyre, on a whole other level? This is the right choice of the right stance to take were sorry. Well, come up with a plan order order. I pretty much get the picture. Lets adjourn. Yes, sir shes, exactly what youd expect from cmizus daughter, isnt, she chief, yes, her father always stirred the pot. Excuse me: butt cheek masua, why does it seem my own man value justice over some connections or some crappy notions of pride, sir wow? She ever heard you and, as a result, he was sent to a division where he could never deliver justice.

I could see you ending up the same way: youre just like him: oh im, not going anywhere, unfortunately, connections and um and corruption, everything up because im the most skilled im, not going anywhere because im the most skilled, fast youve ever seen, and unlike a certain someone, I im no sad, incompetent unit chief, i love her. I love her shes fast. As hell see mizu the chief is a rank of buddy. You know hes also more than a generation older than you. She did not give a were really sorry ill. Give her a good talking too huh yeah. If you are skilled, you have nobody on your side. You really are like your father. Hell, never produce results, he doesnt know anything. He doesnt know any of my dads accomplishments dads, a great person he put up with those guys for 30 years. After all, i dont think i can do this. I almost got physical back there, police officers um lived to serve justice. My dad did nothing wrong noggie. You laid out the facts without any sugarcoating, you did fine. Oh, i was talking about what you said during the meeting uh, not that uh, not that fight you had with chicha sue. That was so good. I love it. They all recognized it too. Yes, uh! No! The meaning was just as bad. Her attitude was the pits naggy um were pivotal for tokyos uh, cyber security and youre. Our ace do whatever you want, but dont do it alone.

You need to use this more were all on your side. We like this id, already be using you. If i could, there goes um. There goes your smart mouth again. Maybe we need to make her cry sorry, but i dont call um, but i dont come installed with any wack features like crying. I really hope that wasnt localized, and that was accurate. Please say that was file. A report directly to the prime minister after this um have one drawn up: make sure that its along the lines of inspector uh cmezus statement, but, of course we cant we cant present. It as bluntly as she did yes, youre right, proper report needs to be more round roundabout and self and uh self effacing. What the hell is this these guys, are having a whole conversation in my inbox Music. She just got the email – oh my god. Oh, my god, okay, let me read this um. I am the same as you. I am here to make friends to fight against the instigator of of the high rise riot lets meet before uh the instigator catches us we could be a phil or trust dude, hes hes, not one to trust me dude um. Thank you for the invite. My name is sweden m. Thank you for the prop for your prop response. In that case, mr sweden and its me sweeten him um very well. That case will convene sometime tonight. What kind of tech is this also i dont get the point of all this.

Just use wrong emails to chat, damn it i get it. I get it theyre trying to get me involved. This is my crazy. This is my chance id be crazy, not to jump on this. Keep it confidential. For my teammates on the force huh, i mean that. May would make sense if i spilled the beans. These two would likely find out in an instant. In that case it means ill, be betraying them right away, not that it matters. I dont mind being the only bad guy here so long as its for justice. Im gay see whatever ive been saying if youre just going for pure justice gon na end up in villainy, well see if that happens with her, if i can get to the bottom of their mystery check and uh use it for the force. No, if i can make it mine, then maybe i aint doing that run a search right away. Mr zen, she wrote you have a new mail well well, well, shes on board. Is she no that same means its pretty sensible? Okay, make plans for the three of us to meet. Oh see, misu and the other super smoke super photo uh owner are are talking right now what that swam them, even though they said uh well all meat, they took the initiative. Well done. I really do want this guy. After all, miss you museum, hi, im, sweet on him, youve seen our emails and youre convinced of our abilities now, right speaking, of which i got a voice changer on so theres no point in recording us, meaning means giving um the enemy the upper hand.

In that case, ill take them by surprise and fight with whatever advantage that advantage, i can gain during a three person conversation. My greatest goal is proving that i um uh. That is proven that one is really the high rise instigator highways instigator, but even if i cant do that, i want to gain your trust and get the police on my side. If i can do that, then – and i can even uh the playing field ill, have their thugs and ill have the cops there are theyre here already. I wanted to talk in a private a little more too sorry for making you wait. Youll have to excuse my tardiness. I never invite you to this call. You know im the one who set this all up and youre going to start things without me, youre terrible, no matter lets get started were about to have the most significant three way. Conversation on earth to see me zoo is pissed shes like you. Why are you doing this to me, but man then police im, not gon na lie. They are very patronizing, but neddy kind of got me interested. It took six chapters to get me even somewhat interested, but its not even for cute cute. You aint growing on me my dude nah, but you know i thought about this because aliens area, for example, is trying to be like weekly shun and jumps danadan. I wonder if super smartphone is trying to be weakly shown in jumps wrong hoshi.

That would make a lot of sense on why this guy is trying to be ron so bad, oh, my god. That would make so much sense why q is trying to be ron. So bad, like a younger version of ron, lets be real, but yeah. This would make sense if weekly shown and jump is trying to get their own version of ranking hoshi. Is this good? No, i think aliens area is kind of doing a better job of like the dan doing its own thing, because its basically doing like dan and and meets men in black, which i think is really sweet. This im telling you ron, would be way smarter. With this. I wish q was more like ron. I really do. I wish he had more personality because right now its not giving me anything like with ron hes funny, as he gives me everything that i want this thing, this aint it this just q is just not giving me what i want like the other. When you have me more invested in other characters, well, this usually is the case where ive invested in other characters more than the main character. That usually is what happens but like im, at least with the main character. The main character is interesting for the most part, but here its just like heres theres, a good example im going to compare this to dr stone, because q kind of gives me some senku vibes. I love senku, okay, hes, not my favorite character.

Again is my favorite character, yasui, my second favorite character and then itd be segu, but like senkou was first before like before the other two showed up and senku was interesting. Senku gave me something really really exciting. This does not thats the problem, and i dont think this manga gon na survive no way. If this manga survives ill, be shooketh. Im surprised, doran, doraron is still going that manga should have been cut like a while ago. That manga is boring, as that manga is soulless im glad people are saying its soulless like. I am its boring and soulless. Why the are you keeping that just chop? It just chop it and put something new in there, because doron is boring its not it. It is boring im not going to cover im not going to cover door on because i think dorans going to get like chopped in, hopefully the next few weeks. I i cant cover it until im, not gon na cover it again unless its ending soon and then ill do like a multi chapter, live reaction, theres no way in hell im covering that boring ass, manga anymore. But this i will say this in regards to super smartphone, because speaking of doran, this is actually more and more exciting than doran is than doradoran. This get because this actually has like its own kind of has its own thing going on, even though its like basically wrong hoshi, but with a smartphone thats.

What it really is giving me right now, but i just dont, see this one lasting, especially when you have aliens area and worry dragon which are just so good. I love them. I love aliens area and i love rory dragon rory dragon is definitely staying. Aliens area is going to be very interesting to see if it stays, but i like it a lot, but this one i dont, think its gon na last nah. You may like it now, but go read rocco and hoshi, and then tell me you, like it anyways, im very curious what you guys thought of this chapter im, starting to get a little intrigued. The fact that its taken six chapters for me to get extremely intrigued is a problem that is a huge problem, and that is a sign that this manga is gon na get the chop as well im just saying, let me know your thoughts in the comment section Below what you guys think and remember to like comment share and subscribe to nerdyginsync love.