. Now i used to own the deep sea black sony, xperia xz premium, but my son, my second oldest boy. He has that device and he has another sony device. Hes got two: he loves sony. He says hes never going to use anything, but but for me, ive always wanted the red. So i checked over at ebay. I found one for a little over 200 smacks had a conversation with the seller for about a week felt good about the purchase and bam here. It is 24 days internationally shipped to america and actually it wasnt supposed to get here until the 16th of this month. We are now in the month of june, halfway through 2022 and uh, so yeah im pretty stoked that i actually got it early and thats one positive uh as far as the feedback that im going to give the seller when it comes to the shipping. But i got to make sure that everything is perfect with the package and the sony xperia xz premium red. So what were going to do is unbox. It get a good look at it and then im going to just talk a little bit about the specs. I do have a clear case that i purchased over at amazon, so we can definitely see that beautiful red color that im sure is going to catch a lot of uh peoples eyeballs out there as im using it, and i got some glass screen protectors, and hopefully These work, if not uh, at least ill, have some protection for right now and thats and thats what matters is having protection for my investment.

Originally, the sony xperia xz premium was priced at 7.99. Basically, 800 smacks: i purchased uh the dc black over at best buy for 550, and that was a great price point a couple years later, this time around just a little over 200. I think it was 207.. So if everything pans out in what the seller described this phone to be for me, then im going to be really stoked about the decision that i made to bring it in so with that lets go ahead and do the unboxing all right lets. Do this appreciate all of you stopping by and checking out this unboxing of the sony, xperia xz premium red sony, xperia xz premium, and what im really digging here? It is completely sealed that is really really great to see so yeah thats the box, so lets go ahead and just put a little slit in there and cut my fingernails today. So i had to dig in there its plastic wrapping to come off there. Okay, all right drum roll. There is the device itself put that over there lets see what we get in the box got a sony charger, a wall charger and oh wow got some earphones here earbuds. I prefer to be wired in myself because we do have a headphone jack with the sony. Xperia xz premium. Okay, so lets go over here and there is the usb type c cable. So lets throw that in there and your startup guide and well put that over there 5.

5 inch, ips lcd, triluminos display and yeah that looks nice now thats red samsung. If youre listening, when you advertise red thats what it should look like, you got your 19 megapixel shooter on the rear. There youll be able to shoot video up to 4k 30 frames per second, which is uh. Really nice got your flash over here. The bottom got a little mic, usb type c. Charging port got dual speakers, one right here and one right there front facing camera 13 megapixel shooter uh. You do have 1080p 30 frames per second uh thats, the maximum shooting video. We have electronic image stabilization on the rear, lets go ahead and take off the film here and make sure that there are no imperfections on the front here, wow that is just gorgeous up top. We have another mic there, and here we have the headphone jack area. Now, right here, on the left hand, side is your sd card and sim tray got this little opening right here. If you put your thumbnail right in there, you can remove that, and this is the area thats going to house your sd card up to 256. Gigs of extra memory and youll need that, with only 64 on board, i can live with 64., but having more is always a thumbs up and then right in here theres a little tray thats going to house your micro sd card and lets see. If i can get that out of there its going to be a little difficult there, not too bad left a little nail there to grab a hold of that tray there and then youll just carefully put that back in there and bam.

Just like that, on the right hand, side you have your fingerprint reader and power button doubled up as one there. So you just power on your device, set up your fingerprint and thats, where youll be able to um go in and turn on your display with whatever finger you choose as far as your fingerprints, so side mounted fingerprint reader, which is really cool. Your volume rocker is right here: volume down volume up. You got a 32 30 milliamp battery. I cannot remember what my battery life was im sure i can go look at some videos. Let me go ahead and go back out and im going to wipe my display down 4k display im going to go ahead and power the device on there. You do have ip68 water dust resistant uh. It houses the uh qualcomm snapdragon 835. Well see what the performance is like, obviously, with the newer smartphones, we have the snapdragon 8gen one, and here we have the qualcomm snapdragon 835 4 gigs of ram 64 gigs of internal storage. You can again add more uh to the memory up to 256 with an sd card, so yeah ill just see how the performance and functionality is uh here in 2022, but thats, just one beautiful, smartphone im super stoked to have brought it in so lets, go ahead And um get the case on and ill leave a link for this case down below in the description area and the link for the ebay seller that i purchased this device through so uh.

There we go and that looks really really. Nice got my protection corner protection. Huge cut out a little depth there for the camera there, that 19 megapixel shooter and uh down below cut out right there for the usb type c, charging port cut out right there for the mic and cut out for the other mic there and your headphone jack Plenty of space to utilize, your wired, earbuds, so yeah really really cool to see a huge opening there for the side mounted fingerprint reader and power button. You got your volume rocker nicely covered up. Oh yeah. I forgot you have a area here to actually when taking pictures. You can actually use this button here to click away, so you can shoot pictures from the camera app or you can use that button right up. There top right hand, corner thats, a nice looking case. No wireless charging, okay, but you have that water and dust resistance, which is really important, so actually im going to power it off and then were going to apply. I know this is a lengthy video bear with me. I appreciate it for those of you interested in bringing in a device like this. You want to follow me for the next few videos, because im going to let you know if theres any issues with connectivity here where i live in portland oregon, usually for the most part i dont have any issues. I i have great connectivity with t mobile and um yeah.

I i just uh am very grateful with with t mobile been with him for quite a few years and stoked okay, so lets go ahead and zoom on in there wipe that down and wipe all of that off. I think i have my sticky pad here. My dust absorber trying to do this, quick because this video is going on a little bit longer than i actually wanted to never used to use these, but ive actually started using them. A lot more, especially in my garage here, where my little youtube studio, is got a lot more flying around out here than i do upstairs on the kitchen table got some bezel going on, but you know what i love the bezel on this device. I really really do its really nice to hold the ends when watching a movie for you gamers. That would be great as well im, not a gamer and youre saying to yourself. How long is this guy going to use this dust absorber right? All alright, so i dont know if this is going to fully adhere so im thinking its just going to adhere on the edges yeah. It is so im going to bring in some other ones, but i i want something for now: thats fine, it looks nice, it looks nice. Look at that looks really really nice all right. I got most of it set up before i end this video. I just wanted to give you a little sample here.

The video quality 4k go into the settings here and you can see at 2160. We got 4k going on here and this video is a 4k video that works. Fine. You can see the clarity in this videos, its just sharp, and it just looks really great on my side here: wow beautiful, beautiful, its, not the loudest, but thats, not whats, really important when it comes to the audio quality. You want loud, but you also want everything to sound great and right now, these speakers sound great all right lets, go ahead and shut that off turn on the lights again, one more area and then ill. Let you all go. Thank you. So much for being patient. Uh everything that you need to know will be down below in the description area to purchase one of these devices from the seller that i bought it through on ebay and the screen protector, which actually seems to be working. Fine. When i went into youtube to get that video ready, everything seemed to work really fine, even though this is not a screen. Protector thats fully adhered to the device itself on the front just around the edges, but i think its going to work so anyway. So what you need to do, uh, with the side mounted fingerprint reader, is press on the power button and it will read whatever finger you set up. So this is the one that im going to use. So i press and boom just like that, really digging that uh really gon na miss that i think going forward.

Google isnt going to be utilizing the fingerprint reader on the rear of their devices uh man – i wish i wish they would continue with at least their budget mid range, but uh. This is something that i, i really think a lot more uh smartphone companies need to think about uh, instead of just the under display fingerprint reader and thats. The side mounted one look at how fast that is just freaking, fast freaking fast, all right with that. Thank you so much sony xperia xz premium. Let me know what you want to see if youre interested in bringing in a device thats not a 2022 flagship but a flagship from 2017 and im just going to see how the performance does and the functionality uh. As far as my daily driver and ill give you some feedback during the early morning vlog, so please watch for that video the early morning, vlog, maybe an afternoon video, but when im vlogging is, is thats. When i really talk about a lot whats going on with the smartphones i bring in for review, this is uh a nostalgic device um, but i got a really good feeling that its going to do me well, im gon na throw in the sim gon na make Some phone calls texting just do what i do every day. Take picture shoot video watch movies, listen to music and well see how the performance and functionality turns out to be along with the battery life and ill.

Let you know, and then hey maybe uh youll want to bring one in who knows anyway. Peace god bless, stay, safe and healthy. This is my project: 13.