This is the hisense a9, and this is the latest 2022 release in the high sense line of e ink products. It is a 6.1 inch, 300 ppi running carta 1200. This thing also has a snapdragon, 662 processor, with 128 gigs onboard storage and either 4 gigs of ram or 6 gigs of ram. You know those unboxings that are like double unboxings. You know, so these are some a9s. Are we gon na unbox both absolutely not because that would be silly? We only need to unbox one on the left. We have a four gigabyte version and on the right we have a six gigabyte version. Well were gon na. Do the smart thing and unbox the six gigabyte version, because thats the more powerful one Music Music theyve definitely gone eco on their boxes, which is good now, theres, always a good and a bad thing about this. The bad thing is that the sides are very flimsy, like an amazon box, so unfortunately the device is less protected. All things considered so, please be aware of that, and the good part is that theyre using less colors, less ink and less packaging, which is very nice. So the entire top seems to be your user manual here, and you have a dual sim: its not a hybrid sim, its actually a dual sim perfect. You have sim 1 and sim 2. thats really cool well get into all this when we get into the full review, of course, but hold on to that.

Because thats going to tell you what you need to know, it is written in chinese, go ahead and just use your translator tool. Now. This is something nice too, that a lot of people have been adopting recently wax paper. This semi translucent transparent, wax paper. The decent level of opacity means that your device remains protected, but you can still see whats inside and theyre, not using plastic. This is fan. This is great. I love this im going to put that off to the side. In case, we want to go ahead and do a giveaway on this were going to put this off to the side too, because its very exciting, but we have to see whats in the rest of the box. First, we have this tray and everything seems to be in this tray because its very heavy – and it opens kind of like oh, like a folio folder thing, and this seems to be a sim removal tool. It has this little loop with a stick right there so use that to open up the sim card and inside we have a usbc, no theres, no styluses or anything like that, because its not a galaxy note type of device. It is a smartphone now this is a smartphone weve, been hearing a lot of flak about ink palm and xiaomi with their reflective screen. But as we said, everyone uses a reflective screen hysense on their entire lineup uses reflective gloss screens, but what they do right here is they put a factory screen protector that is perfectly fit to this phone, and that means that it is now an anti glare matte Screen this does look like the high reader, except its a little bit different.

The body itself is very similar in that the size is similar, the little engravings where it says, life, reimagined and high sense on the side, as well as the equalizer cutout for the speaker pack all looks very similar, but this one has obviously a gigantic camera. A flash package and a sim card slot with a fingerprint sensor so theres a lot different about this. Obviously, but it is drawing inspiration from the high reader themselves. You also have a camera at the front. Earpiece and potentially stereo loudspeaker pack inside well have to double check on that light sensor up top usbc down below microphone, earpiece mouthpiece, the whole nine. You know anything youre going to find on a smartphone because it is a smartphone. We dont have to start this up. For the first time and see if theres english on it, because high sense 100 has english on it. For now, this is everything that comes in the box and the brand new high sense. A9. Six gigabyte on board ram with 128 gigs of storage version stay tuned for the full review in the days to come for