I know major madame tying smartphones of choices, a lineup milan 9 series. Of course, ebon countries, perodita sat in the philippines. We have, of course, the nina pro the nine pro plus and the real me. Nine aint nina nearly beauty to see and im guessing, but its more of a sunburst gold from the name itself. I wont be doing an unboxing since then measurement redundant in here, but basically its a complete package naman, except, of course, jung earphones anyway. Alan kong interested kayo, surprising, realme, 9 4g detox, the philippines. It will be available in 6, gig of ram and 128 gig variant for 14, 999 pesos starting this june 15. and then, if the belinda manchester physical stores real me same price pair, it comes with a free, real me bots air to neo worth 1990 pesos for Every purchase from june 15 to 19. anyways, uh discounts or early bird price nintendo will be down in the description box below personally, no, i have no problems among our smartphones, striking callers smartphones, probably because its a bit rainy outside major gloomy weather, nothing – and that makes Me want to have vibrant colors on a smartphone young corners me. Nine guys is nicely well rounded black nachos when it comes to this kind of colorway appreciate you on your everyday lives, its the best kung, clear, jelly, kiss or no keys, leaning towards silver, meranjang, single bottom firing, speaker, meron, denshon, headphone jacks is microphone and, of course, The usb type c port now on the right, nandito young power button and on the left we have the volume rockers and young sim trainer 10.

its a triple card slot sim 3. Then i also appreciate the pinnacubalinella young volume rockers and the power button in terms of location, measurements, madeline, mugs, screenshot, design, wise, i would say maganda when it comes to display design or should we say, the placement of the front – camera hindi, napa, iwan and cyril. The pancho is located on the left and surprisingly, in the pusha kalaki hand, miranda 6.4 inches of full hd, plus amoled display with a 90 hertz refresh rate, actually 360 hertz. Then young touch sampling rate. Yes, when it comes to testing the smartphone for gaming, i also do appreciate guys and build in screen protector nia out of the box, but youd be happy to know that the screen itself has a corning gorilla glass, 5 protection on the man young screen refresh rate. You guys from 90 hertz it can be bought down to 60 hertz, depending on what you need. So yes, in terms of the scrolling experience and watching video content again, problem is of having a decent amoled display. Guys is detailed. Speaking of the icons, the phone runs on the realme ui 3.0, based on android 12.. Well, according to me at once, updates and that long security updates, or i mean three years of security updates at this price point, we are getting android 12 out of the box. Redmi note 11 pro we are getting android 11 out of the box. For me, know you aint guys or the user interface is clean and simple, although young along there really is a lot of bloatware and some apps in the padding e uninstall.

Also, if we will be swiping from the right side, meranjangs smart sidebar were in didnt in marketa, guys recently used. Applications, nathan and federer depends convenient and then, when we swipe them on from the left to the right side, autonomous google discovery feed now in terms of the speed or multi tasking phone at all. In fairness, now guys, the smartphone performs daily tasks easily granted. Google, chrome mail even of course other social media apps like instagram and facebook, without a hassle of quickly in terms of the chipset or the overall gaming performance of the phone ill, be honest with you guys. You welcome snapdragon 680. It may not be the best chipset naped in makuha for its price point, so smartphones, janna particular when it comes to gaming. This phone can definitely game but again expecting that experience through your gameplay now in terms of the camera and young, of course, camera application situation. Performance, this only supports maximum of 64 megapixels, but anyway, aside from that 8 megapixels, 2 megapixels macro lens. Lastly, for the selfie camera it has 16 megapixels the panzerkalang knowing the. But of course, all the smartphones in general newly launched the past few months having a higher megapixel, rarely equals to better photos. Hindi langsha all about, of course, the hardware, but also the software. But in fairness, among with this phony main camera nathan, no matter where i go, indoor like heres a studio and even outdoor hindi, machado drop in quality when it comes to switching to 18 megapixel ultra wide lens measure washed out and of course we will be getting Less detail and, of course, since the phone has no telephoto camera as expected, nam and then price point zoom featuring is all digital.

We can digitally zoom up to 10 times and better, then shortcut zoom bottom three times: camera toggle in fairness, version, night mode, netany, nine, four g, meron zhang, nightscape mode. Now and two times. I also noticed im dedicated to 108 of megapixels now in terms of the video mode you attention. Camera panel is capable of shooting videos up to 1080p resolution and melon, then shang dedicated ultra steady mode for most people. My appreciation, video quality, no device, it doesnt, have 4k resolution, but good thing. Managing optical image. Stabilizations argentina mean lens keeping the video relatively steady compared to among smartphones and, of course, guys after testing it on realme 9 4g for a few days in fairness, young battery, backup and phone is really really good. After guys, the entire day nagina with name and young device, we are still left with 30 of battery feeling, even for someone, a heavy user, i do think your device will still last you for the whole day, 33 watt power, brick and usb type c to usb Type in able to get fifty percent in 30 minutes and mostly consistent, though since naga de la von besse uh, fully charged from zero to one hundred percent nang unit nato polishing, where it is that will somehow make you buy it point out young choices when it Comes to colors or the the one that i have right now: gold color winner only thing called, may not be everyones cup of tea perro.

When it comes to the of course gen zs or some of the younger generations, not engineers. I think it may appeal to them also the option of having a 90 hertz amoled display. You wont, find this kind of combination on some smartphones these days. Of course, this is not a 5g enabled smartphone. This is just 4g, currently smartphones, mid range or budget phone 95g ready. So somehow this may be a cheaper option or alternative parental expectation. Smartphone 5g ready price point. So yes, this phone can be an affordable, 4g option Music. Now, if you reach this very end, i think, of course, your review again. I am giving away the realme 904g so yeah.