So she passes this realme 9 smartphone. It has 108 megapixel rear camera and 16 lmp selfie camera, and it has snapdragon 680 chipset, which is decent and powerful chipset. So lets open this realme, 9 smartphone and im tell you uh studio forces this smartphone as well as ill show you the picture quality as well as the video sample uh with the selfie camera, because a lot of people uh or youtuber click video with selfie camera. So everything im gon na show you in this video, so lets open the box so guys we have this real me: nine smartphone, okay! So now im gon na open it. Okay lets open, remember my god! So much tight, Music Music lets see what is inside. Okay. So there is a silicon case cover and which is yeah decent quality lets put aside some paper work manual book that put this aside. Okay, lets look at the smartphone wow, look at the camera legend camera bomb absolutely gorgeous looks nice. There is a speaker, grill type c, cable, 3.5 mm jack, and there is micro, port and sorry for sound volume. Button and this side is power. Button and display fingerprint is here. Let me open Music, so its gone so before its ready to uh use. Okay ill. Tell you some specifically about this Music. I got this smartphone at 1628 rupees. Okay, uh its market price is 18 000, but i got it 16. 028 rupees. So this is the okay smartphone, wow gorgeous looks awesome, so let lets open it and what is there and it has 33 watt first charger in the box Music.

There has mentioned some specification: okay, it has 100 millimeter pixel, snapdragon 630 processor 5000 horse um display great Music and its a hello retro fan from india. Where is india? So? Finally, i fully set up the smartphone. Now i can take picture so now. Im gon na click, some picture: okay, with this uh pronunciation camera and with the rar selfie game, rr camera it has 108 megapixel camera. Okay, let me get this camera from very nice, so guys so lets capture. Some pictures with drawer and selfie camera lets go. So this one is click in indoor. In my studio, the picture quality i say: 16 mp selfie camera its okay, but not superb, its, not decent its just okay, okay with the selfie camera uh, i dont. Really. Honestly, i tell you the selfie camera. I really dont like uh this one also i click in indoor and the picture quality. I dont like with this selfie camera, because at this price, eighteen thousand rupees self camera is not up to the mark and because uh, the poco m4 pro, which i review uh uh here before i wish selfie camera – is much better than this Music. This one is a clicking outdoor, so selfie camera is like this: okay, good, not bad, but not as like super poco and purple smartphone, but on the other hand, the rear camera comes really good. It has 108 megapixel camera and its justified. Its really good raw camera is really awesome.

Good, decent, but selfie camera is uh. Ok, ok! So my dear friend, this is the real me 9 smartphone. I have clicked withdraw as well as prawn, selfie camera. The picture quality ive already told you that selfie camera is ok. Ok, so if you looking for a good selfie camera, then this one is at 18 000 pieces. Actual price is 18 000, so 18 000 piece selfie camera, not expectable. Im not uh happy with this selfie camera: okay, okay, but good, not as much because poco amber pro. You will get it 12. 000 rupees. Okay, that selfie camera is quite better than this one uh, but it has some good specifications other than selfie camera. It has 108 megapixel arrow camera, which is good as well as it has amulet display in display fingerprint sensor, and it has 760 subsets which, under the door on to score, is around two lakhs, seventy thousand, which is adenium chipset, which is a decent, powerful chipset. At this price – and we got this smartphone at sixteen thousand million rupees 60 plus 120 rgb diamond room barium, and it has 5000ms battery and 331 uh first sergeant combination, uh, which take around one hour to get full search. This smartphone uh. So at this overall. At this price, this one is okay, good smartphone, but if you are looking for a good selfie camera, then no im not recommending you at this price. This one real men and smartphone hope you, like this uh.

My this opinion, if you like, please hit the like button and you can second on another youtube channel, also how the picture quality is already. I have shown you the picture quality as well as very simple uh, so im honestly telling you uh, you can say other youtube channel too uh. So my dear friend hope you liked this video. If you like, please hit the like button and dont forget to subscribe.