Real me has made some thoughtful meaningful decisions with its latest budget phone, most notably design in an lcd display that lacks in refresh rate, but punches well above its weight in picture quality. While the likes of oneplus and xiaomi have been grabbing a lot of attention in 2022 rival chinese brand realme has quietly been having a bit of a stormer. The realme 9 pro plus, is one of the best mid range phones on the market, while the realme gt2 pro has made quite a splash further up the market. Now the realme c35 is here to try and disrupt the budget phone sector in a similar fashion, along with the even cheaper realme c31, while its entering a perilously low margin sector. I reckon its in with a strong shout of standing out from the crowd. If you only have 150 pounds to spend on a phone youll struggle to do better like a lot of 2022 budget phones, the real me c35 design, broadly emulates, the latest iphones. The influence is right there in the phones, flat rim, sharp corners, shiny glass effect, though decidedly plastic rear and clear stepped camera module, its quite a large device in the hand with a size of 164 x, 75 by 8.1 millimeters and a weight of 189 grams combined With those sharp corners, its not the most comfortable phone to hold over a protracted period, realme has separated the power and volume buttons to the right and left side of the phone respectively.

This allows it to place the power button in the perfect position for its secondary function as a fingerprint sensor. While this sensor took a beat to unlock, i didnt have any issues with reliability. The realme c35 display is a pleasant surprise on paper. It doesnt seem like much at all its quite big at 6.6 inches, but its only an ips lcd rather than a color rich oled. Crucially, however, it appears to be a good quality. Ips lcd, all lcds are not created equal and the difference between this and the moto g22 and nokia g21 screens is night and day. Color accuracy is on point two with the screen mode set to gentle mode, rather than the richer less natural vivid. I recorded a very strong srgb gamut coverage of ninety seven point: four percent and a gamut volume of one hundred one point: two percent, an average delta e of one point. Four: eight. As impressive too, i recorded a strong maximum brightness of 491 nits with auto brightness turned off realme claims that it can get to 600 nits in high brightness mode hbm. The realme c35 runs on a unisock tiger, t 616 processor. This is far from the most impressive chip made using a dated 12 nanometers production process, its backed by either four or six gigabytes of ram. Although in the uk you can only get the lower amount for storage, the cheaper model gets you 64 gigabytes, but you can double that by paying 20 pounds extra, which may well be a good investment.

Although theres a micro sd card slot, which you can use to add up to one terabyte cards in performance terms, however, its far better than the moto g22, with its mediatek helio g37 and also has the edge on the nokia g21, with its unisoc tiger, t 606 Lets be straight here, though, none of the phones im comparing here are strong performers in any sense of the word, if youre a keen gamer or you wish to enjoy a completely stutter free navigation experience, you really need to be spending at least 30 pounds to 50 Pounds more for something a little meatier. That extra might also get you 5g connectivity, which is not something you get here. That wide sensor appears to be the same one that youll find in phones such as the poco m4 pro hardly a photographic titan, but still a phone that costs considerably more money than the real me c35. Shots here, look detailed and natural, at least in good lighting. It does tend to struggle with those tricky hdr situations with the odd overexposed background, while night mode produces shots that are full of noise, its more than adequate as cheap phones go. However, the realme c35 battery performance is solid, but it doesnt quite stand up to its rivals. You get a five thousand milliamp hour cell, which is a decent size and itll get you through a full day of moderate usage with relative ease, but in a couple of intensive battery tests it came up short of its rivals in our standard pc mark work.

3.0 battery test, the realme c35 score 10 hours and 40 minutes, which is almost two hours short of the nokia g21. In another test running a constant looping video, the realme c35 ran out of juice hours before both the moto g22 and the nokia g21 realmes uir edition. As a fairly bog standard custom, android ui sat on top of android 11.. Its notifications and custom apps arent too obtrusive, but its not as lightweight or clean as the near stock uis of the moto g22 and nokia g21. I have few complaints about the ui in day to day running. There are pre installed apps, covering such things as compass. Sound recorder, weather and calculator, but such provisions make sense and theyre stashed away in a discrete tools. Folder anyway, prices start from 149 pounds for a model with 64 gigabytes of storage. You can double that storage for a small bump up to 169 pounds. You can buy it from the real me store, as well as retailers such as amazon e buyer and laptops direct, its not officially available in the us.