Take a look at all the pros and cons. The a53 sparse, a familiar samsung design and the color you see in this video is called awesome peach. This may not be my first color choice, but the phone looks pretty nice. The device is mostly made from plastic, including the frame and the back panel, but the display is covered with a gorilla glass. 5.. The whole body is ip67 certified for water and dust resistance, which is a huge advantage over similarly priced phones, even though the a53 lacks premium materials. The build quality is very good, and the phone doesnt feel cheaply made. I found the 6.5 inches 120 hertz amoled screen to be very nice overall one of the best in the mid range market for sure it also gets bright enough for outdoor use. A massive 5000 milliamp hours battery inside the phone keeps the lights on for a long time. This is easily a 2 day battery phone for most users and it supports 25 watts fast. Charging. The full charge takes 1 hour and 25 minutes. However, there is no charger in the retail box. The fingerprint scanner that is implemented under the display is accurate, but the unlock animation is kind of slow. I found the dual speaker setup to be pretty good, but there is no headphone jack for wired headphones. Luckily, samsung added a storage expansion option via the hybrid micro sd card slot. I found the call quality and signal reception to be good.

However, i was surprised that there is no wi fi 6 and no fm radio. The phone is powered by the octa core xnos 1280 cpu, and my unit has 6 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, keep in mind that certain regions get models with more ram and storage so check with your local retailer. These specifications translate into good day to day performance of the user interface. We have a standard one ui 4.1, that is based on android 12 and we can find all the usual samsungs features and customization options. A 120hz refresh rate definitely helps make the phone feel fast and smooth gaming performance is quite good. Yet not perfect. Most of the games run fine on this device, but expect to see some skipped frames and titles like pubg or asphalt 9. for better gaming performance. I suggest reducing graphics settings. On the other hand, games like call of duty run perfectly fine. The a53 has a quad camera system that consists of the 64 megapixels main 12 megapixels ultra wide 5 megapixels depth and 5 megapixels macro lens. The wide angle shots look okay, but they could definitely have more detail. The main camera, on the other hand, produces pretty nice looking pictures that are sharp and detailed two times. Digital zoom photos are not the best, but they are definitely usable when the object is far away. Macro pictures look okay, but that really depends on the shot. The portraits, usually look very nice, with good edge detection thanks to a dedicated depth sensor, a 32 megapixel selfie camera produces quite good selfies and selfie portraits also look nice.

The night mode is available on the wide angle and the main lens and in two times zoom mode. I suggest you stick to the main lens for the best results. There is quite a bit of noise and grain in some of the shots, but the overall quality is decent night selfies, look pretty good if you can find some decent street lighting. 4K 30 fps video is available on the main and a wide angle, camera and in two times zoom mode. The quality is good, but the footage is a bit shaky if you want stable and smooth handheld video choose 1080p, 30 or 60fps modes when it comes to selfie video choose 4k 30fps. If you need a lot of detail, but you dont care about shaky footage, 1080p 60fps is also quite shaky, but 1080p 30fps video is nice, stable and smooth. I recommend this mode for most users. Overall, the samsung galaxy a53 is a very good mid range phone, but here is the summary of pros and cons. First, the shortcomings. There is no headphone jack, no wi, fi 6 support no fm radio. There is no charger in the retail box. Exynos 1280 cpu does not assure great gaming performance. The wide angle camera could be better and 4k. Video lacks image stabilization now the pros the phone is well built and it looks nice despite using mostly plastic in the construction. I also like a high quality display and ip67 certification is a huge bonus, especially for this price segment, other pros: a massive 5 000 milliamp hours, battery good daylight image and video quality.

The conclusion there are quite a few flaws to consider before getting the galaxy a53. 5G, but they are far from a deal breaker overall, the a53 is still a solid, mid range phone by samsung, which may be a bit more pricey than the competition, but i can still recommend it as a very good all around phone for most people. Do you agree with me or not tell me in the comment section top 3 alternatives you would buy for the same amount of money. It was linus.