Techno is a brand that im sure no one is unfamiliar with their phones are setting very well in emerging countries and regions. The spark 9 pro is one of their new entry level. Phones, which is available for only around 170 dollars, interestingly after using the spark 9 pro for a while, it gave me a new perspective on entry level. Phones lets take a quick look at whats in the box for the spark 9 pro a hard pc case. I really like this case because usually soft case will turn yellow after a while pc cases do not then theres an 18 watt charger card pin and charging cable and a wired headset. Yes, it has a headphone, jack and theres an even rarer feature than the headphone jack the message alert light. This is very useful on phones without aod. In addition, the sim card slots support both dual seam and sd card and has a red rubber ring to prevent water and dust increase, indicating that the spark 9 pro is to some extent waterproof, even though it is sold at a low price, it does not use The micro b charging port, the fingerprint recognition – is also on the side instead of on the back, and it looks really good. The back and bezel are purely flat and the part of the hand grip is frosted. The logo and the slogan are on the right side. I prefer this way of putting them in the corner than the practice on enlarging the slogan.

The camera module has only two circles, very simple, thats right entry level. Phone camera does not need to have much exaggerated design. Simple is the best spark. 9 pro comes with a 32 megapixel front camera compared to many 8 megapixel or 16 megapixel front cameras. It wins, at least in the amount of pixels and theres an ai portrait enhancer feature that will make your photos sharper even in low light conditions. Its not a gimmick, it really enhances the clarity of the photo and its beauty mode. Look at this photo. The mode is removed from the face its front, camera even works with super night mode which improves exposure and reduces noise at night. It also has a ring screen fill in light, a message alert light that can be used as a front facing flash, which is only available on some phones that focus on selfies. It simply turned my perception of entry level phones upside down its not recommended to turn on the flash when its very dark, because your hair might blend. In with the background. Many flagship phones have a front camera that can only record 1080p video, but this 32 megapixel front camera support video recording up to 2k resolution. It doesnt have eis, but once you think about its price, you feel that the spark 9 pros front camera is way ahead of phones in its price range. After introducing the front camera lets take a look at the rear camera.

The rear camera of spark 9 pro is a bit more ordinary compared to the front theres only 50 megapixel main camera, the other two auxiliary lenses, but the main camera is a bit surprisingly good in everyday use. The dynamic range is excellent and the images are clear. Perhaps because of the 4k camera, the bokeh effect in portrait mode is very good. I really like the effect of this bokeh background. As long as it does not go wrong, it is very much like a photo taken by a professional camera Music. If the daytime photos are not too much better than other brands, then the photo in the dark knight will surely surprise you night photos in auto mode are just like any other android phone easily, partially overexposed, which is a normal performance at this price point. But once you turn on super light mode, the quality of your photos was sore, dynamic range is improved and exposure in low light is back to normal, looking like a photo taken by a 300 plus dollar phone generally speaking entry level. Phones, cant do this, so it seems that techno has really worked hard on the night mode algorithm by the way. The main camera of spark 9 pro also support 2k 30fps video recording because there are no eis, you better, not record while walking the screen of spark 9 pro is an fhd plus lcd screen. This water drop lcd screen is the standard specification for entry level phones, the processor is mtks g85.

Also, an entry, processor and pubg can only be turned on at 30 fps, but the good news is that the game frame rate is stable and its very power saving, which is a big 5000 million power. Battery 20 minutes of pubg only consumes four percent. 30 minutes of tick top consumes four percent 1080p online video five percent anyway, i cant drain the battery. In a day. Most of the startup phones, weve, seen, are pretty much the same except for slightly different designs, but the spark 9 pro is the only entry phone ive seen that focuses on selfies and the rear. Camera is also so good that its hard to believe this is an entry level phone that only sells for 170 dollars. If you have a high requirements for photos and selfies, then its definitely worth buying at this price point thats the end of the video im will from gizmo china.