, Interestingly Tecno partnered, with Fireboy as their first Ambassador for the Spark series. Theres, also the Spark 9t, and these are the first Tecno devices to come with. Android 12 right out the box., The Tecno Spark 9 Pro boasts a 32MP selfie camera, which is one of its major selling points sports a 1080p display, also powered by the Mediatek Helio G85 packs 128GB of storage and comes at the affordable price of 99000 naira.. Also, we finally get USB C., But where does this stand with the competition? So the Spark 9t and 9 Pro are Tecnos latest devices, but for this video we are focusing on the Spark. 9, Pro therell be another video on the Spark 9t soon and if you want a video, comparing both be sure to subscribe and leave a comment., The Tecno Spark 9 Pro has some interesting specifications and youll agree with me that its design stands out as one of The best for its price point. But, like I usually say design, is not all that makes a good device.. So what exactly does the Spark 9 Pro offer, especially when compared to its predecessor, Whether youre, comparing it to the Spark 8P or 8c? It is pretty much an upgrade to those in most ways, especially with the upgraded processor.. The Tecno Spark. 9. Pro comes at the price of 99000 naira thats around 170. Youre, pretty much getting the same old, unboxing experience, though the box design has changed a bit.

As expected: Tecno packs its devices with complete accessories, which includes an 18 watts charger, USB C cable earphones and a Protective casing, which looks cool but I cant say itll – do much protecting.. It, however, helps shape the rear camera design. To look like the iPhone., The Spark 9 Pro also gets a pre installed. Film screen protector. The Tecno Spark 9. Pro is a solid device when it comes to design., Comparing it to previous spark series. The design has evolved to look more classy with its boxier approach and those large individual camera bumps on the rear.. It comes in a couple of interesting colors and I find the hacker storm version. The flashiest. Looks more lemon to me. Though. Didnt know Hacker Storm was a color, but lets go with Lemon.. I have the Quantum Black version, which looks great, especially with that textured finish on the rear., Its actually split in two for the back design, with the top camera part having a glossy and mirror like finish.. The Spark 9 Pro is built of glass on the display and plastic on the rear, but it has been done well enough that it looks high quality.. It is an 8.42mm slim device with a flat frame which hosts all of its ports and buttons in their conventional position.. While we get a much welcomed USB C port, one thing lacking from the Spark 9 Pro is stereo speakers.. It has a bottom firing, mono speaker, which is decent and is loud enough.

. There are not that many devices at this price point with stereo speakers, though, and I can only think of the Infinix Hot 12, but this wouldve been a really solid addition. Here.. The Spark 9 Pro has a portable sim slot, which looks hybrid but actually accepts dual sim cards and a Micro SD card. Theres nothing at the top frame. So it only gets a bottom noise, cancelling mic. For security. We get face, unlock and a side mounted fingerprint scanner which works fine to unlock the device fast and responsive.. Turning to the display side of things, we get a 6.6 inches LCD display with 1080p resolution.. It gets really slim bezels on the side, and that makes for 90.2 screen to body ratio.. It is actually a really good looking display with high pixel density, which makes it quite vibrant for an LCD display. Tecno sticks with the water drop notch style for the selfie camera.. Just above the display, you get a front facing LED flashlight to help with night time. Selfies or if you take WhatsApp video calls in the dark. While the Tecno Spark 9 Pro gets these impressive specifications for its display. It lacks one major one and thats high refresh rate.. It is a 60hz display.. I could say thats understandable at this price point, but the simple fact that the lesser Tecno Spark 9t gets a 90hz display makes it kinda odd.. I guess they traded high refresh rate for the 1080p display.

Wont have been a bad idea to have both, but it is what it is. Thats pretty much all on the display now lets talk about the software.. The Spark 9 Pro is the first Android 12 device from Tecno and it runs on HiOs version 8.6.. It doesnt bring any Material, U customisations, but you cannotice, some Android 12 features like the indicator when your mic or camera is in use.. The notification pull down also gets slight UI change. HiOS, as usual, is feature packed, but also heavy, as it gets a couple of preinstalled apps and those annoying ads, which you have to disable and uninstall to get a better experience.. It also gets the much talked about RAM Extension or Memory Fusion, as Tecno calls it, and that allows you to extend your ram virtually by up to 3GB. Should you ever need it., But I think it comes with 4GB of RAM, which should be pretty decent for its price. From my experience with the software, as long as you can disable the intrusive apps to limit the annoying popups youll find the experience to be pretty straightforward and lag free. As far as the UI is concerned., I still wish we got 90hz refresh rate though., But … Lets move on already The Mediatek Helio G85 powering the Spark 9 Pro is a solid one. At this price point and theres actually not much devices offering better. It promises. Optimized gaming performance and it actually delivers on that as far as expectations for this price point goes.

, You can get decent and stable gaming performance from high graphics titles like Apex, Legends and Call of Duty mobile. With Apex Legends you can play at normal graphics and high Frame rates and get consistent 30fps without frame drops., The recommended graphics setting, though, is smooth, but I took it up a notch and played at normal, which was the maximum allowed for this device, and I had no issues., The graphics looks choppy, but gameplay is consistently lag. Free. Call of Duty mobile got me playing at medium, graphics, settings and high frame. Rates. Graphics looked good and gameplay was enjoyable., While we dont get high refresh rate here for its price Id say. Gaming here is ok.. What about battery life? The Tecno Spark 9 Pro gets 5000mAhcapacity, which is guaranteed to give you at least a day of use on a full charge, and we now get 18 watts fast charging via USB. C. The Cameras of the Spark 9 Pro is a major selling point precisely the 32MP selfie camera., Probably the most at this price point. If Im correct., We get a 50mp main camera on the rear and the second camera circle actually hosts 2 sensors. A 2mp depth and an AI lens. Lets start with the selfie since thats, a major selling point and Tecno calls it Clear, Selfie. The photos from its Selfie camera looks okay, not as sharp as I wouldve hoped for a 32MP camera, but it does great.. The regular selfies appear to have a much warmer tone than portrait.

Selfies. Portraits, look, okay and edge. Detection is decent but theres, no HDR processing for portraits. On its rear camera. It does really well with image, processing and color accuracy. With closer subjects. You get good background blur.. We dont get an Ultra wide or macro camera here. So no such photos., Its night mode processing is better than average. Should you ever need, it. The Tecno Spark 9 Pro is able to shoot videos as 2k 30 frames per second. Theres. No stabilisation, available., Okay, hello, YouTube! This is the Tecno Spark 9 Pro.. You can actually shoot 2k from selfie and rear cameras, 2K 30 frames per second and um 32 megapixel selfie camera, clear, selfie, camera.. So … do. Let me know what the video sound like and then …. Sorry what the video looks like and then what the microphone sounds like, since it has just a bottom noise, canceling microphone., Looks good, looks sharp, but what do you think The Spark 9 Pro is a solid device for its price. It has a sleek design, good processor, android 12. Also, good amount of internal storage at 128GB.. Cameras are decent, but I think it could be better. Also. I should note this is a review unit and the final retail unit should have a more improved experience. For its cons. The Spark 9 Pro lacks stereo speakers also lacks high refresh rate and HiOS, while feature packed, could still use some optimisation. So thats it on the Tecno Spark 9 Pro.

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