Today we have with us the latest motorola ed kirti. Now this was launched a few days back and weve got the unit for us with us for review and im going to unbox. It find out how it looks like and tell you everything about it once youre done, pressing that subscribe button notification icon right down there and, along with that dont forget to visit our new website, which is going to come out in a couple of days. Time with amazing new features and some lovely content there on and on social all the way across great lobbyists with facebook, instagram tech, talk and twitter. So getting later on with this lets unbox this bad boy, i know whats inside it and dont go anywhere. I want my hair, a blue cutter, as we always get it with motorola very badly stuck here, because they put the cover on uh. Here we go lets get rid of the cover. Let me show you the phone beautiful looking phone uh, the camera setup, looks pretty unique, uh very, very nice. I think uh and and its got nice smooth back beautiful finish at the back and the front lets get rid of the color right here and the display. Now line this turns on lets, see whats inside the box, as you will see that they put the screen uh the back color on when they pack it. So this one has got some paperwork and the sim card tray right over here and then we have the power adapter and the type c cable right here so guys.

This is inside the box and this gorgeous looking piece here: uh its got a similar sort of appeal to uh. I think 20, pro uh, which which uh, which i got somewhere here lying in the office uh. But yes, its got a similar look and feel with a slight bit of a curvy feel on the back. With, with the finish and a different finish, thats got a textured finish. This has got a more smooth finish, but were gon na, set it up and find out whats in how the phone performs and let you everything know everything about it. So dont go anywhere were gon na, be right back hello, guys, im back and i have just finished setting up this beautiful motorola edge 30.. Now this is a mid range phone and with the beautiful slim body i love it and a decent camera setup that you see at the back, and i love the look and feel of this. It is absolutely gorgeous, as i said, it looks its. It looks like it comes from that uh the family, its a its slimmer, its known to be the slimmest smartphone in the world, now im not sure how far that is true. But it looks like one for sure its quite beautiful its got. The glass front, gorilla, glass, three uh plastic frame and back, but the back does not give you that plasticky feel it looks that premium mid range feel that youre looking for coming in meteor, grey super moon, silver and aurora green.

This is the meteor grey edition that im holding in my hand its a beautiful one. I must say it is also splash and dust resistance as well, so not too bad for a mid range phone and a gorgeous looking phone. To be honest with you, this can definitely vouch to become my secondary phone if not primary, but the kind of display it has. It kind of attempts me to move this to primary 6.5 inches of amoled display with very few that ive come across with 144 hertz. Refresh rate thats quite unique and thats what makes this phone a fantastic one, with hdr10 plus 86.2 percent screen to body ratio; uh 400 nits of typical brightness, 1080p by 2400 pixels of resolution on 20 to 9 aspect ratio, four and five ppi density. Now this is a perfect 2k display that you want now. That means my visual experience on this is going to be watching. Netflix is going to be fantastic uh. Reading the news content that i love reading on my smartphone with the 144hz refresh rate option its gon na be amazing. That means even gaming is gon na be beautiful and to make sure of all that it is android 12, which is absolutely amazing. The latest android version with qualcomm snapdragon 778 g50, is a 5g six m chipset its an oco cpu with adreno 642 l on the gpu coming in 128, gb with 6 gb and 128gb with 8gb and 256gb with 8gb, and this is 256gb variant.

I am absolutely loving this phone. I think this should definitely be with me for a few weeks to be used as their primary phone of mine uh. I have two memory phones, so i can. I have that limit to do that. Thankfully uh to be able to choose two primary phone uh when it comes to the camera, as you can see very known, very little bulge when it comes to putting it on the surface, uh and and the camera setup is a very decent one. Its got optical image stabilization with a 15 megapixel wide angle, 50, megapixel, ultra wide angle and a 2 megapixel depth that thats a triple camera setup that you see right here so 50 or 150. That means all three cameras put together will take a great 4k video at 30 frames per second, which is fantastic, and when it comes to the selfie camera, it is a 32 megapixel, wide angle, camera. So again, that goes, group selfies are going to be fantastic and in case youre vlogging using the selfie camera. It does 4k videos at 30 frames per second as well, and one to power it all up. Its got a beautiful battery life of 40, 20 mah and 33 watt fast charging. Now, how beautiful is that so guys? I am absolutely delighted with this phone. Let us know what you think, and this is your friend, the great lobby signing off with the motorola edge 30.