Well, i want to give you all the details about this, and i also want to give you the latest on the iphone 14 release date and price with specs as well so weve just had wwdc and weve seen. The new ios 16 will be available on the iphone 14 models and we were introduced to such new features, including widgets, and changes to the lock screen and icloud share photo library. We also got the new m2 chipset with a brand new design, macbook air, but now with the wwdc event out of the way, the next apple event is going to be the apple iphone event and ill talk about when this is happening a little bit later on. In the video, however, as were getting closer to the release date now, im splitting the reports and leaks for the iphone 14 and the new iphone 14 max into one video and having the details about the iphone 14 pro and the iphone 14 pro max into another. Today, im going to focus on the details for the iphone 14 and that brand new iphone 14 max, but keep an eye out on my channel for details for the other iphone 14 pro models as ill be making a video soon for these. So lets talk about ram amounts for the iphone 14 models. To begin with, lets talk about the iphone 13 models and how much ram they have so right now, the iphone 13 and the 13 mini have four gigabytes of ram combined with that a15 chipset.

However, the iphone 13 pro and the iphone 13 pro max has six gigabytes of ram its also worth noting that the ram is lpd dr 4x. At the moment, however, this year with the iphone 14 and the iphone 14 max, we already know that it will be getting an a15 chipset, but this time it will be getting six gigabytes of ram and again this will be lpd. Dr 4x. The report has come in from trend force. One. This basically essentially means that the 14 and the 14 maps will be as powerful as the iphone 13 pro and the 13 pro max, but its worth noting that the a15 chipset in these two 14 models will be basically the standard ones and will not have that Extra gpu core inside, but the thing is, with this extra two gigabytes of ram, you will be able to open up more apps and youll also be able to have more bits and pieces open around in the background, as therell be more shared ram, though, for the Iphone 14 pro and the iphone 14 pro max. This will still be six gigabytes as ram as well, but this time theyll be getting the faster lpd. Dr5 ram was basically the same ram as we have in the apple silicon chipset for the max. It does seem that this year we wont be getting an iphone with eight gigabytes of ram, but most likely it will be next year, so next release date and price.

But now is a good time, then, more than ever to mention that all reports and leaks that you are seeing right here are not 100 proof that they will come true with the new iphone. I can only present you what reports or information that is out there. However, if you are watching this video youre as curious as i am, and knowing what is going to be said about the next generation iphone anyway, so lets do the release date and price is next, so based on no chip, shortages or components being hard to come By from now until the end of summer 2022, it is believed that the iphone 14 pro and other iphone 14 models will be out at the end of september 2022.. How do we know that the release date is gon na be the end of september? Well, let me just do a quick history lesson of iphone releases. So if we go back to the iphone 4s in 2011, this classic iphone came out on october 14th. That year then skip a year to 2012 with the iphone 5. It was september. 21St 2012.. Then lets skip a few years ahead of that 2016, where it was the iphone 7 and the 7 plus and the release year, for that was september 16th. In 2019, we saw the release of the iphone 10s on september 21st and the 10r on october 26th and last year, for example, with the iphone 12 models.

The release dates were october 23rd to november 13th. Now, mainly, you can see. Release dates have either been kind of mid end september to kind of end october, if theres something special coming out or something a bit different. The main exception was back in 2020, and that was with the iphone 12, where actually the phone got released a little bit later in october time, but mainly this was due to covid but fast forward to 2021, with the iphone 13 and also the iphone 13 pro Models it came out on september 24th was back to the normal sort of time. We get an iphone so for 2022, with the iphone 14. We will get another event in september, however. Well see another event for other apple products like that: macbooks ipads, apple watch, airports and loads, more other bits and pieces around that time. And if you want more info about those products, do check out my other videos on this channel and make sure you hit the subscribe button and notification bell to get the latest news on them. So next lets do a summary of everything we know so far, including the prices for the iphone 14 and the new iphone 14 max. So starting then, with the normal iphone 14, it will be a 6.1 inch oled display with a resolution of 2532 by 1170.. Sadly, this phone will still have a 60hz refresh rate this year, but we will be getting six gigabytes of ram inside, but well have the storage options of 128 gigabytes 256 gigabytes and 512 gigabyte storage options also weve been told that were actually going to be retaining The a15 bionic chipset inside the iphone 14 and that will be made up of four efficiency cores two performance cores and a four core gpu as well.

The main body of this brand new iphone 14 will be an aluminium body just like before with previous generations. Well also have a dual camera on the back. What will be a wide and ultra wide camera lens, and then the battery inside will be a 3095 milliamp battery was the same size. What weve got inside the iphone 13.. The base model will be 128 gigabytes and thatll be starting at 799, usd moving on to the iphone 14 max, and this is the brand new model this year, replacing the iphone minis, and this will be coming in at a six point. Seven eight inch display therell be an oled display and this resolution will be 2778 by 1280 and again it will be a 60 hertz refresh panel therell be six gigabytes of ram inside again the same storage as the normal iphone, 14, so 128 gigabytes. All the way up to 512 gigabytes and again that a15 bionic chipset will be inside this phone as well. So that will be four efficiency cores two performance cores, and it will also be a four core gpu core inside the actual body again will be made out of an aluminium body and again well be getting those dual cameras of a wide and ultra wide camera lenses And then the actual battery size will be a 4352 milliamp battery size, well, its the same whats going to be inside the iphone 14 pro max, but the base model of this one 128 gigabyte model will be starting at 899.

Us dollars for this brand new iphone that apple are introducing this year. So that is where we stand with the iphone 14 models and as time goes. But if you want to get a more complete picture in the future and also get the latest details on leaks and reports on all the videos for the iphone 14s make sure you subscribe to this channel and also hit that notification bell.