You can reach way over there and then way over there and and move it pretty, quick and thats the thing i guess i like about the stick, but most the time im a little too self conscious for that. So i kind of hold it down here, but probably the best part of the stealthy stick is that you can turn it upside down and it will actually go low to the ground and you get some really good shots down here. Shots where you have pretty much have to get on the floor. Otherwise – and i i like that about this – it makes it a lot more usable im, actually pretty impressed its lightweight its easy to use it folds up really small and it goes into your pocket. Um thats, hardly anything i probably should turn it off. First before i put it in my pocket, you know you just have to um learn a few tiny little things like you know, press it once and it kind of goes in follow mode. You press it twice and it you know, goes into sport mode and you dont have to really read much in the way of a manual. I dont think there is a manual. It went online theres, a couple of tutorials startup time is, you know pretty snappy, so catching the action is pretty much a breeze. I mean all you got to do, is take your finger and just swipe it over make a little box and it kind of walks right on to it and were coming back to the cruise ship the other day.

And i just stuck the gimbal out there and took care of it and we got the shot. I found myself on this trip getting out this little gimbal more than i thought it would. When i pull out the a7s3, i get more stairs and when i used to pull out the camera that i had over my shoulder, i got lots of stairs. What are you making? Are you making a movie whats going on people are pretty used to selfie sticks and phones out there, and so it doesnt draw too much attention. You can kind of get whatever little shot that you want to get for your b roll all right. It comes with some things: it comes with this bag, which i doubt ill ever use and theres a little strap that goes on here and ive lost that already, so im never going to use that im sure i wont, but it also has this little tripod, which Uh the tripod isnt great, but it does screw into the bottom. It has a quarter 20, which is awesome. That means that i can put a monopod on this thing and extend it out further. There are a couple things that really bother me about those. I never shoot vertical video and i thought oh well ill, just turn that feature off, and so it will never give me this vertical video, but now every time you turn it on. It goes up in this position right here.

Well, i wish there was some software that wouldnt do that, but at the same time its easy to launch the app from this, its usually easy to use face id. So you just double tap the little button down here, and it goes into horizontal mode where you really want it anyway, be really great. At this little disc here, uh were built into a case uh that was super solid that maybe had a little another quarter. Twenty around here and here and then i could just you know when i wanted to shoot with it. I could pop this out of my normal case and stick it in that case and im on vacation. I just keep in that case the whole time, and you know when i originally bought this. I thought oh its great. This is for people who dont have the new iphone that has the magnet built into the back, but obviously that doesnt work, and it is not sticking its got a usbc on this side. Here you just plug it in the batterys internal, but uh lasted all day. For me, when i was in st thomas, so i still had all my little uh bars on it when i got home so the setup time is pretty quick. I mean you compare this to setting up the the ronin uh s, for example, and you got to balance the whole camera and get it just right and calibrate it, and this is pretty much you know plug and play lets, go turn it.

On turn. On the memo app and get after it, but i dont mind handheld video. I, like handheld video, a lot. In fact: um there are people who dont like the gimbal. Look the gimbal look sort of draws attention to itself. You would think it wouldnt. You would think. Oh because its so smooth it doesnt draw attention, but every time you see a gimbal shot, you say: oh thats shot in a gimbal its, not that a gimbal is better than handheld or handhelds better than a gimbal, its just choice, but its nice to have a Gimbal around to be able to make that choice now more important than getting a smooth gimbal shot is gathering all the little elements that you need to tell your story and the on5 does excel at that, because you can get it out quickly and grab a little Shot here that will help you tell that story, but the om5 isnt going to tell your story for you: oh wait a minute. They do have that little thing where you go in and you all right. Maybe the 015 will tell your story for you, but it wont tell it as well as you can ive been showing you a number of clips throughout this video showing you, the om5 in action, but ive been showing you largely the clips that i didnt use. For my video, the clips that were kind of thrown away or cast off because they didnt help me tell the story in part.

Two of this review im going to show you the full two minute version of our trip to honeymoon beach and how we swam with a sea turtle. Now that one has a lot of clips from the om5, but also from my zv1 and my a7s3 and oh theres, also a gopro in there, of course. So you need all of those little elements to make a compelling video and, in part, two im going to explain how i put all those together to make a video that actually tells a story and, at the end of the day, thats. All that really matters in your video is: are you telling a compelling story? So if you please just click on the next video, i have a link over here. You just click on that link and go to the next video and watch part two and ill just ill. Just wait right here: okay, if youre not gon na click that just click the like button, at least subscribe notifications. No, nothing just gon na sit here and watch me arent.