However, it had one major flaw that being the lack of google services today, i have with me its direct successor, the honor magic 4 ultimate and, while its brother, the magic 4 pro, has already made its way to the global market and packs in full google services. Honor have no plans to release a global version of the ultimate edition, meaning that just like its predecessor, it too lacks any form of google services, and even though this may be a huge drawback for some, you need to continue watching this video, because this is the Most ultimate smartphone i have ever come across were talking the best camera system on a smartphone in the world which puts it right at the top of dxomark. A 120hz 6.81 inch ltpo quad curved oled display and ultrasonic fingerprint sensor 3d face unlock large battery and extremely fast wired and wireless charging. This is tech nick, and this is my unboxing and review of the honor magic 4 ultimate. The honor magic 4 ultimate only comes in two colorways, that being ceramic white or the color version that i have with me here today, that being ceramic black, it looks absolutely stunning, thanks to its dual tone, finish: im, not sure if you can see, but there is A matte plate in the center anti glass, if you will it does shimmer all around due to those edges and the camera module is known as the eye of muse, and it is really incredible get to that a bit later.

But it does come with a pretty premium. Dual finished cover in the box too, which is nice and neat, and inside this breathtaking body, sits a 4 600 milliamp hour battery, which is the same as its predecessor, but this time it has a faster 100 watt wide charging and faster 50 watt wireless charging. It also comes paired with a snapdragon 8gen1 chipset rp ddr5 ram, ufs 3.1 storage and an extremely thin 3d vapor chamber liquid cooling system. Speaking of liquid, this guy is immune to it, thanks to its ip68 dust and water certification, not to mention it has a nano crystal glass front to protect it from scratches and aluminum frame, wrapping around and, of course, that wonderful ceramic back, that eye of muse camera System on the back packs in some of the best sensors ive ever had the privilege of testing. We have a 64 megapixel ultra wide sensor: 50 megapixel custom sony made main sensor: 64 megapixel periscope telephoto sensor, a 50 megapixel spectrum sensor, not to mention a 3d tough laser, focusing sensor, flicker sensor and a custom image processor. The ultra wide camera takes a fantastic shot at raw 64 megapixels building it down actually crops in a bit to around 120 degrees field of view. The 50 megapixel main looks fantastic on this gloomy day over here, burning it down even better thanks to ai. We do have 3.5 times optical zoom, thanks to the periscope which you can take at 64 or 16 megapixel bend down and moving back to the ultra wide camera once again, 126 degrees field of view at native 64, megapixels 120 at 16.

The 50 megapixel sensor looks great, but it does crop in a bit when you bend it down to 12.5 as well, once again that 3.5 times optical zoom, thanks to the 64 megapixel periscope cam, that can also be burned down and we do get a seven times. Hybrid zoom, we also have 10 times digital zoom, which looks fantastic. If you ask me, 30 times is not too bad. You can go all the way up to 50 times, which starts to get a bit hazy, but still looks more than decent and 100 times. Is the max and if you ask me by itself, does a more than decent job. We also have a macro mode over here, utilizing the ultra wide camera, which does a great job, and we do have a 1x portrait mode using the main sensor, as well as a 2x portrait mode which looks more than decent in terms of edge detection and taking A photo of me, a portrait shot of me. It does an even better job with two times and one times and forgive that photo of me right there, but comparing it to other devices that be in the iphone 13 pro max. On the left, hand, side and samsung galaxy s 22, ultra on the right hand, side the honor magic 4 ultimate takes the crania in terms of dynamic range and when it comes to taking a portrait of an object, it does just as well as the other top Dogs around, but sometimes drops the ball in terms of brightening up its subject.

The ultra wide camera compared to the others, looks the most neutral and the most natural in terms of the actual sky and jumping into the main sensor. It looks arguably better than the best devices around i mean. Take a look at the water ripples at the bottom of the screen. The iphone and samsung can both do three times optical zoom with their telephoto cameras, but the owner can do 3.5 times optical zoom. Thanks to its periscope, which certainly gets you in a tad bit further and im, not sure if you can see on the roof of the building over, there shows a fair bit more detail too, but where the samsung one ups, the honor, is that it has a Second, telephoto sensor that also being a periscope with the ability to take 10 times optically zoomed photos. However, the honor matches the samsung with a hundred times digital zoom, but falls short of quality, whereas the iphone falls short of ability to zoom further capping out at just 15 times. All three of them can take crispy, clear 4k 60fps video, and, if you ask me, i cant really tell the difference if anything, the honor kind of outshines the samsung over here, looking absolutely fantastic and extremely stable, using 4k 60fps, while walking around things are just as Stable this is a 16×9 aspect ratio over here and it does switch its focus pretty darn quick. If you ask me, we also have 4k 30fps using the ultrawide at a regular 16 by 9 aspect.

Ratio over here does a great job of getting nice close and personal to a object over here, thanks to kind of doubling up as a macro cam, and we do have 4k 30fps ultrawide at a 21×9 movie mode aspect ratio. And if you ask me, it kind of gives you a vibe of a movie mode, but you can do the same thing with 4k 60 fps, using the main at that wonderful, 21 by 9 aspect ratio. It looks just as good. I guess it kind of just chops off the borders at the top and the bottom, giving you that full mick edge, but more importantly, we do have 4k hdr10, plus at this wonderful 21 by 9 aspect ratio using the main camera at 4k. 24 frames. Per second talk about movie mode, though it struggles a bit with focus, and we do have log mode over here, which of course, you can then use in post processing to get the perfect looking footage, not to mention we do have a bunch of lookup tables. For a huge amount of different filters, they all look pretty awesome a bit nostalgic. If you ask me, 4k 60 fps video at night with the 21 9 aspect ratio using the main cam looks pretty superb at this strange aspect. Ratio cant really handle that too well, but the ultra wide camera really drops the ball at night. I thought at first it was this aspect ratio, but when you switch to the regular aspect ratio does the same thing almost looks like theres a thunderstorm going on right now, a bunch of lightning but thats thats, not really the case here.

4K 60fps using the regular aspect ratio at night with the main sensor, does a fantastic job once again. Cant really control light that well, but we do have a fix for this, and that is super nice video mode, as you can see, on the right hand, side still not quite controlling the light that good, but it really does brighten things up a hell of a Lot and when comparing it to the iphone and samsung, you can clearly see who the crowd, when is here in terms of brightness levels, but im not gon na lie. It does kind of take a bit of a knock when it comes to detail all night modes. On over here using the ultrawide, i guess its a bit of a toss up between them. Some of them have their pros, others have their cons and using the main sensor, it looks just as good as the samsung, not quite on there, with the iphone though, and zooming in is where it really falls short because it uses its main camera and theres no Way to use the periscope over here where the samsung can go all the way up to 10x and getting back to that ultrawide does not look too good for some reason. It crops out, when you turn night mode on night mode off using the main night mode on, looks even better in terms of brightness, but not so much detail. Once again. The periscope is not used when zooming in 3.

5 times you want to get that optical result, but its not getting there same with 7x sitting at digital over here, no hybrid, no periscope used just using the main. The periscope does kick in at 10 times digital zoom, but when you switch to night mode, it goes back to the main camera. However, we do have a 30x digital zoom over here using the periscope 50 on the periscope and 100 on the periscope, but no night mode options for those guys. The camera system on the back is not really a mixed bag, its actually one of the best camera systems i have ever used and on the right hand, side. We do have a power button as well as a volume rocker and at the bottom we have a dual sim 5g tray, unfortunately, no expandable storage, but this does have a massive 512 gig storage option. That is the only option we have a usb 3.1 type c port at the bottom, as well as its first dual stereo speaker at the bottom. Second, one at the top, both paired with dtsx ultra audio, not to mention we do have an ir blaster as well. At the top of the display, we do have the same 100 degree field of view 12, megapixel ultrawide sensor and alongside thats its the 3d tough sensor, taking an ultra wide shot with the selfie cam looks fantastic and cropping into 1x looks even better in terms of Detail portrait mode looks phenomenal thanks to great edge detection over here and taking another snap of me with ultrawide its just its so awesome to have.

I wish more phones did this going forward, not to mention how incredible that portrait mode is and comparing it to the other top dogs over here. The iphone is a bit too detailed. If you ask me, the honor is a bit too under detailed and the samsung has a good mix of both of them, but it blows the background, even when youre not set to portrait mode and while they all have 4k selfie video recording options. The honor is kept at 30 fps, where the other two are sitting at 60, but i must say, the honor doesnt do a terrible job at all whats up guys. This is technic recording a 4k 30 fps video on the brand new honor magic 4 ultimate. Now this 4k 30 fps video is actually taken using an ultra wide selfie camera. How about that? Let me know what you guys: think of the audio and video quality when recording on the honor magic for ultimate, of course, using the selfie cam. The frame rate jumps up to 60 fps when recording at 1080p, using that ultrawide selfie camera. It looks fantastic, a little smoother when compared to the 4k 30fps, due to the increased frame rate and using 4k 30fps at night does a great job because of that low frame rate and comparing it to the other two over here. I actually think it comes out being the best not to mention that the selfie camera at night does a seriously bang up job when compared to the iphone.

Considering the iphone kind of makes me look like a bit of a mummy, but the samsung tends to look a bit more natural in terms of background and foreground. Taking a 0.6 ultrawide shot at night, using the selfie cam with night mode off, looks good night mode on very similar, actually same with the 1x motive here night mode off night mode on, looks identical. I cant see a difference and we dont have a night mode option with the portrait mode that we can enable the flash and it does do a pretty great job. The selfie camera is not quite as good as its back cameras, but it still does a more than decent job and powering on this device. Getting to that always always on display, we do have a qualcomm 3d sonic sensor, generation 2.. This is the same sensor that we saw on the s22 lineup earlier on this year and it does a fantastic job, not to mention. We do have 3d face unlock over here. It uses the 3d top sensor which sits alongside that selfie camera at the top over there. It is a pull shaped notch, so some of you might be put off by that, but having a phone with two proper secure biometric systems is a great toss up. If you ask me, but of course, that pull shaped knot does interfere with this gorgeous display that being a quad curve display, it is 6.81 inches. It is an led panel with 1 billion colors 100 dci p3 color gamma.

It is 10 bit hdr, 10 plus certified, has a thousand nits of peak brightness and includes an independent memc display chip, its not quite full hd, plus its, not quite qhd. It sits somewhere in between with 460 ppi, which is great in my books, and it does have an ltpo display that can range between 1 and 120 hertz in terms of refresh rates. Now. This is essentially ltpo 2.0, which is fantastic, but it has a trick up. Its sleeve and thats why they say its a custom, ltpo well thats, what honestly, anyway, get to that in a second. But we do, of course, also have 360hz touch sampling rate, which is great now. The biggest star of the show, with this display and its biggest one up from its predecessor, is its 1920 hertz pulse with modulation dimming when compared to other devices, if any other device. Actually has it its probably only really the iphone, and that only has 480 hertz pwm dimming when compared to this beast, it really does minimize eye strain. I mean ive noticed when reading a couple ebooks, because thats certainly something that i do, and it also sticks up with brightness compared to the best of the best around. We are skinned over android 12 with magic 6 over here, though, do bear in mind. This is the chinese variance of the phone and its actually silly that i say chinese variant, because there is no global variance of this phone at all.

The software is pretty great, very simplistic, not quite stock like its not too bloated either, though theres some nifty things. You can do with the folders and adjust the sizes and just tap straight into it, and everything looks great and you can customize it to your hearts desire. But the biggest drawback here is the lack of google services. The chinese version of the magic 4 pro and ultimate dont have google, but the global version of the 4 pro does. However, we can get into google chrome over here, though you cant sign in, and we can use youtube as well, but once again you cant sign in. Of course you can sideload apps. If this phone is what you truly do desire, we do have 12 gigs of rpd ddr5 ram, which can be extended up to 14 gigs of ram using its on board storage and, of course, powering. This monster is the snapdragon 8gen1 chipset and when pairing it with the high performance mode over here in its settings, we got an antutu score of 954 151 points when it comes to geekbench version 5. It got a single core score of 1190 and multi core of 3119, but the interesting thing and the first time its ever happened to me on 3dmark wildlife, just testing out graphics. It actually got maxed out it didnt even give me a score or an fps, and wildlife xtreme got an identical score to its little brother. The magic 4 pro just 5 points apart, but the exact same average fps of 15.

6, which is quite a bit higher than the average snapdragon 8gen1 phone i have tested. But of course those benchmarks should relate to some decent gaming performance. Kickstarting things off here with real racing 3.. It has an unlimited frame cap, meaning it can reach the screens refresh rate of 120, and it is doing exactly that sitting at a very stable 119 fps reaching a min of 115 and a max of 120 doing a bang up job over here. Very pleased with it this is not a gaming phone and when i was playing real racing 3, it didnt really heat up much when compared to other snapdragon, 801 phones, ive tested out, but when hopping into games and impact over here, which does have a 60 fps Cap over here, so even though the phone can hit 120, this is always going to be capped at 60, no matter which phone you run it on. We got an average of 45 fps, which is actually one fps higher than the average ive tested on other snapdragon. 801 phones on my channel, but it had quite a low 18 minimum fps, as opposed to the lowest ive seen, which is 33 fps on any other snapdragon one part smartphone, but the same max fps of 56 and as you can see, the screen has dim because The phone did overheat and im not gon na lie to you guys. There were quite a few stutters when playing games impact after booting up real racing, probably because its summer here in shanghai, but even then it shouldnt be stuttering.

This much at this price point. Nevertheless, this is not quite a gaming phone per se, but lets go ahead and give it a listen in terms of audio Music, not so hard. The honor magic 4 ultimate has no doubt overtaken its predecessor to become the best smartphone i have ever tested. It performs better in games and benchmarks when compared to its predecessor, thanks to the new snapdragon 801 chipset. It has one of the most breathtaking displays ever thanks to being extremely bright and very rich in color, not to mention it uses a custom made ltpo panel that delivers refresh rates as low as 1 and as high as 120 hertz, but the real takeaway of its Display is that insane ability to output 1920 hertz, pwm dimming, leaving its predecessor and all phones for that matter in the dust it has an improved fingerprint sensor, thanks to it being ultrasonic instead of optical and houses, the same great 3d facial recognition system making it the Number one smartphone in terms of biometric security: it has a fantastic 100 degree field of view, ultrawide selfie camera that takes incredible photos and can now shoot 4k video. But the real star of the show here is its phenomenal eye of muse camera system on its rear, which, when used alongside its custom, image processing chip, takes out of this world photos and videos, regardless of the camera being used. Putting it right up there with the best of the best and in some cases, even better the design while still prone to smudges, is, unlike anything, youve ever seen, thanks to its gorgeous dual tone.

Ceramic finish and inside the stunner sits the same large 4600 milliamp hour battery that can now be fueled up even faster thanks to improved wired and wireless charging. The honor magic 4 ultimate checks all of the right boxes, except for one google services. But if you can do without google, then this is no doubt the best flagship smartphone on the planet.