But lets quickly get on with the. What do you say, faq video, which will answer most of the questions that you have and guys. This is not the full review. My full review will take some time, but these are the most common questions that many of you were asking about this device, and i completely forgot some of you were asking me: does the smartphone has the compass sensor? Yes, it does have the compass sensor. Okay, the first question is from nathan kumar hes, asking uh: how is the sound and earpiece quality planning to buy this, for my mom main requirement are sound and earpiece quality, no issues regarding the earpiece, no proximity sensor issue or anything like that on this one, its Actually pretty loud and in fact, as its having the speed stereo speakers, those are actually also very, very loud and i think so. Thats the one of the bigger bigger upgrade in terms of the speaker quality compared to the g71, because these 71 is also very similar. To this one uh these as ive told you in my unboxing video has three improvements over the g71 uh, of course, stereo speakers that are allowed uh. The screen quality is the 120 hertz refresh rate. This one is having an ois uh. Moving to the next question. This is by arun hes asking: is there any issue with the network range in g82? Also, what difference in general are there between the mid range g series and the upper mid range edge series and moto uh? Of course, the edge series are supposed to be the premium lineup on the moto series.

Their flagship and upper mid range are edge. I feel the build quality is slightly different on them. Some of them have glass back and all those things uh also it has features like ready for and all those things which are simply not seen on the g series. So, yes, its the upper tower of devices uh with that uh. What do you say? Uh uh h series: this is not an eight series, guys uh series is slightly more expensive, uh and uh. Is there any network range issue? No network range issue. I tested this one with two wi fi routers, one on the. What do you say: uh wi, fi, six and regular uh one second, and i did not have any wi fi issues uh. In fact, the wi fi calling is very, very good on this smartphone, because in the area where i live, there is hardly any sell signal. So i have to rely on that one and i have didnt have any issues uh moving to cellular signal. I tested still my primaries, and that is the 80 is on this one and i am not having any cellular issue with this device. In fact, a couple of days ago, i was also in the city im using it only on mobile data, and i did not have a uh issue, also one more thing that is available on 8 series. I dont know if its available everywhere, but at least in the major cities, if you have the ed series phone motorola, has priority pickup or priority what is a home pickup and something like that that is not applicable to the cheat series.

Okay. Moving to the next question, this is from ready for is a useful feature on the edge series. Is there any possibility of motor providing it to the g82 via software update or its a hardware related feature? I think so its a software related feature, but i dont think so. It will come to the g series thats. How motorola is separating. I feel the 8 series from the regular g series, so i dont think we will get ready for, but luckily we still have the security part that is known as thin shield. Even on this g series devices uh – this is by aryan. He says camera performance compared to the h30 realme 9 pro and the g52 uh any issues with the build quality. The brick quality is decent guys, its actually pretty light studious, because ive told you very good. But again you cant compare the performance with the h30. The h30 has one of the best mid range, smartphone, uh, sorry, the best mid range of uh flagship, processor, thats, the snapdragon 778 plus this is the 695.. You could say this if i compare is slightly above the snapdragon 750. So yes, of course, the h30 and even the real me 9 pro are better than this one again, those smartphones do cost a lot. I would say compared to this one so directly, you cannot compare it to them again. Every brand has different uh smartphones and different segment, and yes, this is around that 20 000 price segment, so it will compete with those device g52.

Yes, this is definitely way more powerful than the g52. No, no, no questions about that. One. The snapdragon 695 is way better than that. Okay moving to the next one. This is from prasa, then he say: should i prefer it over the galaxy m52 or m53 for my parents, because you know how parents use their smartphone accounting, which would be better. I, like the galaxy m52 last year, if you recall, i said that was the best moderate smartphone, but the problem is that the speaker volume is low on that one and also it does not have a stereo speaker so see if you are okay with the sound Output of that one, because that was actually good – the m53 is iteration of that one. I would say now: it comes with the uh. What is the mediatek 900, so its okay phone, but this also competes better, but the problem with the m series is that samsung has started putting bloatware and there is quite a bit of bloatware, even in the m53. So that is something you have to judge. If its just your parents, i would say the clean android experience, would be better. I would say, and stereo speakers do matter, because older people hearing is a little bit low and the speaker output is actually pretty loud on this one. So those are the only two things i would say goes in front of this one compared to the m53 uh because of the better speakers and no bloatware uh, but again, m53 will get more android updates.

This currently is running on android, so thats a good thing, but only android 13. This will give that way. The samsung is better. So again you have to wait down the pros and cons uh. This is by uh karma. He says, would it be better if they simply omitted the two megapixel camera precisely yes, man, the two megapixel gamer continues even on this one uh. This is by jito thomas hes, asking actually a couple of questions, and i did ask motorola team about one of them. The first question was: no gorilla, glass would be an issue wouldnt be. This does have gorilla glass, that is gorilla glass, 3, and i did confirm this with motorola india team. So yes, this has gorilla glass. Three uh g82 could have been better camera setup. Given the fact that the more gto venus, literally almost the same phone without ois and uh g80 to cost three? Yes, precisely as if, if youve seen my unboxing of this one uh watch that in the first 30 seconds i told you, this is iteration of the g71 three areas. It improves the screen quality, it improves the stereo speakers, it has and camera the rear facing camera. It has ois, apart from that, its almost the g71. So if you think these three uh areas are not very important to you uh, you can certainly save and go over the g71, because the processor is the same and overall, the performance would be the same, except that is capped to 60 hertz that armored screen.

This is having that 120 hertz amoled screen. Okay, this is by uh rajishri roy. Does the phone have all the required sensors in one of your previous moto 4 reviews and motion? The handset did not have a compass. Yes, this one has all the important sensors and even the compass sensor, this one has and it worked fine without any issue. I tested it so no issues regarding that. Okay moving to the next one, this is by harish. According to the leaks, the moto h30 lite will feature almost the same spec sheets except smaller screen battery and lacks ois, but uses the same nine 695. So is it worth or should i go for the g82? I dont know about the rumors about the specific smartphone that youre talking about moto h30, but even if it comes out what youre telling this it will be priced slightly over the g82 because remember the 8 series motorola feels is slightly more premium range. But again i hope they dont put the snapdragon 675 on that one, because, if its close to 24.25 snapdragon 695 does not make any sense, thats my frank opinion anyways moving to the next one. This is by rahul why moto is giving polite screen, and this one is a better or worse than a regular hamlet, in fact, its better that they are giving the p oled screen. The p oled screens are actually thinner than normal amoled screen, and these are made up of plastic.

So even if falls or something the cracking of screen is a lot less. In fact, now guys remember, p oled screens were generally not given in mid range phones. They were only reserved for higher end phones, so im really glad that motorola went for this and its actually a very, very good screen. In fact, in this price range, you simply will not get this quality of screen its a 10 bit screen a google around. Most of the smartphones in this price range will just give you eight bit screen and also in brightness uh. They will not go this right, so im actually happy that motorola didnt do that cost cutting and went with a regular amoled screen. Instead, they went with p oled screen its more durable, its thinner and also this one actually gets pretty bright for what it is for the price. So one of the best screens, i would say in this price range uh moving to the next one. This is by vibhav singh. How is the os implementation compared to the realme 9 pro plus? The os is fine guys, but i feel the os is also really fine on the real me nine pro plus, and if i ill be very blunt, if camera is your highest priority, that is the rear facing camera because both of them have os on the rear Facing camera, the rear, v9 pro plus camera simply will outperform this one. The rear me, nine, post, plus camera ive, told it even earlier in some of the videos – is the best camera in that price range period.

So, yes, it is better than this one. Okay. This is by navjot uh. How is the main uh rear and front camera performance compared to the bigger sibling h30? Is it worth spending 6 or 8k more? If only is concerned about these? Also, have you tried the gcam mods uh? I didnt try the g cam mods, but i think so. The gcam mod should definitely improve the camera performance because i feel for the hardware uh. It can do a lot better and we know that gcam does better. In fact, there is quite a bit of shutter delay in what do you say: low lighting areas and stuff like this with this phone, so gcam will be better. I to be very frank, i dont see a huge difference in camera performance compared to the h30. So if thats only your criteria, you can save money and go for this one. But again the h30 goes ahead in a lot of other areas, thats a different segment of a smartphone. This is by uh. He says: whats your opinion about motorola software experience and long term using experience considering android phones have started giving problem nowadays. Please share your thoughts about it overall in your faq video uh, very, very interesting, uh, video and guys. You know that recently i wont name a specific branch or whatever, but you guys know all that many of the android smartphones, with ot updates, even some of the bigger brands, are actually crippling devices after ot updates, the devices start having hardware issues, screen issues and stuff.

Like that – and this is happening across a lot of brands, but luckily guys i havent seen that happening with motorola phones. As of now, i didnt get a lot of reports like that with motorola phones. So that way i would say motorola is doing a better job. Theyre just not pushing out the upgrade just for the heck of it without testing it, and i think that is the reason uh. So in that way, im happy with motorola. I dont want to oem to just push out update for the heck of it and that update actually cripples your device or starts giving motherboard issues or screen issues or something like that. So that way, still, i would say, motorola is clean. So again, that way, im happy with motorola and i feel they should stick with that. Dont push out update if its halfway and causes hardware issues later on. This is by ankit roy hows, the battery life using 144 hertz. How is the rear camera performance and is there any proximity sensor issue while taking long fall? No issues of proximity sensor as ive told you, while taking long calls and even wi fi calling is very, very good in this area. I have to rely on wi fi calling – and this has been great on this smartphone uh – by the way, guys uh your mistake, and this one does not have 144 hertz uh, that is on the moto edge 30 and not on this one.

This is 120 hertz. Refresh rate and as you can see, relax works fine. I would say it handles that 10 20, hertz uh refresh rate uh fine, i would say im using it. 120 hertz and battery life has been surprisingly very, very good its just like the g71. I would say a great battery life easily giving me about one and a half days worth of battery life without any issues and if im not using it that much heavily almost two days without charge. This can actually go so battery life again because of the snapdragon 695 soc, which is actually pretty well optimized. Uh battery life is not an issue on this one and yes, certainly, it gives slightly better battery life compared to the h30 just because of the physical difference. This has a 5000mah battery. This is by tarun sai uh provided everything uh, but cant take the videos in 4k, due to 695 motorola should have gone with the some other chipset. Yes, i agree, and i think so. This is qualcomms way of differentiating a chipset. If you uh guys see the benchmarks and actual performance of the snapdragon 675, it is actually better than the snapdragon 750. They could have called it snapdragon 760 easily. That is the kind of uh performance that it has, but again because qualcomm does not want it to compete with the 7x series they just disabled. What do you say? 4K, video recording on this one.

So, yes, i feel uh. It should have been there considering the price point, but yeah no 4k, video recording on this one. But again this is actually, i would say, far better chipset than the snapdragon 750. It will beat the snapdragon 750 easily, but no 4k uh. This is by uh. This is the last question guys and this is by paraneet. He says: hey ng, do you feel the device is worth 21 000 without bank offers? Please let me know how uh so so that i can purchase it. Okay lets talk about. Let me quickly break it down between some of the pros that ive noticed and some of the cons so that you can decide if it is right for you or not uh. Yes, it has stock androids uh on this one and no ads on this one. The g71, if we call had two bloatware, this does not have so very clean stereo speakers are surprisingly pretty loud. In fact, it can go actually pretty loud on this smartphone. I was not expecting that no proximity sensor issues so no calling shows and etc. Wi fi calling is good on this one uh, the network reception is far fast. It also has that carrier aggregation. In fact, i always get that 4g plus on this one battery life has been good, and i like the fact that this phone, though it has actually pretty good battery life and 5000 milliamp hour, it does not weigh that much that way it is good.

I just dont recall the total weight on my and my top of my head, but in the unboxing i had mentioned that so its not that heavy. In fact, i would say, but again coming to some of the cons or i would say, shortcomings, not exactly cons. The cameras are average, i would say you can find certainly better cameras in this pricing. For example, if you spend a little bit more, the real me 9 pro plus has fabulous cameras. No doubt about that one. But again the cameras are not bad on this one, but again lets dont expect miracles, im okay with this, but if camera is the highest priority, maybe this is not for you uh the there is slight uh ui uh frame drops at 120 hertz, but yesterday uh There was an option of disabled. What do you say? Animations and ive used that, and now the phone has become very, very uh responsive. So i think so they can fix that with the otp update, because uh i didnt get any updates till now on this device. Uh and yeah at 21 000. This is certainly not what you say very, very cheap and, as i have to do, this competes with the motorola g71, which is for what 18 000, or something like that. If i recall so, yes, the moto g71 is a lot more affordable, but youre getting three things more on this smartphone and the screen. Quality is definitely better on this one, not only that 120 hertz, if you know not bother but again, the overall brightness of this screen is a lot brighter.

It has compass sensor also and uh stereo speakers, as ive told you and that optical image stabilization. So if you think these things are not important to you, you can definitely go with the g71, which is priced a little bit better than this one, so guys uh. These were the top questions that i was getting regarding this moto g82. What do you feel about the same ill? Try to post the full review with its pros and cons later on guys i dont know: itll depend on my familys health if theyre feeling well, then i can work otherwise so ill have to attend to them, but anyways guys thats it for now.