Today we have, and we are unboxing this oneplus nord n200 in the blue quantum that they all ship with, and we have the 64 gigabyte variant here and in this. Video were gon na, be unboxing and talking about the specs and just overall experience when first getting the phone. But if you want to see a full review on the whole thing were going to be making a separate video on that. So be sure to check that out and hit the subscribe button down below, because you do not want to miss that so in this video lets just unbox. This thing talking talk about the setup process and everything and lets get started all right. So, as you begin the unboxing experience you can see that we have n200 with a gradient kind of text here. So it starts off very dark and bold, and then it goes down till its very faint over here and thats, like a major theme of the color. Here because, as youll see when we unbox the phone that its also present on the device itself, so here we have one plus and i believe its color matched since theyre all coming in this quantum blue color. And you can see that it varies depending on the way the light hits it and thats also another major theme with the devices color, as that is also present on the actual device. On the other side, it just says oneplus, nord and 205g, and on the bottom we just have the basic text and everything that you find on usual start phone boxes at the top.

We just have the purchase codes and everything and this side would be blank. So we have the oneplus logo at the bottom, which is a pretty nice logo. If you ask me, i like this more than a few other major brand logos and its not just the text, its kind of a smart detail there so now lets invoke so opening up the device you can see. It has the right amount of tensioning that you would find in this flagship smartphone box, and here we have the device itself which im going to go ahead and pull out, and you can see that here is the color at the back. The quantum blue or blue quantum – and you can see that by the theme on the box, that it starts off faint and then it gets darker as you as you reach the bottom and thats the oneplus logo right in the middle, and it has a triple camera Setup, two of which i know for sure are two megapixels. I forgot what the main camera was but ill have that on the screen right now here is the ai triple camera text over here, which means that it uses ai to process the pictures that you take and you can see that it shines with the way that Light hits it heres our flash and on the front uh. I do know for sure that this is a 16 megapixel front facing camera and its a reflective coating, its a ips lcd, the same thing that you would find on a more flagship, smartphone, such as iphone 11 or so on the side.

You have the dedicated power button on the right side, which is surprising because not a lot of android phones have that usually they have volume buttons on the same side as the power button. But this one has a fingerprint sensor right on the power button as well, which i love because um as soon as you try to go to open the phone, it automatically unlocks it as well. And i find it more helpful than the actual ins and screen fingerprint sensors as well. On the left side, you have the volume rockers and its more of like separate volume buttons actually, which also i like, and lets check out the rest of the contents in the box. So this is just a placeholder for the phone here. You can see that we have the pamphlets. This one is a start guide and just goes over. All the like hardware features of the phone and everything like that – and this here says nord thats, pretty cool. They have a small sim card thing in there as well or is the same card number, and here they have the sim removal removal tool here is the oneplus red charging cable that we all know um all oneplus phones, ship with this and its kind of their Signature now to have a red, smart, uh charging, cable in the box and heres the 18 watt power brick. So this phone does charge at 18, fast charging watts and um.

Although the iphone 11 can charge at the same speed, it comes with a 5 watt charger, and here we have a 18 watt charger, so thats wonderful to see, especially now that phones are removing the charger from the box, whereas this ones, even though its budget still Has it and thats pretty much it for the inside contents of the box? Now lets get to the case. So here i have the actual phone and lets do a boot up time test. So im gon na start it now, and you can see that you have the oneplus logo as well as android as it should be, and there we go. We got the t mobile logo, which were gon na count for the buddha test as well by the way, and there you go thats boot up so that took about 30 seconds. I was say which isnt bad its just uh, especially for the price range that this comes at around 222 thats, quite nice, to see it boot up in less than a minute, because ive seen uh, older or like newer flagship phones do a later boot. Up than that here you can see you have the never settle wallpaper. I have some pre installed apps and i went ahead and set up the phone myself before recording and you can see that its running oxygen os on android 11.. So this one will get one more major software update, which would be uh android 12 before um they get three years of security updates and i believe i might have a i could have a software update pending for this.

As you can see, the battery is at 10, but the phone is running very smoothly and the rest of it even comes with its own screen recorder. That does not come in uh budget. Samsung phones like the ones that run one ui core. It has nfc and im gon na, have all the specs listed in the in the video right now, so you can look for yourself and honestly thats about it when it comes to the unboxing experience, as you can see, thats very fast, it has 4 gigabytes of Ram and everything and its actually very comparable to iphone 11, although that might sound crazy, especially with the price difference and the fact that its a flagship um, i actually did compare the specs and everything and a lot of them were similar, and this one actually has A few better specs than that, for example, has a 90 hertz refresh rate, while um excluding the 13 pro and 13 pro max. All iphones have a 60hz refresh rate, and this has a 5000 milliamp hour battery. But i believe the iphone 11 has a 3600 milliamp hour battery ill have to check out the battery test in another video. When i do the full review. Maybe, but let me open up camera, and so you can see what camera looks like. So you can see here, theres not much lag. If i take a picture, thats quite instantaneous and does use ai to manage everything you can see when i put that on it says ai scene enhancements on and has a hdr, and it recognizes that im inside so use this indoor mode, which is great so overall.

This phone is a very great phone, its very snappy, especially with the nine meters refresh rate, and i believe that if youre in this budget range around 200 to 300 bucks, this is a great phone to get and actually has a very sharp display as well ips Lcd aka the same thing as iphone 11 and its ammo led with um, always on display, so its amazing to see and on the back. I would actually suggest that it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, which is a lot of people would agree on because its very similar to in style to a oneplus, 9 and oneplus 9 pro that came out about a year ago. So its a very modern phone indeed so thats about it for this video, i hope you enjoyed and dont forget to subscribe, also comment down below what your favorite feature about.