Now, in todays, video were going to be checking out one of the most interesting smartphones of 2022, and that is the real me gt neo3 now i actually did a very quick unboxing and first impressions, video a couple of weeks back, but in todays video ive been Using this device here for close to two weeks now – and i have the full experience to share with you guys and just to give you a quick hint this device here, the real me gt, neo3, is going to be offering you the most performance at the most Affordable price range that you can get so in malaysia. We just have this device here launch and the pricing for it is actually very attractive. Now the standard retail price is going for rm2099, but whats. Most interesting here is in terms of the flash sale price and that is going for just rm17999 guys again. This is a very affordable price point because you know back then realme actually announced the gt2 pro, and this one was the most affordable, snapdragon 8 gen 1 device that came in at like rm2599, but this one undercuts it even more and it comes with a whole Lot of performance that is very similar to the snapdragon 8gen1 devices, so lets talk a little bit about that. Now, first things: first, we got to talk a bit about the design. I dont want to go into so much detail here because ive already covered it in the full unboxing process, but essentially you do get these racing stripes at the back here.

That makes it resemble a sports car. It has this very youthful and sporty kind of look and what i love about it is that its actually quite slim to hold. You also have these very nice matte back panels at the back here. That means you have no fingerprint issues whatsoever at the side seat again, it is slightly curved, so you know its easier to hold your hands very comfortable to hold and its not very heavy as well its quite lightweight here so thats great about these devices overall, just In terms of the design you have it very straightforward: you have the white version, you have the blue and there is also one that is in black, that comes without any stripes, but if i were to go and choose one personally, i like the blue and white. Quite a lot, so i cant really choose one over the other but yeah. These are two very interesting designs here that once again resembles that of a sports car. All right so lets talk about the more important thing here, and that is about the performance and the user experience. So over the past two weeks. I really wanted to find out, like you know how good this device is in terms of gaming. Well, just in terms of specifications first up, like i said earlier on, it is powered by the diamond city 8100. You have 8 gigabytes of internal ram. Yes, it doesnt sound like a lot, but it actually is very smooth on this device.

Uh moving on. You also have 256 gigabytes of internal memory, and that is ufs 3.1. That means everything all your transfers between the files is going to be very quick, so thats just in terms of the numbers and specifications, but how did it actually fare up in terms of gaming? Well, i played, of course, a couple of games here. You guys know im quite a bit of a gamer, so i did play my mobile legends. I did play a real racing and, of course, more importantly, i want to talk a little bit more about the experience playing zhenshin impact now. The reason for that is because zhenshin impact we all know that is the very graphic intensive game and, of course, if you are able to run it at maximum graphics settings maximum frame rates, of course, its going to cause the phone to heat up well, in this Case the diamond city 8100 here really handled it like a champ, i was playing the game: junction impact for multiple hours, guys. I think these days, ive just been hooked to the game so much, maybe after one or two hours and the temperatures did not even get to the point where it was so hot. It was actually very, very comfortable not as warm as the snapdragon 8 gem one and i could still hold the phone very comfortably and still play it without any issues, so thats, the first takeaway there now. The second take away from this experience is that the game itself, because it is not heating up that much it was able to run very smoothly and with very minimal kind of frame rate drops so thats, also very good, because the entire gaming experience was very smooth.

So thats the second takeaway there now the third takeaway is in terms of the battery life, its all about efficiency here, so i did a very quick calculation and just after one hour of gaming uh, the battery life actually dropped by approximately 24, so its not that Much at all, considering i was already using the highest graphics settings and i was playing non, stop on genching impact, so very respectable kind of performance there again, comparing it side by side with something like the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. I used to play a lot of games on that kind of devices as well, but i always came with the heat and because of that heat, the performance got throttled a little bit and it wasnt as smooth, but on the real me gt neo3 here again, ive Been playing a ton of games, and i can really attest to you guys that it is definitely not that hard. It definitely provides better frame rates and overall, not that much in terms of your battery drop so thats in terms of the gaming performance. Now, in terms of day to day use, obviously since its able to handle this kind of games here, you can expect every kind of app launches to be super quick. You know just launching your instagram, your facebook youtube and all that you know just browsing through your phone itself on the daily. You will not have any issues that its just a buttery smooth experience on the real me gt, neo3, all in all, in terms of performance.

Im very very happy with that on the real me gt neo3. It really gave me a different perspective on how a potential flagship could be if it were not using a snapdragon processor, because you know snapdragon theyre, just messed up with their heat and all that so thats. Just in terms of the performance. I should also mention that we do have the ice axis haptics running in these guys here. So you know, the vibrations are very crisp, theyre very short, and you know they are actually very nice to interact with on the phone itself so thats great there. So moving on to my next point, this is where i talk about the second thing that i actually was very surprised here, and that was actually in terms of the cameras at the back now. Sometimes you know these days, we have a ton of devices being released and you know they always focus on maybe giving you the best performance. They give you the best battery, but they sometimes forget about the cameras well on the realme gt new 3. Here i did mention earlier on in my previous video. It has the sony imx 766 sensor. Now this sensor is being still being used on a lot of flagship devices, even today here in 2022, so you have a very decent 50 megapixel main sensor here. That comes with ois. Apart from that, you also have an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro lens.

Now lets talk a bit about that 50 megapixel main sensor. So i was taking a lot of photos during the day and i noticed that the color scene was actually reproduced very well theres. A lot of dynamic range and a lot of detail in the pictures taken by this sensor. Again not very surprised there, because this used to be a flagship sensor, and today it is still a very flagship kind of sensor. Apart from that, i must also mention that the night mode here actually really was something else guys. So yes, im gon na put a quick side by side. Comparison between you know your night mode turn off and your night mode turned on, and here you can see that the real dark conditions it is able to be made very bright by the real me gt. Neo3 so very impressive stuff that, in terms of taking the shot itself, it was very quick. It only takes about one second to take every single night shot, and this is the kind of performance that you can get so very impressed with the cameras there now. The third thing about the camera here that i want to talk about is actually in terms of the video you know these days again. You know a lot of manufacturers. They dont really give us 4k at 60fps, especially at this price point, so we do have 4k at 60fps here and again with the ois, the stabilization. You are actually able to capture a very decent video recording kind of stuff, with the real me gt neo3.

So again, if you are looking for best performance, awesome cameras, that is where you can find it here on this device. Now moving on were going to touch upon a couple more interesting stuff. Well talk about the display. First, if i just flip the device to the front here, you do notice that we do have a fairly large 1080p amoled display uh. The most important point here is that it is a 120hz amoled display. So that means that you know browsing on the device. Everything is going to be battery smooth im, not sure what the exact touch sampling rate is, but i do know that its very sensitive and good enough for gaming now in terms of brightness again, i dont have the official numbers but ive been using the device outdoors. Most of the time taking photos and all that – and i noticed that i never had any issues in terms of brightness levels so display wise youre going to be rest assured youll be getting a decent display here now. Moving on to my final point, i want to talk a little bit about that battery life, because battery is very important. So, in terms of battery life, we do have a 5000 mah battery on board. This very slim body, and the good news here, is that it does come with the 80 watt dart charge charger in the box, and you charge it up very quickly, guys so youll be able to get like zero to a hundred percent.

In approximately like half an hour, and if you just want to juice up your device by zero to 50, it will take less than 15 minutes, guys so very, very fast. Charging again on the real me gt, neo3, all right. So, just overall, in terms of my user experience with the real me gt, neo3 uh, what i can say that again, you are going to be stretching your money the most here, because you are going to get the maximum performance for the amount of money that you Are paying not only does it come with a superb kind of a performance here in terms of your gaming or day to day use, but it also came with a pretty good cameras at the back, and you do have that fast charging to back it up, display Wise, like i mentioned earlier on, is also great here, so its a very, very strong, all rounder device here that i would definitely recommend to anyone whos buying a new smartphone in 2022, and if your budget is approximately this 2000 ringgit, i would say that the top Of mind now is the real me gt, neo3, alright, having said all that, yes uh in conjunction with launching the realme gt neo3 here in malaysia, i know real me is also releasing the realme buzz l3. Now take note that this is the special edition one, because you have the two stripes at the middle ive already unboxed this very quickly and just to show you how it looks like this is the standard one, its completely blue, and this is actually my daily driver.

I use it for all my runs, and this is the special edition version that has the two stripes down the middle. It does looks so good guys, apart from that theres. Also, one minor difference that you might want to know, and that is in terms of the colorway inside notice, that the earbuds, the ear tips itself is black on this special edition, whereas the previous one was completely in blue. So again, just a very, very nice real me buzz at 3. Here in case, you are wondering about that. Uh real me is also throwing a promo, i think its like rm, 220 plus ringgit, so yeah thats a bundle anyways. Yes, a very good experience here with the real me gt neo3, if you have any further questions, feel free to leave me a comment down below im, more than happy to help you out and, of course, dont forget to drop a like and sub to the channel.