What is this okay hold on a second hi ela change, my clothes wow. It works, it works it literally. It literally works Music. This is the first time. Techno is running the spark series as a camera device, as well as the spark series having its own brand ambassador fireboy dml for techno to use attack ultimate selfie machine trust that the camera series is coming with a bomb, the tecnospace 9 pro that i have yet Less emphasis on the camera, the device comes with a 50 megapixels main camera and a 32 megapixel selfie camera, and i have to say that this is the first time. Techno has ever gone this far with this park series. Now the question is: are they any good lets find out hey guys, fred stekhop here and in todays video im reviewing the all new techno spark 9 pro and share my honest thoughts with you guys so as to help you make an informed purchase decision. But before beginning lets start with an unboxing experience, the unboxing experience is quite similar to that of this park. 8. opening the box, the first thing youll see, is the smartphone itself, wrapped in a plastic that carries major highlights of the device moving on. We have a 12 plus one month, warranty card. We have a hard plastic case, the earphones alongside the usb type c, charging cable with the 18 watt fast charger and also a sim ejector tool. I think this is fair enough, because most smartphone diseases dont come with the most basic accessories now moving on to design and build quality.

The spark 9 pro comes in an ultra slim design that looks sleek and stunning. The device comes in four unique colors, which are quantum black borono blue, holy white and hacker stone holy white, the quantum black color that i have it actually looks very interesting. It has a matte finish with some sun glitters that looks especially cool when light hits it. I really love how beautiful it looks. I like the fact that it doesnt come with a camera bomb as most devices i have reviewed recently. I, like it, doesnt show fingerprint marks or smoochies, which is always a good thing and, to be honest, the design here can fool you into thinking. It is made of glass for a mid range device. It feels and looks like a premium smartphone and for a 6.6 inches device. It doesnt feel too big or uncomfortable to hold. It actually feels compact and sturdy, and it also feels well made on the right side of the device. Weve got the power button and the volume rocker keys. The power button also serves as a fingerprint scanner and ill say it is fast and responsive all the time to the left. Weve got a sim card trader that can take dual nano sim and a micro sd card at the bottom. Weve got a headphone jack, a microphone, a usb type c charging port and a speaker grille, as you can see here. As for the speakers, this pac 9 pro comes with a single down firing speaker, which should be enough for most people, but i wish it had a dwarf speaker for a better sound experience.

The ray of the device houses a triple camera setup that comprises a 50 megapixel main sensor, a 2 megapixel dev sensor, a vga sensor for low light detection and a dual flashlight still at the back of the device. We have stop at nothing inscribe and the techno spark branding moving on to the front of the devices back. Nine pro come to the 6.6 inches full hd plus teardrop notch display its a 1080 by 24 8 resolution with a pixel density of 407. While the display is sharp, bright and very enjoyable to watch youtube videos and cosby media content in general, it lacks a faster refresh rate. It caps at just 60 hertz and it makes cooling, seems slow im sure this might not bother a lot of people, but if you are someone that has experienced a faster refresh rate on a smartphone, this would definitely bother you other than that. The display is quite amazing, on the top of the display, also houses, a flashlight for night selfies on the performance aspect. The tecmo spark 9 pro comes with a mediatek hilo g85 octa core cpu, its a 12 nanometer processor, which in todays standard is considered old. However, it is still a capable network, gaming, processor and social. I ran some benchmarks and the result shows moderate numbers that are capable of handling most 3d games at low to medium graphics settings as usual. I played call of duty mobile and the gameplay was okay with some adjusted graphics settings.

Raw performance is fine, with four gigs of ram and with memory efficient technology that has added extra three gigabytes of ram, making it seven gigabytes in total, multitasking opening, apps and general performance is super amazing. However, when scrolling through the user interface, it isnt as snappy as i might like it to be and thats due to the lack of a faster refresh rate. Okay, when it comes to software, android 12 is what comes with this pac 9 pro, but with the new custom software, which is ios 8.6, it comes with some new features and user experience, just as we saw on the techno camon 18 premiere a spare from the Top right corner reviews, a quick setting panel, then a swipe to the left reviews the notification center. The settings menu also see some new ui changes. However, bluetooth is still present, but not as intrusive as it used to be in the past. You might want to do a little bit of some housekeeping by uninstalling some of the unwanted apps for a much better experience. Moving on to the camera department, the tecnospace 9 pro captures good, looking daylight images with a satisfactory amount of details, punchy colors, decent dynamic range and accurate exposure, which is something most previous spark devices couldnt boast of this goes to show how well optimized techno has done To the new spark series, however, i still believe theres room for improvement, because there are some level of inconsistencies when it comes to sharpness.

I really love how details unsaturated most of the images appear, which is somewhat closer to real life. Portrait shots looks good as well, but not the best that ive seen from a mid range device now lets move on to the star of the show here. The 32 megapixel camera is a major highlight of this device, and i am very impressed with it. Selfie camera is very impressive and dynamic range looks good too. I like how the selfie camera is able to retain more details and also like the color of production. Selfie portrait are also decent, but not the best that ive seen kindly go through the images and tell me what you think about it in the comment section below what up what up guys. So this is a front facing camera of the techno spark 9 pro im. Currently, shooting in 2k resolution 30 frames per second and, as you can see, yeah the footage looks great, looks okay uh, however, dynamic range im struggling a little bit, but i i like i like the fact that im in focus – and i like the skin tone as Well, but what do you guys think about it and kindly, let me know down in the comment section below okay, let me know what you think about the audio quality as well about video. It shoots video in 2k resolution with no video stabilization and, i must say, im very impressed with the result, especially how handle dynamic range.

As for the battery, the spark 9 pro comes with a 5 000 milliamp battery, which i feel will be more than enough for an average viewer. It can completely last the entire day on a single charge. Then, when its time to juice it up again, the included 18 18 watt fast charger took only one hour: 55 minutes to charge from zero to 100 percent. I think at this price point i have seen devices that can charge faster than this, but most of them come with a lesser battery capacity. Now, to sum things up, the new tecnospace series represent the young, vibrant and talented audience. Who cares more about the premium experience? The stylishness and the excellent performance, without paying appealing for it at 99, 000 or 200. I feel like the spark series entirely offers a lot more than what you will find elsewhere. You get excellent cameras among its competitors, a decent display and a very good battery life.