Number five haha is a company that specializes in gimbal products, unlike dji, for example, which also offers camera drones. Professional cameras for videographers and a variety of accessories, the istiti mobile plus, is a mid tier gimbal, with everything to prove and im here to break down its advantages and features. This lightweight gimbal is one of the best and most affordable gimbals that transform shaky motion. Videos into clean, clear and smooth videos – the haha, my study, mobile plus, has different capture modes that make it perfect for shooting sports videos, documentaries and vlogs. It supports different stabilization modes like pan, follow and all follow, and shooting techniques like motion lapse, track, laps and time lapse. It also has a vertical 360 degree, spontaneous rotation and an object tracking feature which gives you even more shooting flexibility. The freedom to snap, stills or capture clips from a variety of angles is what makes this stabilizer so great for the money. Aside from the different available modes, youll also be able to attach other filming accessories like a tripod stand for better coverage, no matter the kind of videography or sports that youre into or your level of expertise. Haha. My study, mobile plus gimbal, will do the trick for you the best feature of the haha. My study gimbal is the mobile application that gives you multiple video editing options. With all the features of this gimbal stabilizer, you can become a captivating and inspiring storyteller within a short time number 4.

. The dji pocket 2 is a bit too expensive for most people, which is the reason why it didnt make it to the final selection in the first place its hard to compare it to other gimbal stabilizer reviews, as everything its packed with is different from the features To its design to its hefty price tag, however, its an amazing alternative for people that dont mind paying a bit extra money for superb quality and performance. This is a three axis stabilizer that boasts over two hours of battery runtime handheld and pocket sized. Hence the name. The main advantages of pocket to revolve around practicality and convenience, tilting, panning and rolling, wont trouble filmmakers, vloggers camera users and pretty much anyone that uses this gimbal stabilizer. Its learning curve is shallow, so you dont have to think twice about buying it. If youre new to the world of gimbals in terms of dimensions, its the smallest stabilizer on the list and true to its name, it literally can fit inside a pocket. Furthermore, with barely above four ounces of weight, pocket two is easily the lightest smartphone gimbal stabilizer weve covered today. It also comes equipped with a 4k camera allowing you to take 4k videos without further investing in your filmmaking setup. If you have a keen eye for details, this is the stabilizer. You are looking for its dji memo, app works with most ios 11 smartphones or android 7.0 phones. If you are using a newer edition of iphone pro max or android galaxy with an up to date, operating system, the dji memo app will most likely be compatible with it.

The main downside is obviously the hefty price tag. Dji pocket 2 costs nearly twice as much in comparison to the first. Several reviews in this guide that wouldnt be too much of an issue, or it not made mainly for beginners theres, an abundance of positives and only a handful of shortcomings when it comes to dji pocket, 2s performance and value. Overall, it does an amazing job when it comes to getting quality, pictures and clips with minimal effort. I didnt include it in the main picks because of its expensiveness, but it offers tremendous value for the money for filmmakers and vloggers that can afford it. Number three. The dji om4, is one of the newest smartphone handheld gimbals on the market. It enhances your smartphone camera with a wide variety of features that take your videos to the next level, giving it a series of advantages over other smartphone gimbals. One of the things that excite us the most is the hitchcock effect a creative zoom shot. That gives your videos, a hollywood, feel the om4 lets you play around with time like never before, with eight different modes, active track, gesture control, spin, shot mode degrees, pano and 3×3 pano dynamic, zoom clone me pano and time lapse. Needless to say, using these effects and the advanced features of dji om4 will give you the freedom to not only take top quality pictures and videos, but to also play around with various effects and use your creativity to whittle down the editing chores.

The gimbal can charge a phone with the usb port on the right side. Other cool hardware features on this: gimbal are the magnetic mounting system and the ring holder to attach your smartphone. Wherever you are whats more. The om4 has an incredible 15 hours of battery life, which enables it to serve as a charging station for your phone, letting you film for longer than ever before. This means that, with your bluetooth connection, you can stream live from your phone for long, uninterrupted, live streams. It is more than enough for you to capture all special moments. Id also like to recommend checking dji om om4se out om4s successor is fairly light and equipped with upgraded features. Although there are more similarities than differences between the two dji om4se features, enhanced tracking, improved gesture control and offers vivid, smoothness, no wonder its one of amazons best selling video stabilizers for pros, as nearly 10 000 reviewers have awarded it five of five stars. Even though dji is among the most popular tech companies around some of their most iconic flagships, dont have have such an array of positive reviews, which paints a pretty clear picture of the value and performance of this remarkable stabilizer. In my opinion, the om4 does a slightly better job in terms of performance, even though its a bit heavier and more expensive, it can support increased phone weight, it offers an extended range of available shooting modes and subjectively speaking, i feel like its clamps are a bit Stronger it does an excellent job at keeping attached smartphones, steady and its an incredible choice for videographers filming on a budget number two, so large proportion of the video content uploaded to the internet every year is shot on an iphone more and more often professional content.

Creators are choosing to shoot with iphones as an easy, reliable way to record footage. Iphones are small lightweight and you have them on you all the time, which is what makes them perfect for it. Investing in this hit ion tech smooth 4 stabilizer will ensure that all your videos are the most professional they can be and will get rid of any camera shake. It has intuitive on body controls a wheel that can be used for focusing or zooming and an app that enables you to use features such as time lapse and vertigo its pretty heavy as far as smartphone gimbals go, and it definitely caters to iphone rather than android. So bear this in mind when shopping number, one dji om5 is one of amazons choices in the dji stabilizers category, even though dji is among the most popular brands. The fact that this particular model has won over more than 3 000 amazon reviewer speaks volumes about its quality, though the competition is stiff. I think zions smooth 4 might still be a better choice for the money, depending on the features you are on the hunt. For so lets elaborate a bit further lets start with the basics. This is a portable handheld, smartphone gimbal stabilizer, equipped with three ultra strong motors that largely contribute to smoothness portability and reliability in the stabilizers performance in comparison to earlier dji gimbal stabilizer models, the dji om5 is both lighter and packs a brand new foldable design, its also Compatible with filmic pro software, just like most say in 5 successors, another brand new feature of dji om5 is the built, in extension, rod which drastically increases its versatility, its approximately 8.

5 inches tall, and it complements the stabilizers ergonomics perfectly an important feature of the dji pocket. 2 is its locking mechanism, its clamps are coated in quality rubber, preventing slipping. This is not exactly a rare feature in this price point, but sturdy efficient clamps are not as common as some gimbal users may think. One of the most amazing features of this gimbal stabilizer is the shocked, guides feature which adapts to its surroundings and provides users with tips in a variety of templates, its remarkably helpful for beginners in the photo industry, filmmakers content, creators, vloggers and pretty much. Anyone who wants to use a smartphone camera like a pro portability, is easily one of the biggest advantages of using dji om5 as its ergonomics, low weight and exo, and portability are hard to beat in this price range. Another interesting feature is the fourth edition of the active track technology when pitted against earlier editions. The active track 4.0 is packed with advanced recognition, abilities, superior face, tracking and improved selfie tacking capabilities. An array of shooting modes is available with the om5, with the two most prominent ones being panorama and clone me pano in terms of video modes, filmmakers, vloggers and content. Creators will get to use the story, mode, dynamic, zoom time lapse and spin shot modes. Thanks for watching guys, thats all for now, i hope you guys liked this video.