Today we are checking out the new techno camen 19 phone, and you may be wondering what exactly is that i partnered with techno to show you guys this device techno has been producing devices in various global regions, including africa, latin america, the middle east, southeast and southern Asia, so here it is meet the techno canon 19.. This is the eco black color, with 120 hertz 6.7 inch, full hd amoled display and up to 500 nits of brightness. It has a 500 milliamp battery usb c connection, fingerprint sensor on the side, and you can get up to eight gigs of ram youll, also notice. This has an incredibly slim design, which is .98 millimeters and very, very tiny bezels around the edge. So the display takes up almost the entire front of the device, its also very light, and it features these two circular camera lenses. On the back, i really like the unique look of these. This actually has three lenses on it. This top is a 64 megapixel super night camera, and this is the two megapixel bokeh lens, and this is the 50 millimeter portrait focus lens. This also features a flash right here and under here, which is kind of hard to see is where the laser focus and optical image stabilization is housed. This, of course, does also have a front facing camera, and that is 32 megapixels. Now one of the big highlights for this device is the 64 megapixel super night portrait which they are calling the most human.

I like image sensor. It has a camon 19 pro rgbw camera sensor with a customized glass lens that was co developed with samsung. Now, when it comes to mobile devices, i am always so excited to test out the camera, and this has a super fast focus response time of 0.1 seconds. This also helps with image stabilization for nighttime, shooting and capturing motion. I also really love this feature. It has a touch to click, to change the sky. Now im not going to lie. I do often add in better looking skies and clouds in a lot of my photos that i post so this is making it so easy to do right on your mobile device. So in the ai settings theres a little section called sky shop, so when you click that it gives you all of these sky options and its cool, because i can choose from them and i can actually see them changing on the screen. As i move and switch the filters, but first im going to take a photo without the sky shop, so you can see where we started and where weve ended up kind of. Like you know, we started from the bottom now were here: theres our regular photo heading into sky shop; oh man, okay, okay, okay, so the first one is sunny. Okay, now heres rainbow. Oh my god, theres a rainbow that looks so good. Azure sky is our next one. Oh, my gosh thats awesome also love it.

This one is rosie sunset. This ones twilight, so this ones starry. This is wild. It basically made this whole shot. Looked like it was knight this ones galaxy, heres meteor. These are so cool. Heres orbit dude im freaking out. This is actually way cooler than i thought it was gon na, be this ones aurora, and now our last one we have moon wow. This is awesome. Im super impressed. This also has some fun ai features, and this will automatically detect what youre taking photos of this will allow for the camera to kind of auto adjust to make sure youre getting the perfect shot of whatever it is that youre taking a photo of every single time. This also has a camera film mode feature, and it gives you these customized filters for different scenes, like sports parties or capturing motion. This has a really cool camera mode called pro mode, and this will let you adjust all kinds of settings manually. Just like you would do on a manual camera, this gives you all of those same options to try to perfect that perfect shot. Video is, of course, something that i absolutely love testing out, im, also a huge fan of hdr, so this does have video hdr with hdr. It allows you to have more control over those really bright areas in your video and also the dark areas. I film a lot of videos out about on the go traveling filming my dog a lot of times, and this has an extra stabilization mode that you can turn on, and i absolutely love this because it will give you extra stability when youre, filming or moving around.

Just to make your shots extra steady, another really fun feature. Is video portrait now youll notice. The background of this video is blurred, so in this mode it kind of gives you that effect of using various high end lenses. This bokeh will also work for up to three people in the frame and it can be adjusted to your liking, so were now outside and its time to test out taking some photos and some videos and im gon na start by just kind of going through. All of the features so were gon na start with photos, and the cool thing is with the ai cam is its able to determine what youre taking a photo of. Are you taking a picture of the street? Are you taking a picture of some plants? Flowers? First up some photos. I now have this clicked onto the 64 megapixel ai camera and ive got some flowers behind me. So lets take a shot and see how they look so the first shot. I have. Oh, it says flower it knew so this is shot with the 64 megapixel and now im going to also click off of the 64 megapixel to see what that looks like, and it still is showing us that its a plant and a flower – oh theres, some more Flowers over here, oh 64, megapixel is on 64. Megapixel is off so you click the ai button. This has a little color enhancement, so lets do a shot of this flower with the ai color enhancement on and ill show you the comparison between the two.

So there you have it heres the color enhanced version up against the non color enhanced version. Obviously it just looks like the saturation has been turned up slightly both photos. I think look great. This feels like a real portrait setting, if i do say so, myself, uh nathan, would you take some portrait photos here using the portrait setting? Yes, im gon na test out one of the little film templates. They basically give you a few seconds to record. You shoot it edits. It together adds music its magic. I love ai editing, shot are a few seconds of the video in each one and it just made me an auto generated movie. This is so cool check it out. Music, so were back here in the park where you last saw me filming, you may notice its dark its nighttime. There is some light around in this park, so obviously there is going to be some light. Leaks im so excited to test this out. Now that its dark out its really cool, because its already adjusting in the ai settings its already changing to the night mode – and i even brought my little tripod so did i bring my tripod? Oh my god, i did yes here it is phone tripod. So i can do some super steady shots, even though a lot of mobile phones do a pretty good job at stabilization. At night time i dont care how incredible your phone is, or your camera having a tripod to take night photos.

It just makes everything so much better. Obviously, a lot of people dont carry around tripods with them everywhere they go. So it is great to kind of see what it does. Look like handheld mode if youre a photographer and youre looking to get the shot just get yourself a tiny tripod, its life changing Music wow. It almost looks like its daylight out. So, as you guys can see or not see, it is pretty dark out right now. So, im going to try to take a few photos and even test out the night video. It is kind of cool because, as soon as i start taking a photo or video, you can see that the ai automatically picks up that its dark out and to switch to the night mode. Okay lets get ourselves a little night video shot here, and you can see that it does automatically switch to night video here. It is night mode video. I love testing out cameras on mobile devices, so this is always so much fun to go out and do tests like this and, as you can see its night time morning, night video thats, my story and im sticking to it. Oh theres also like some childrens artwork here, thats really nice very nice work palm trees. Looking good im, gon na turn up the iso on here, because you guys cant not see me at all. That is the great part about having a massive camera like this.

With a big sensor, you can obviously turn it up and adjust, and it is kind of difficult, though in mobile devices, because you dont have that massive sensor to deal with. So it is always impressive to see what you can actually get from mobile phones nowadays, this just gave me a prompt and it wanted to switch into super night mode. Lets see what that looks like that looks. Good lets take a photo without super night on and see. What that looks like here is regular, and here is super night. Okay, the one thing you will definitely notice, though, in the super night photo, is the detail in the trees. Everything looks way more crisp. Its also pulling out some of the stars in the sky im gon na walk around, take some more photos and ill show you guys what i managed to capture Music. Well, guys! Thank you so much for watching. I had so much fun getting a chance to check out this device and it was really fun because normally this isnt something that i would get a chance to review a huge thank you to techno for partnering with me again on this video and getting me one Of these devices to check out, if you guys want more information, i will put a link in the description and for now i am im gon na im gon na go to bed because its late and i go to bed really early, so its like.