performance, wise or Music, so hi, guys, im palacio, richmond and gadget psychic and welcome back to my channel so kita, nothing its the usual yellow box from real me and silicon im gon na quick, specs And alexa sabe 108 mp triple camera and 90 hertz on a super amoled display snapdragon 680 and a 5 000 milliamp hours of battery. So right now, quick unboxing on the dial Music Music me: Music, Music is Music, so guys, quick, unboxing here, real me, nine and how long the nothing is, the stargaze white variant of the real me line and kitana and ganon Music effect and its really nice. So quick phone tour, mona tayo, the usual ninja final audio jack and jenna young microphone in type c4, the first kind of loudspeaker, the sights and ghanaian volume, rocker plus and general canyon, sim, 3 and funk, but its optical little under display, which is definitely something that Must premium and setting up is quite easy, Music, Music, something that i like little surreal me is real me, you aint a 3.0 together with the android 12 and smooth experience. I love the way it is, and installing apps here is just a breeze. Ambilis maglodoma its really something that okay now since the baseline snapdragon 680, the 4g chip inside this one and it was able to get a 275 thousand points. Indeed, c6 series is more on the battery performance, more than yonkanyang uh workhorse, because its too much into gaming.

But its more of a balanced chip, kitana indian details of wildlife is a 3d mark, relieving katahasan 451 scores. So one thing to be proud of litos arena midnight is level one on a security level as a white vine. So meaning you can watch all of your favorite shows on netflix the hd beta support, though, and one thing that the gusto for details of nato is that it has a 90 hertz of screen refresh rate so making all of the browsing details, support nato really smooth And rapid Music and every other app detail social media, someone smooth now watching all of your favorite shows details on youtubes, uh netflix is equally smooth. The helmet uh, like i said, ninety hundred square refresh rate, then super amoled kind of display. Six point four angle: uh screen size and, of course, one thousand minutes, and then the max brightness, together with the corning gorilla glass, pipe protection, this setup it makes this phone pretty solid, display and, of course, enjoy all my favorite shows little supporters really something um scholars. The black is blacker, polish is very punchy, and definitely this is something that you might want. If you love the beans watch, some uh tv shows uh youtube, the netflix and other platforms, but death and light is also very smooth, very effortlessly Music. Now, when watching your favorite shows on any smartphone one of the first thing that disrupt is sounds if the loudspeaker is good enough, and this one only has one loudspeaker good enough or you might want to use.

The 3.5 mm object now still present Music Music, but you can always use your favorite. Headphones must immerse your experience when playing games and, of course, watching videos phone now. Speaking of playing games, you dont phone nato. Stamina. 680 is not probably the best one for gaming. It can gain, but probably not to the highest level, so it on settings, settings parallel, Music. That ive tried six point four inch, but the display is definitely the only super amoled display 1900 speed refresh rate – and i can see my max brightness 1000 – is definitely helping. The hill uh when youre playing games, outdoors, sometimes Applause, but one thousand minutes, is definitely aop: gameplay Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, camera setup, 108, mp. Now my aperture 1.88 mp now ultra wide lens and, of course, canon 2 amp in the macro lens in sahara. Melodies are 16 mp in the front, selfie shooter, so villa pascal nato, and taking out for a spin and was able to take in some really nice shot outdoors, bright and punchy, and some of the shots are really really nice. And but of course, in massive. What i like about this one is hindi, saturated theres, some phone snap. I dont know about outdoors thats a green and blue shadow saturated, but this one, okay shadow, are you saying, sombra or colors, and what i like about this one is im. Gon na i dont know im gon na focus, quick, quick and fast and taking indoors.

I can see all hitman canyon shots, some of them are nice, and some of them are a little bit saturated and some of them are really rainy, but dealing. You wont expect phones at this price point sobrang wow, like a flagship, but for me, okay, national, for its uh, mid ranger and definitely tokoneto would be nice to have when youre trying to take in some family portraits some gatherings, occasionally opening nothing with the wide lens. He was able to capture big wide angle, moving over them as a selfie camera indoors outdoors, it was able to perform aok and there are yeah, probably some lighting problems now, but overall pictures, uh report, color production is okay and, of course, Music image. Stabilization is a little bit more of the downside on this phone now, moving on to the rear camera, when its taking video of inaudible quite stable, and i can say that if you want to start up with your vlog or if you want to take some tick. Tock videos, when, in puerto rico it can really perform to my expectation. Now this phone has a industry standard. Five thousand milliampere hours of battery, but surprisingly yeah 178 drops and ganya is already good enough and the battery can be charged using a 33 whats, a fast charger, so cinnabini 50 in 31 minutes and kaya mata was 100 in 75 minutes, and so i did then I got into manchester knowing my time and training church on phone and so tonight nothing on charge from 19 all the way up to a hundred percent so inhabitant.

I know just 50 minutes to complete the task and using it. Of course, 33 was the charger and belize. I was surprised in just less than an hour, its even better than whats advertised. Nearly me and whats, even better here is uncanny screen on time. Dynamo now 16 are in 19 minutes. Pc mark battery stress test. Im really surprised with that uh size alignment, but of course alumni snapdragon 680 is a very, very efficient chip, so usage. It can last me more than a day on average usage and well, at the end of the day, on one full good charge at the start of the day, roughly yeah 35 percent battery, or sometimes 40 at the end of the day, which is okay so guys. This is being shot prior, plus uh official launch than really so yum official pricing would be posted on the description box below, but but globally this code is being announced at three hundred dollars, so malala manhattans, the official pricing you will need on the description box below Check them out now guys what are the top three things in the gusto cadito saphoneto. That will encourage you to buy the really nice first, of course, is the 108 mp in the camera. Okay, the cameras is nice and i love every single uh photos that was taken here. The outdoor indoor, okay, i mean uh spicy segmentation, okay, i love the way it is and its definitely a performer now.

The second thing in the song is definitely the screen. 90 hertz of screen refresh rate super ambition and display definitely uh watching videos playing games. Leader is a okay but, of course, im saying made for gaming. The third thing that i like vito is so brancona battery. It can last me more than a day with a problema on average usage, meaning kaila holloman charged. You know in a day and a half well its up to you, but of course, its always nice to have your phone fully charged at the start of the day. Now guys, another thing in the details of real men line comment on the comment section below and if you like it on video, i still have a lot of more videos like this. One check me out dont forget to like subscribe before, clicking that bell icon. Finally, never miss my future videos and uploads and youre watching gotcha.