These stands for dependable, because diesel is just hitting it out of the park with all their smart watches. Sorry for the bad throat kindly bear with me now this one comes with a 1.8 inch display. 110 sport, smooth 150 watch faces 5 atm water, resistancy rating, all the regular health monitoring sensors. You look for like spo2 heart rate and then theres 14 days of battery life and still the diesel hd is priced at just one thousand nine. Ninety nine! Well, that almost seems unbelievable, but still we arent sold yet so lets quickly, unbox it and see if the diesel hd is worth your money or not, lets begin Music. So here is the diesel watch. T retail packaging on the side are some of the key features and specifications that i just mentioned towards. The back are some manufacturing details and the mrb 49999 all right lets open it up so inside we have the watch itself. Well, have a look at it in just a moment: some paperwork that includes a quick start guide and the pogo pin usb charging cable it attaches and aligns magnetically as you bring it closer to the terminals. So lets have a closer look at the watch now. The first thing you can see this comes with a square dial and the frame is made of metal. Has this nice glossy black finish? Yes, it does attract some fingerprints and smudges, but still looks very premium. On the other side, you can spot theres a single button with the diesel branding in between the straps are made of soft silicon and have this nice wave texture to it.

The loop has the diesel branding as well. The buckle is made of metal and is color coordinated with the frame very very nice. The quality of the strap is truly commendable, really really nice moving towards the back. The back is made of plastic and it houses the heart rate sensor, the sp2 sensor in the center and the charging terminals below now. These are 22 bands that can be replaced with third party bands. Just pull the hook to release very, very convenient all right lets quickly pair the watch download the diesel app from the play, store or app store. If you have an iphone, the app is available on both platforms. Click open now, youll see some of the few options of the watches. Take the watch press the power button on the side youll see the diesel branding now take your phone and scan the qr code. Click confirm on your watch and youre done in a couple of seconds. So, as mentioned earlier, it comes with 5 atm water resistancy rating, so you can safely wear it for a swim or even while taking a shower just make sure you dont press this button on the side during that time. So lets have a closer look at the display. Now you press the button on the side to wake the display. You press that button again to put it back to sleep now you can see this is a 1.8 inch lcd display with a resolution of 240 by 286 pixels.

Now, even though this is not a very high resolution display, the color reproduction is pretty good. The blacks are pretty decent and the text is really really crisp. As you can see, everything is very much readable, even the smallest text, very very nice. The watch also supports up to nits of peak brightness, which means you can easily use this watch outdoors now. Lets have a quick look at the interface swipe from up to access. Your notifications and missed calls swipe towards the left to access quick toggles. You have do not disturb you can adjust the brightness from here power. Saving mode toggle raise there is to wake the display. You can also use the display as a torch at night. Then theres settings in settings you have watch faces. There are a couple that come pre installed check this out. Diesel be different. Lets change a couple of more you can press and hold in the center to change there. You go, and this will give you a rough idea of the bezels on the watch as well. Very, very beautiful, then moving further. You have screen on time that can be set from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Then you have menu style, you can choose grid style or list style and theres vibration, intensity, language, battery qr code for the companion, app theres, fit notifications. Basically, sedimentary reminder notifications, goal achieved and drink water reminders, then theres power off reset reboot and about going back to the home page.

If you swipe from down you can access your activity, data, heart rate, spo2, sleep, tracking, workouts, workout records, alarm, clock and the best part is. You can actually set the alarm from the watch itself. Now this is a huge plus, then theres weather, stopwatch timer music camera shutter button to control the camera on your phone breathing training find my phone female health tracking and settings. Now you come back to the home page swipe right to access your daily activity, sleep tracking heart rate, weather and music thats playing on your phone, really really nice. So, overall, i said that the interface is really smooth and responsive, very easy to use as well and there you go finally wearing the watch, and you can see that that wavery, strap design looks really really nice. Also soft silicon straps feel really nice on your skin. The watch is also really comfortable. Lets check out the race. There is to wake the display wow. That was really really fast and responsive lets check out again one two three, so i can comfortably say that the race there is to wake. The display is very, very responsive, lets talk about health monitoring, so we get a heart rate sensor which we tested by just placing the watch first on the table to see if its dependable and it said, wear the watch properly and try again so then we wore It and we got our readings which seems quite accurate. Then we also tested the espio sensor, make sure you stay still and we got 98.

Now i always say this: smart watches are not medical equipment. So all these readings, even though accurate are for reference and not for medical purposes, then the watch also comes with a sleep dryer which, as the name says, is to track your sleep. The good thing is that the watch is really light and very comfortable to wear overnight. So the diesel watch d comes with over 100 workout modes. Just access the menu come into workouts youll find outdoor run, outdoor walking indoor run cycling mountaineering swimming. Yes, glad to see that swimming is included, cricket, basketball, yoga, elliptical, training, free training, football row, machining and keto. Now, surely you can see these arent hundred? There may be around 15 here. So where are the rest? Well, all you need to do go to the diesel companion app come here come to more sports now these are the sports that you couldnt find on the watch now, if you need something as street dancing or karate click on karate and click on synchronize, and now That its synchronized well take the watch. Workouts will go all the way down and there you go weve seen karate. So, basically, all workouts are not available on the watch. You can actually synchronize them using the app. Then you receive call alerts with vibration and its almost instantaneous. You can see the callers name with an option to silent the ringer or reject the call. It would be good if we had an option to reply with a preset sms.

Similarly, you receive app notifications where you can see the app icon and read only the part of the message on the display all right talking about the battery. So it comes with a huge 350 mah battery, which diesel claims should last for about 14 days with typical use, but remember battery life will vary depending on your use. There are notifications, brightness levels, health monitoring and also since this watch comes with a huge 1.8 inch display battery would usually drain a lot faster, but luckily the capacity of the battery is larger on this watch compared to other watches in this segment. So i can confidently say that you should get about seven to nine days easily. Also it takes roughly two hours to fully charge. So in two hours you technically have one weeks of battery life on your watch. I think thats terrific lets check out the diesel watch. App now right here on the home page, you can see the weather seen the steps you have taken, the calories have burnt. If you click in here, you can see all the more details. You can see day wise week, wise month, wise and year wise below. Here. You can see the step goals achieved today and you can even set your goals accordingly. Then here you can see dial center, which is for watch faces, but well come to that in just a moment, then further down is sleep, duration, heart rate spo2. Then, in the exercise tab you can actually use your phones, gps for your outer workouts like how to run walking and outdoor cycling.

Very, very handy. Then. If you come into me here, you can see your diesel watch d is connected the battery percentage. If you click here, you can see an upgrade option. You can change the units. Time format can be changed from 12 hours to 24 hours and theres user guide, factory reset and more sports moving behind. You have switch center. This is where you can actually switch. The watch faces now theres custom dial, where you can use an image from your phones gallery as a watch face then further. There are lots of other options available. There are simple watch faces: theyre mechanical theres, digits, simple theres, digital data, then theres pointer, simple, the pointers, theyre classic theyre, funny ones, huge collection over 150 watch faces available right here. You want to switch one click on it and click sync dial and there you go. The new watch face is set, then the notifications you can choose from which apps you want notifications and from which apps you dont then further reminder settings sedentary reminders, drink water reminder, then heart rate setting. You can set all day monitoring turn it on and off, find device background, permissions, faqs feedback and suggestions and in more settings some more other basic details. Now, overall, the app is really easy to use and complete. You can find everything you need, including built in gps, but the only thing this app lacks is probably that you cannot share data with google fit or strava.

Apart from that, i could literally find everything here all right, so the diesel watch d seems to stack everything. We need and more especially for the price. Yes, i would have loved to see bluetooth, calling stress, monitoring and maybe a little higher resolution of the display, but for 19.99 we cant even debate if youre looking for a smart watch with a huge display, 150 free watch faces tons of sports modes. All the basic health monitoring features call alerts notifications and are still on a tight budget. This is the watch probably easiest to recommend. In fact, it also makes for a great gift go for it. The diesel watch d goes on sale tomorrow, 14th of june on flipkart. At 12 pm and its available in four amazing colors ill leave the links for all in the description. You should definitely check it out, so i hope this video was helpful.