So first lets have a quick, unboxing Music. So so this is the hohem. I steady v2 ai smartphone gimbal, one of the smallest and lightest 3 axis gimbal out there. The weight of this gimbal is 263 grams and can handle 280 grams smartphones. It has 2 800 milliampere battery that can operate around 9 hours and you can also use it. While charging for me, one of the best feature of this gimbal, is that you can also use it as a power bank for your smartphone. Now lets talk about the sensor on the top of this clamp. This is an ai vision sensor that we will discuss later, and this is a led video light. Okay, this is how you mount your smartphone first unfold, the gimbal lock the knob turn the whole hem logo upward and slide your smartphone and make sure it is clamped at the middle and then power on the gimbal, just long press the function button, but first you Need to download the hohem pro app, which is available on ios and androids device, and once you are connected, you are ready to roll Music, Music, so Applause. This is the power or function button, just long press it to on off the gimbal for single press. Your gimbal will switch from landscape to portrait, double press, it will recenter the gimbal triple press it and you will activate the inception mode. You can control the gimbal up down or left right just using the joystick, and this is the zoom slider and it only works when you are connected on the whole hem pro app.

This one is the shutter button single press, it it can take, photo or start or stop the video recording double press it. It will switch to photo or video mode triple press it. It will switch your camera from rear to front, but this will only work on the app okay lets talk about the unique feature of this ho hem istead v2 – and this is the ai vision sensor. You can turn on the ai vision sensor by pressing this power. Switch on the top of the clamp now the gimbal will activate the ai visual tracking, which is so helpful for a solo shooter like me. By using a gesture, you can control the gimbal without any up just use, ok, gesture, then the red indicator light will turn green and the ai sensor will automatically track your face again without using any app, which is super cool and just make this gesture to stop The tracking and this gesture will switch your gimbal from landscape to portrait mode. Then two thumbs up will go back to landscape mode, and this hohem steady v2 has a led video light. Just single tap the power switch to turn on the led video light and it has a tree level of brightness, which is helpful when you are shooting in a dark places. So this is off low, medium and the highest, and if you want to turn off the ai vision sensor, just long press this button. I think this ai feature is one of the best and unique feature of this ho hem ice, steady, v2 gimbal, the whole hemi, steady veto, gimbal has four working mode or, should i say, gimbal mode, pan and tilt follow in this mode.

The camera will follow the handle movements left right or up and down. Next is the pan fallow. When you rotate the handle left right, the camera will follow the handle movements, the third mode, the unlock all motors, are locked without following the movements and last the pov mode, my most used mode. Basically, it gives you the 360 movements and if you want to switch on different gimbal mode without the whole hem pro up just hold and press the shutter tap the power button single tap for pan until follow double tap for pan and follow triple tap. For all luck and tap it four times for the pov mode, and i have to mention this – there is a moment tab on the hohen pro app that has pre installed gimbal movements, which i think will really help a lot. There are lots of modes there that the gimbal will automatically do for you. If you just press the start button Music, Music and there you have it the whole hem. I steady v2, ai smartphone, gimbal, small gimbal, but full of features. So i think my favorite feature of this small gimbal is the ai visual tracking, because this feature is so unique and super fun to play with okay guys, if you are looking for a smartphone gimbal just check this ho hem, i steady v2. This is full of features for a cheaper price and, of course, i would like to thank hohen for sending me this amazing smartphone gimbal and just check the link down below for more info.

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