If this phone is right for you design wise, the neo6 stands out from the crowd with its gradient backplate, which changes colors in different lighting. It also has a matte coating that does not attract many fingerprints and smudges. I have to say that the neo6 is a very nice looking phone. I also like a camera module design that houses a megapixels main 8 megapixels ultra wide and 2 megapixels macro lens. On the front. We have a 16 megapixel shooter. I found the phone to be comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to the rounded edges of the backplate. The phone is relatively thin and it weighs 190 grams, but it houses a pretty huge 4700 milliamp hours battery, which can be recharged in just about 32 minutes. Thanks to the supplied, 80 watts super fast charger in the retail box. You also get a cable, a soft tpu case, sim ejector pin a headphone, jack adapter and some paperwork. The battery life has been solid. On average, you should get about 6 or 7 hours of screen on time, and if you use the phone just for the basic stuff expect to get about 8 hours of sot, the 6.62 inch display is one of the best in class. It uses an e4 amoled panel, it has a 120hz refresh rate, big brightness of 1300 nits and its a vibrant punchy and a very nice screen overall, that can be easily seen in direct sunlight. Other key features under the display fingerprint reader is very fast and accurate.

There is also a dual sim card slot, but unfortunately there is no micro, sd card storage expansion option there is no headphone jack either. Lastly, a dual speaker system produces a very good. Sound here is a quick audio test. The phone has a dedicated game space interface and there is a 4d vibration effect that so far works in titles like asphalt, 9 pubg and call of duty, a snapdragon 870 chipset may be a little bit old, but it hasnt shown its age. Yet, in fact, it is still capable of handling pretty much all of the games you play at the highest graphic settings and the phone does not have any overheating issues. The device stays almost cold to the touch, and even after about 40 minutes of 3d gaming, the temperature may reach up to 44 degrees. This is a much better thermal performance than the snapdragon 8 gen 1 or the snapdragon 888 processor. My unit has 256 gigabytes of storage and 12 gigabytes of hardware ram, plus 4 gigabytes of virtual ram. You can also opt in for a cheaper 128 gigabytes model. Rest assure that either model you choose. The neo6 will handle all of the games without any issues. Excellent performance, especially at this price point, the device runs on the fun touch os that is built on top of android 12, and we have a slightly customized ui with plenty of features just to name a few. There are quite a few display settings.

There is a built in theme store with plenty of themes available for download. You can customize the ui color and choose from quite a few always on display styles. There are also a bunch of dynamic effects and animations to play with and a lot of other features. Like gesture and motion controls, i didnt use all of them, but its really nice to see so many options to customize your phone. Most importantly, the neo6 feels very fast and smooth pretty much all the time, and i didnt see any ui bugs very good user experience and overall performance when it comes to image quality. The wide angle camera produces soft images that could definitely have more detail. The main camera, on the other hand, takes really nice photos with quite a lot of detail, pretty good dynamic range and natural looking colors a 64 megapixel smart takes photos that have more detail for cropping, but i found the auto mode to have better image processing a Good overall daylight image quality a two times: digital zoom mode is useful when the object is far away and the quality is decent portrait shots usually look nice and edge. Detection is very good, especially considering the fact that there is no dedicated depth sensor. Macro image. Quality is just mediocre, just like on most phones that have 2 megapixel sensors selfie portraits usually come out nice, but there are some artifacts around the edges in some of the shots. Night mode is available on all camera lenses, but i suggest you stick to the main sensor that produces pretty good quality photos.

Considering the price of the phone low, light, selfies and selfie portraits are a bit soft, but with some street lighting you can take decent quality images when it comes to video 4k. 60. Fps footage quality is quite good, but it is quite shaky. The 4k 30fps video has a bit of noise, but overall it is nice, stable and smooth 1080p 30 and 60fps footage is also nice and smooth. What is frustrating is that 1080p 30fps selfie video lacks image stabilization, which results in shaky footage. Overall, the ico, neo 6 is an awesome phone for the price, but here is a quick summary of pros and cons. The cons include the lack of the micro sd card slot. There is no headphone jack. The wide angle. Camera could be better and selfie. Video lacks image stabilization and now the pros the phone looks nice. The build quality is good. The display is one of the best in class. The snapdragon 870 chipset assures excellent gaming and user interface performance. The main camera is pretty good. The battery life is solid and 80 watts charging recharges the phone very fast, if you add good loud speakers, and a very fast fingerprint scanner youre looking at one of the best phones for the price. What do you think about the iconio 6? Would you buy this phone or would you choose another option, as always like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you havent already and as always it was lions.