Today were going to be doing a quick video on an adjustable folding stand for your smartphone or tablet. This is a folding stand by lamecall, and this is the dp13. This could be found on amazon for a really cheap price of 9.99 and uh. When i purchased this uh, it was on sale. So 9.99 is the stapled out uh price tag of this so uh. As we all know, i do have several stands: uh that are your basic metal stand right here, but these dont have any sort of adjustable uh features to them and they are kind of loud too, when youre using them. But i do use those quite a bit as well. This one is going to be more of an adjustable uh stand, so lets go ahead and take a look at it. Posts will be. Links will be posted down below. If you guys want to check this out. It is available in a white version for twelve dollars, and this is the black version, so lets go ahead and check it out. You do get your uh manual if you need a manual for your stand very in depth and gives you some dimensions and stuff like that. Dont need that. So already it feels pretty stiff and pretty substantial as far as weight goes. Does not look like its going to wobble around or anything so it does lift up. You get your little uh phone set right there. So lets go ahead and put the galaxy s22 ultra on there.

So it is pretty sturdy, so its not going to be falling around or anything as compared to this phone. You can hear it this stand very loud and not very sturdy on that one, but this one actually pretty good and it actually holds the phone up quite nicely so uh here it is on amazon lamecall and it does come in a white version for 12.99 and Im thinking about using this for some videos as well so very, very cool and heres a closer look at the stand itself now it does adjust going out as well to where itll lift up the device even more and lift it up more at table. So uh that part uh might be a little bit more wobbler or a little bit more uh wobbly once its fully extended. But if you want to lower it down, you can do that as well, and you can use this to sort of lay it flat as well too. So this is pretty cool. If you want to do some top shots on your video, you can do that as well, so very very nice, and then, if you want to lower it, you could have it like so and it does adjust to so many different angles on here. So very very nice sturdy stand and i think i like it its got a nice rubber back to it and the base has some weight to it as well, with some rubber feet on there that way, its not sliding around the table and heres a closer look At that extension arm right there, so very, very nice, stand very inexpensive.

You get cushioning on the base and then rubber on the back, so it wont scratch any of your devices. You can also use your phone in landscape mode as well. If you want to do that, so very, very nice, very sturdy, its not going anywhere its not going to fall over or anything, and it should hold up your uh basic smartphone and probably even a tablet as well. The s22 is a pretty big smartphone and holds it up pretty good as far as uh. That weight goes its not going to tip over or anything when youre using this. So, very very nice check it out on amazon, ill post, a link in description down below uh lamical folding uh smartphone stand adjustable height, very very nice for smartphones and uh, probably a little tablet as well. So thank you guys for watching.