This is getting pretty wild ive been talking about fast charging now, for i dont know a couple of years here, and it just keeps increasing its increasing at a rapid pace. We have made so much progression in fast charging. This obviously takes things to another level, specifically in this price point, probably under 400 bucks i mean it depends on the spec youre getting you can actually get this phone with an 80 watt charger as well. But of course, youre gon na want the flagship specification 150 watt. This thing is going to get your phone to 50 in five minutes. Fifty percent of its total battery in five minutes youve got a dual battery setup, its two times: 2250 milliamp hours. You have a 4 500 milliamp hour capacity, total and youre gon na be able to get halfway there in five minutes: demensity 8100 5g processor, an independent graphics chip, a racing stripe on it, because its from the gt portion of the lineup, obviously 5g is indicated on The box as well sony, imx, 766 optical image, stabilization and the color i have is nitro blue theres, also like a silverish white color and then a black model as well and theres. A variety of configurations for the ram storage setup, this ones, 12 gb ram. 256 storage now, obviously were gon na have to test out this 150 watt fast charging well run. I guess, like a time lapse of the thing charging in its entirety well check in at the 50 mark to see how close it is to that five minute.

Total time and then well check in at the 100 mark in order to see just how quickly this thing can catch a full refill. Welcome to the real me family here is the device, and you can tell right away its going to have an in display fingerprint scanner. Here you can see the blue color, which is kind of like a purplish to it as well hammer unit up here how about that racing stripe, because its a gt model front facing camera is symmetrical. Some nice curves around the edge wow that pops. That is a popping type of bluish purple tone going on with a matte finish and then a mirrored reflective surface around the camera module. You can see real me down here, dare to leap. This feels a very lightweight. This is a trend theyre getting lighter and lighter. So theyre going to droop the pocket of your shorts, a little bit less 6.7 inch 120 hertz display is what this one is packing: thats 2412 by 1080 fhd plus screen to body ratio, 94.2 percent. The coolest thing about this color is how its both purple and blue, depending on the way you look at it, blue and then purple when you go ever so slightly off angle: dual sim 5g plus 5g sony imx, 766 optical image, stabilization 50, megapixel, and then you Have two other cameras, one of which is going to be a super wide and one of which is going to be a macro camera flash sits between them.

You have your volume rocker actually on the left side of the device, and then your power switch on the right side so, rather than having them on the same side, its an interesting choice, its a way to distinguish easily between them on the bottom. You have your sim tray, as well as your usbc port, for that 150 watt, charging usb c2c clear case with like a little a little bit of a tint on it. How about this monster? The cool thing about these chargers is that they can kind of just become your main charger for all types of gadgets when you have 150 watts packed into something that fits in your pocket like this youre, getting a two for one here, youre getting a new smartphone. Obviously, and a really fast way to recharge it, but youre also getting a usb type c charger that youre going to be able to use with a variety of devices its going to have enough power to charge all of them. Thats your screen to body plus a camera cutout for the front facing the display, as mentioned 120 hertz, capable it seems like its in it right now. It has a bright hdr mode screen refresh, is in auto select, which is a dynamic mode, capable of gauging your input and making the necessary adjustments. You also have high to lock it at 120 and, as usual, you can toggle it back to 60.. What i want to do right away is catch a look at this charge, animation ultra dart universe, galaxy milky way.

Did you see that oh man, okay, hang on hold up? Theyve uh realized at this point that we get very excited about charge. Animations and theyve gone ahead and taken it to another level. So it starts to orbit and then it goes. Oh, we got ultra dark right here, but were already at 100, and even this, like the icons purple up top, they realize how excited uh people are getting about this. I got ta. Do it one more time? What happens if the screen is unlocked not as flashy just purple way cooler when the screen is off and you get this action right here bam. This might be the new champion status for recharge animation. Im glad we checked it early in this video. We are in uh front facing camera mode. It is assuming that i want uh hdr im, not sure what its doing beauty wise lets check. Oh natural, three, two one, its a samsung s5k 3p9 with an 82.3 degree field of view in an f 2.45 aperture. My hat and shirt kind of matches – i just realized yeah im on a safari and maybe even my beard – sort of fits into the same realm whats happening here. Im full camo, you cant even see me uh. All right lets flip this back around. Let me just bring something closer and focus here. We have our 1x set up. Bang we have our 2x. Obviously, by 5x, were getting uh still very usable Music.

10. You can start to see some of some of that noise, but yeah its some decent reach on it and then obviously we have the ultra wide Music. Now this specification that i have in front of me, uh, probably under 400 bucks, look at the look at the versatility performance were getting at that price point i mean i already told you about the ultra dart theres, your important sensor, the 50 megapixel main camera and Thats, obviously, the best looking of the bunch, if were not shooting the full resolution in this photo. You can, i presume, theres, going to be a 50 megapixel mode and there is obviously in the more settings. There is a pro mode. If you want tremendous control over the behavior of the camera, we have a tilt shift mode, a text, scanner, a dual view, video front facing and rear recording. At the same time for the reaction, we have an ultra macro mouse fibers near the laser on the master. Three thats in mx master iii, very well and very nice youre gon na have your portrait modes, uh, video mode 4k resolution main camera heres a test of the 4k video. This is a bit reflective lets pick up. This can how about a little bit of blackberry for you, uh, lovely stuff. You can also hear the audio coming through the smartphone as well thats, what were recording, obviously, and how about some autofocus. We pull this down youre.

Looking that way. Looking this way and then were going to bring this can up and boom nails it. The tesla model y police car in a 30 minute high speed, mustang pursuit and then they called it offers ford, is going to youre, saying theyre pissed no im saying they are yeah. They are pissed like whats their value. He goes no im, not saying that. Actually, yes, i am but yeah no, i mean youre phasing out their showrooms. They become showrooms, okay to actually look at it, isnt it. Oh yeah, absolutely its got good stereo its got good stereo performance like im, actually hearing the separation theres another unit up here and its a nice uh balance to it. I dont know. Maybe its willy dos mix as well on lou later, could have something to do with it always lots to talk about over there, but you already know that right, yeah its like, i mean its a pretty nice little setup when you consider the price point, theres a Variety of different setups: you can get on it at different price points in different regions. However, that flagship feature for me is right here in this power, brick 150 watt, ultra dart charging lets go ahead and uh run. The test here well deplete the phone all the way down to zero or one percent well slam this baby in there and well time it well see well well check how close it is to the manufacturers suggestion of 50 charge in five minutes so well check up At five minutes and then well check up again uh when its fully charged and see what 150 watt is capable of, one percent is where its going to start from you can see.

Rapid charging was also enabled in the settings to ensure that we would get maximum charge speed now. Obviously, when you go and check the screen, thats going to use a little bit of power when you tap the screen, so keep that in mind in this particular test. If you were trying to set some sort of world record, then you wouldnt even tap the screen to check, but look at that in five minutes, its just under 50, as stated ultra dart charging a 150 watt capability, but were gon na. Let it keep going here lets see what mo discovers 61 at seven and a half minutes just under seven and a half minutes nine. Ten, ten eleven at eleven minutes. We are at eighty four percent charged now. As you know, the fastest charging happens in the first. Fifty percent uh around five minutes the last bit a little bit more difficult, 94 at 13 minutes, and so that means around 14 minutes were gon na, be look 97 15 minutes total in this particular test. Oh not even 14 and a half 14 40. very impressive, particularly in this price range. Everyone gets to experience extremely rapid charging.