This knife is a little bit too sharp. I have the feeling that im better off using my little pocket knife here, yeah, i think thats gon na go a lot better, see the other ones so sharp it goes straight through the paper now. This is the back of the envelope for obvious reasons. There we have it comes with a usb cable didnt, expect that if youre wondering why im just be like whoa, what because this phone is its a four inch display – and i remember it being so much bigger now – i thought this was a case, but apparently this Is nothing else, but a battery? Oh no! This is actually some kind of case, but for some reason its super bulky. So i think theres supposed to be a bigger battery going in here. This is a htc sensation battery which is taped inside uh yeah. If it works, it works, i guess now it obviously wasnt cheap just kidding it was a really cheap. Buy lets see if we can get this battery back in, because uh, of course, overall the phone seems to be in good shape, but i definitely want to go ahead and see if i can find myself a real back cover for it. Not only that it should also get the original battery. Perhaps now there should be charge in here. So if we go ahead and hold the power button, it should actually turn on there. We go it wasnt in there correctly.

Now the good thing is the phone works. The guy told me already: there is a unofficial battery in there and i did not expect a htc battery but im like yeah. I just want to have my third smartphone back, so lets just go ahead and buy this now, as you can see it works. We have this screen of the turn on display. I remember that when you press these soft keys, they turn blue after you press them and all that it has a gravity sensor, so you could scroll the stuff holding that with tilting the phone and all that so it had some really neat features. How much do you think i paid for this device? What if i told you less than 20 euros? That is correct? This phone, i paid 17 bucks for it thats, including the shipping, and, as you can see, the display is in pristine condition. It is its in great shape. Just this big battery cover. I need to get an original one, but yeah we have a working phone, not entirely sure which version its running on um see heres what wedding buttons turn blue when you press them its pretty cool lets. Take a quick peek here in the settings it is on 2.3.4 lets, take a look its on gingerbread thats a long time ago. I thought this phone was more modern than that. No problem, pretty good phones, pretty cool im, very happy to have this in my hands.

Right now, im super happy to have this. This phone im not entirely sure if we can oh yeah thats the gravity sensor yeah, you can scroll through the tabs. If you go into the set the menu here and hold it down its currently jammed, i feel i think its jammed im not entirely sure you press it yeah its stuck. You can technically scroll through these menus, but i think thats kind of inconvenient. Now i need to get that button on jammed. I think its unjammed now its caused by the battery cover. I think, because this battery cover is not official, but we have the phone here and it should work perfectly fine, thats. What the seller told me and we have the cover for the charging ports right here, Music. I wasnt expecting that to be there anyways. So now the button is no longer jammed thats. Because of this back cover, i should probably try and get myself something else now. Obviously, this phone was cheap and its pretty good, as you can see it works perfectly. Fine has all the features going. The touchscreen its fast camera should probably be working as well. Theres, no micro sd, the camera works. It also has a front facing camera which im pretty sure we can switch to. Yes, yes, it is perfectly working as far as i know, probably even read, sims and all that dont have a test sim on me right now, but yeah this is pretty cool.

Brings back a lot of memories? No, that was the video for this phone. Do you think that was a good deal for 17 bucks, or do you think i wasted my money on? You add another phone. Let me know in the comment section below, if you enjoyed this video dont, forget to leave a like leave a comment and if youre new to my channel dont miss out on any new content in the future, dont forget to subscribe.