This smartphone is the first device under the brands, all new neo series, which will cater to consumers. Looking for a power packed handset around the 30 000 rupees, the iq neo6 spec sheet is as loaded as it gets, and the device is not only backed by qualcomms top tier snapdragon, 870 processor, but the phone also features an ois back 64 megapixel sensor and stupendously Fast wired charging technology – this begs the question: is the iq neo06 worth it well lets find out now lets take a look to its design, the neo6 isnt. Far from the z series in terms of design, you can call that out with ease. It follows the tried and tested design language using gradient, finish a squarish camera assembly and a sleek side profile. By holding it in hand, you can instantly identify two things: firstly, its a polycarbonate belt and, secondly, how light it is with the use of polycarbonate. Iq may have compromised slightly on premium in hand feel, but it has ensured better durability as compared to glass, which also helps in cutting down the overall cost. There are bezels around the screen, which is slightly more than what we get to see in the phones. In 2022 theres also a selfie camera punched into the screen. It also includes an optical and display fingerprint scanner, which is fast and reliable, the right side edge of the phone houses, a volume, rocker and power key, which feels plasticky. The location of the ir blaster is at the top coming to build quality.

The finish of the rear panel gives an almost texture like feel. I also checked for bending or creaking with some stress testing, but it managed to retain its shape very well. Overall, the neo6 is a decent looking and sturdy phone coming to display. The iq needs. Six boasts of a 6.62 inch e for a moly panel that delivers full hd plus resolution and 120 hertz refresh rate. These numbers are similar to what we have seen in the iq 9c and iq7. The amoled panel manages to impress us with its colorful visuals, deep blacks and excellent viewing angles. Thats, not all it can achieve a peak brightness of 1 300 nits, making it one of the brightest screens in its class. The panel also carries widevine l1 certification, which is essential for streaming. Hd and hdr content for maps like prime video, netflix, disney, plus hot star and others. This means you can stream your favorite movie or series in the best quality right on your phone. If you are into gaming, you will enjoy a touch sampling rate of 360 hertz. Moreover, if you are into games like bgmi and call of duty, then you get an instant sampling rate of 1 200 hertz, while gaming audio also plays an important part. The iq neo 6 offers a stereo setup by using both the bottom firing speaker and earpiece. Together, the iq neo6 offers a good package for content consumption now taking a view on its performance.

Iq played a master stroke by offering a reliable snapdragon 870 chipset in the iq neo6. The qualcomm chip used here delivers reliable, almost flight ship grade performance with better thermals than the snapdragon 888 or snapdragon 8 gen1. It is performing better than mediateks flagship immensity 1200 in our test, be it gaming or day to day tasks. The iq neon 6 handles everything without any trouble. We tried several games, including popular titles like bgmi, call of duty, jensen, impact and a few others, and it managed to run them at a high refresh rate, preset, with graphic setting set to high. Even after a half an hour long gaming session, the iq neo06 only gets slightly warm around the rear camera. Besides, you will certainly enjoy improved haptic thanks to x axis based for d gaming vibration for a better gaming experience. I would recommend you take advantage of ultra game mode which can be accessed from the quick settings. This feature optimizes the software for gaming. Talking of software, the iq neo6 ships with android 12 based fun touch os 12.. The skin is loaded with features as well as bloatware apps, like bayous cred comes pre installed and more bloatware apps start appearing on your home screen as soon as you connect it with the internet. Thankfully, most of these apps can be uninstalled without any pain. The iq neo6 ships with triple camera setup, comprising of a 64 megapixel samsung gw 1p sensor for wide angle, shots an 8 megapixel sensor for ultra wide shots and a 2 megapixel sensor for macro shots.

There is a 16 megapixel camera on the front for selfies. As for their performance, you will be most impressed with the samsung sensor performance. I am pleased with the dynamic range it manages to capture a good amount of details with slightly saturated colors in daylight. In my opinion, green and red colors appear slightly more saturated than natural. In not so favorable conditions, the iq, neo, 664 megapixel main camera still manages to capture decent images. Low light images appear slightly underexposed and slightly softer around the edges due to noise reduction. Algorithms subject also appear slightly softer than usual. The 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, sensor and 2 megapixel macro sensor leave a lot to be desired. The lack of details and inaccurate color science dense their case. On the flip side, the 16 megapixel selfie camera manages to click some good images in daylight. It captures a good amount of details along with a decent dynamic range under the sun. However, their image quality takes a hit when the sun goes down. Of course, there is a screen flash which improves quality ever so slightly. If you are into videography, you will notice that the iq neos 6 possesses good video recording capabilities. It can shoot videos in 4k resolution up to 60 frames per second, the presence of ois helps in ensuring shot. Footage is stable while you take handheld shots, exposure, metering and color accuracy are not one hundred percent accurate, though the phone packs a four thousand seven hundred milliamp hours battery inside, which is good enough to last you for a day once fully charged to test its limit.

I ran a video loop, which continuously played for more than 12 hours. If that is not good enough, it will find an 80 what fast charger within the box, which can fully refill the phones battery to 100 in a little over 30 minutes in recent times. Iq has offered some great value for money: phones like the iq7 and iq 9se. The iq neod6 continues on the same path and offers the best value for your buck, from display to the processor and 64 megapixel primary camera to 80. What fast charging it gets! Everything in demand i wouldnt mind recommending this al rounder from my q for under thirty thousand rupees thats all for todays video.