This is the ub pro spr black made in china, so you know, sub case is well known for their toughness against the drop test and everything as a military uh drop test. Uh on this, so youre never gon na break your phone. So come with the instruction and everything i like this and it comes with a holster, and this one also has a screen protection on there already heres your fingerprint scanner right there and you are volume up and down rockers right there, its protected heres, our sub case Branding the adjustable close belt clip here, allow you to rotate 360 degree, its a color opening right here for your 3.5 millimeter jack, your usb type c charging uh port, and then your speaker, grill – and this is for the stylus, its a cut out camera right here. On the back and youve got the bi fold kickstand right here, you put this on the landscape or the portrait mode. So all the sub case there you need to pry out on the corner, and this one has an arrow, pointing right here: theres a little gap or glue right here just again, the rubber outer case or the top plastic frame or the front just a loop around It to unhinge the the rubber okay and you need to go all the way around. Oh its, not going to come out and theres a plastic protective film need to remove it. Also on the outer layer, theres a color opening right there for your front facing camera or your proximity sensor so yeah.

This is like a tpu material, very soft and has a good protection. When you dropped nice, a carbon fiber look right here, design anyway, hopefully guys uh give a thumbs up like the video, please uh, be sure to uh click on the link in the description. So you can check out this uh new latest uh case from zap case. Thank you for watching.