I love value for money, phones which are rare, especially in 2022.. Im going to unbox, give the first impressions of the Redmi Note 11T Pro, And this is a 1700 YuanRs, 22 23k phone. If I compare it with realme GT, Neo 3 OnePlus 10R., They come at around Rs 36 37k price range. This phone with similar specs is priced at Rs, 22 23k.. The phones name is big, is prohibited all over the box. Plus it has a 120W Turbo charge.. Its launched in China might come to India as POCO, X4, GT. And Im sure itll come., So wait for it. Box Contents. First, you see the case documentation a SIM card, tool. Theres, the phone, a 120W charging brick. And you also get a USB type. A to C cable. Lets keep everything aside. Look at the POCO X4 GT.. It has a boxy design. Take a look at the colour.. It gives a total Chrome, Platinum feel, looks metallic.. This phone looks tall as compared to other Redmi phones. Theres, a reason as its a 20.59 aspect ratio phone while others have 209.. The back is plastic. While the front is Gorilla, Glass, protected., Im, not sure of the version, but its there.. The SIM card tray is a dual nano slot, so you dont get expandable storage.. It has a beautiful in hand feel. Its well built. Even average hands can hold it.. It feels around 195g in terms of weight. Lets see. Its an even 200.

2g.. Should we drop it without the case? It comes with Gorilla Glass, but lets see what happens after we drop it., Nothing as it comes with a scratch guard. Applied. There shouldnt be any problems from the back as well. Hit SUBSCRIBE if youre enjoying the video. Its time to start the phone see whats inside. Thats, a 6.6 FHD 144Hz talk, LCD display. And its an adaptive display goes from 30Hz 144Hz accordingly.. You can also manually change it from 60Hz or 144Hz., Even though its not AMOLED, it gets an A rating by Display Mate for its IPS screen. And the quality is top notch.. If you look at the display, it really looks nice very close to AMOLED. The display video viewing is fun. Youre, getting a tall wide display.. If youre buying a phone for multimedia, then thisll be nice as it has stereo speakers. Dolby Atmos. And even the display supports Dolby Vision. Generally, you get Widevine L3 on Chinese phones, but here you have L1. Specifications. The base variant, 6GB 128GN comes at 1699, YuanRs, 22. 23K.. Its processor at under Rs 25k, is the Dimensity 8100. On paper. Its Antutu score is 787341, which is almost like a flagship. Score. Xiaomi claims that it goes around 8.3L., But when we tested it was around 7.8L And the score is noticeable when playing games.. The performance is top notch, as it has an LPDDR5 RAM, UFS3.1 storage. Type.. Now, theyre flagship level specs improves the performance.

. You can play BGMI on Ultra HD as its locked., But it might be available when it comes to India as POCO., But you can play it on the 2nd highest graphics. Itll run smooth as well.. We played Apex Legends as well as CODM its fun playing on it.. If youre into binge watching or gaming, then the 4400mAh battery seems less., But you get a 120W fast charging, so thats great.. Now this is the Pro variant with a small battery super fast charging., Whereas if you buy the Pro variant, youll get a 5080mAh battery with 67W fast charging., Its a better combination., Which one would you prefer COMMENT below, But the 4400mAh battery is enough.. In fact, it has a P1 chip that increases its battery., So you can use it throughout the day. Connectivity. It gets top notch. Connectivity with 5G itll come with at least 8 bands in India. It has WiFi 6 BT, 5.3 Sensors. You get all sensors a side mounted fingerprint sensor, an IR blaster NFC as well. When it comes to India as POCO X4 GT. The NFC support maymay not be there. Other Features. Its IP53 certified is dust water, resistant. Camera. I cant really say that the cameras are flagship level., It has a 64MPprimary, 8MPUW 2MPMacro, triple camera setup. And the primary sensor is Samsung GW. And it clicks average, photos. And weve provided all photo links in the description for you to check out.. Overall, the cameras are average or slightly above average.

Theres a 16MP selfie sensor. The skin tones are ok as its a Chinese variant.. The 64MP sensor supports 4K30fps. The 16MP selfie supports 1080p30fps for videography. Camera Features, Theres a 1960fps slow motion, time lapse, clone macro, videography, etc. If you look at the camera module, it looks exactly like the iPhone. OS. It comes on Android, 12 out of the box, with MIUI 13., Its a Chinese variant. You get many pre installed apps., But its butter smooth in terms of performance, I loved it.. I just hope it comes at the same price. Rangers 22 23k itll be highly recommended at these specs. Thats. All for this video.