I think this is one of the best things about this phone is Music, what Music guys? Oh my god! This is made out of gold last one k11 gold gold, but you know what bro answer: gold is bold, wow, a new, bold meaning to gold, bro uh, 108 mpaa triple camera setup 90 hertz super amoled display 5 000 milliampere massive band, snapdragon, 680. Nila 680. Add eight one to eight so lets see if its actually good, no gold lumber into senia or gold, battalion, specs and quality and pretty much everything well have to see so really, nine review and unboxing of the bins Music lets unbox it. The color we have here is sunburst gold Applause, Music. We just need your money thats. It yes lets embrace a new journey and Music cardboard, usb type c. Port 33 watts fast charger in the box. Yellow is the color of the day, cassette, yellow or gold gold. Yellow, ah, okay, so bro sunburst Music. But yes, it does look like the regular, real me phone. The first thing that you see it come on build me device the name: realme 95g roomie 9. Pro camera module, as you can see, transparent, sorry, Applause, Music and then look at these stripes right here. Oh you know, stripes and the real me logo is more yellow than usual is uh. This is plastic, no plastic bag. Yes, sir! Yes, oh yes, powerful, smooth channel Music perfect for my hands is one hundred eight and finished 180 308 mp.

Last year, 64 mp, yes, 8, mp, ultroid angle, lens at 2mp macro lens, Music, headphone, jack microphone, usb type support, speaker, yeah, left side volume, golden hollow slot, guys dual nano sim card slot, plus micro sd card stock for expandability. On top of the gigabytes wow feast, your eyes on the blue display yeah, so gold, blue gold, gold, wallpaper misplaced super amoled display about 90 hertz, refresh rate wow last year with a chance night heroes, refresh weight, gain marina and up to 1 000 nits down men And brightness, which is wow, actually bro, super bright. It doesnt super dark Music rate display combined. We have this super fast super smooth super fluid display, also objective, so facebook pictures are sharpening text, tapes and smooth panel scrolling, thats, really good and when youre navigating flagship now, and even though the snapdragon 680 processor launched compared to last years, helio g95. Your optimization telegram, actually, i checked the antutu benchmark almost closed uh helio g95. Its 286 000 points Music. But yes, if you love gaming, if you love content, consumption lets say: youtube videos, young graphics, so brought vibrant, colors mobile legends. It looks really nice, oh by the way, abandon this play place, scratch proof, corning, gorilla, glass, five, only like it in the real me actually mata stone, classic corning gorilla, glass, uh tight sushi, guys my scratch, the mobile legends. Do you see things? No matter? Ultra graphics, thats good super refresh rate – oh my god, airline optimized, great outlands, is super refreshing in a future update.

But yes, right now super refresh rates super refresh paradito. You know me: 90, hertz, 90, fps, 120 fps. You need a powerful processor to drive those fps up and currently the snapdragon 680. I i dont think so. A high refresh rate for me right now is used right here due to the methylation. My experience on high frame rates setting now putting availability very high, graphics and frame medium frame rate. So, yes, uh mine, is a 30 fps cuz. You see high frame rates and its a 40 fps. So, yes, if you want better graphics, betting frame rates, this is what you should expect from this phone, but yes display very vibrant. It really enhances the graphical experience. Im gon na display compared to ips ltd, contrast graphics. It looks much more realistic, especially when youre playing call of duty already. This is a big deal, though, for some champagne but ill say guys, wan na problem, because i always replace my phone every six months: Music, lowest graphics, 30 frames per second. So if youre looking for a gaming phone lets, just set our expectations, the subjects look very sharp. It looks very professional compared to my abandoned, lower left corner um lighting, my you get what you pay for its not going to be flagship like experience, yeah, everybody on flagship, guys, nah camera. This is like a high end, mid range, aion and batteries. My pro mode look at the pro mode, completely slr mode, speaking of pro mode network, promo its a video which still feel mode wait.

They might change my iso Music, oh no Music. Actually, i just realized. No surreal me im backing in in their design these days, room c35, an iphone look alike phone, and today we have this gold bar. Looking real me, 940 phone pressure, 14 999 pesos only so sereno was a one of the best looking most expensive. Looking phones, i have ever seen on a mid range phone specs wise display battery in charging youre going to pro storage performance could be better got ta be honest and uh 4g is not bad. 4G is good and the performance ima snapdragon 695.. Is it worth it, though, if youre coming from real me, eight real me, seven magnum, i would have to say well in terms of performance its not a such a big jump from its predecessor, but in terms of design i would buy it for the design alone. No, it makes me feel very special, very gold, digger on a cell phone Music, sir ill say: real men, gold. I have a gold cell phone. So what solvent do you have such a long time? But myself is really good thats why i dont socialize Music im rich youre, not rich. What do you think? Are you going to buy this or is it a big pass? Let me know guys in the comments below what you think about this Music design is pretty much everything for some people, and i respect that and if you want to see more reviews need to see really nine four g in the middle guys.