Neo3 series is really coming out strong this year. Thanks to the early release dementia 8100 chipset, the neo3 has become one of the most popular models on the market, while the neo3t is like its balance of variants featuring another sub flagship, chipset, the snapdragon 870. Meanwhile, the other high end configuration are pretty comparable to flagships. Such as the 120 hertz amoled e4 display 5000 medium power, large battery and 80 watt fast charge now lets take a closer look at its actual performance and check out whether its as good as a gt. Neo3 realme has been releasing new models with interesting design. Detail. The gt neo3t is also impressive, with the neo3t realme has gone one step further by giving users a distinctive checkerboard design. When i got my hands on the model. To be honest, it looks surprisingly good and personally, i think the camera module also looks much better than what we have on the gt niels 3.. The neo 3t has a more vibrant and neater look on the back with a stronger design, but at the same time the matte checkered pattern. Doesnt look fancy on the country, it looks pretty low profile without fluttering the design. The pattern only appears to be visible under certain light angles. Apart from the yellow model, we hold theres, another gray and white checkerboard variant for option, which is even more classical in visual design. Well turn it around, and you will see the 6.62 inch 120hz flagship display.

The neo3t is one of the few mid range models using sensors top notch e4 panel, which is still widely seen on flagship models for colors. The display can cover a 100 percent, p3 gamut and 106 ntsc colors, with good support of hdr content. Its brightness adjustment is pretty smooth, its equipped with dual ambient light: sensors supporting 16 000 levels of brightness adjustment, even in the scene of changing light. It can seamlessly address to the most comfortable brightness for the eyes, and the whole process is very smooth and, thanks to the amazing peak brightness im pretty happy that i could use the phone in strong sunlight. The neo 3d also comes with dual speakers for stereo sounds. Meanwhile, the phone also got certified by both adobe vision and high res audio, so here just check out how it sounds like Music, Music, bye, Music Applause, Music in terms of hardware, comparing with the new 3, the biggest difference is the chipset used. Although we know the fact that that snapdragon 870 is not as powerful as demands the 8100, its still one of the most popular high end chipsets of smartphones, even we could still see the a70 chipset on latest gaming phones such as black shark, 5 weve done some Performance tests and gaming tests on the neo3t, so you guys can check it here so in the results. What most surprised us, however, is not the performance but its effective cooling effect, and just note that the phone weighed 195 grams, but they did cram multiple cooling material into such a compact body.

After playing pubg mobile for 30 minutes, the temperature was still acceptable and caused. No obvious throttling on performance, the real me gt, neo3t features a triple camera system led by the 64 megapixel main lens. The other two cameras are the same as the new three standard models, including an 8 megapixel wide angle, camera and another 2 megapixel macro lens lets. Take a look at some samples, the 64 megapixel main camera no doubt produces the best image with rich detail. The samples color looks bright and vivid with good contrast, and the good dynamic range is also impressive in low light. The 64 megapixel sensor could maintain relatively good control of complex lights, and the overall brightness got well improved without losing much detail of bright subjects, even in extremely dark scenes. Thanks to the noise control, we still can get relatively pure image with better brightness. As for the other two lenses, we couldnt really see the differences from the gt new threes, so we are not gon na waste your time here you can check the samples here or just watch our review. Video about the gt neo3, the gt neo 3t has a 5 000 million power large battery, which can easily support a full day use even for heavy use. Overcharging. The neo3t uses same 80 watt fast charging as a gt neo3, which is also the leading high power charging at its price in the charging test. The phone can be charged to 50 in just of 12 minutes, and the large battery can be fully charged in about 31 minutes.

As for software, the global version of the gt neo3t runs the real me ui3, based on android 12 platform and the global neo3t. No doubt supports all the google apps in the play store you dont even have to download them by yourself. The phone has almost all the google apps pre installed. The realme gt neo3t is likely to be one of the next favorites on the market. The top notch display powered by the a70 chipset brings smooth operation and pretty good gaming experience. The new pattern, design with checkerboard elements, brings fresh and vibrant imagination if you are not in need of the best of mobile photography, but at the same time want a better performance on the limited budget. The neo3t will be a great option for you, so thats all about the realme gt neo3t. If youve got any question or idea want to share with us, please leave it down below. We are happy to discuss with you guys. Thank you for watching.