in this video ill share. My thoughts on why this is the best entry level device you can acquire right now: Music, hey guys fetch tech up here and in todays video ill, be unboxing and reviewing the all new techno spark. 90.. Interestingly, fireball dml has been named the brand ambassador for this park series. It wasnt a mistake to call the tecnospace90 the best enter level device, because not only does it have the finest selfie camera in its price category, it also comes with a high refresh rate large battery capacity and looks that complement all of its features before we go Ahead with the review lets have a look at the content of the box. The unboxing experience is similar to that of this park. 9 pro i reviewed some days ago, if you havent seen that video. Yet i have links to it in the description box below the first thing you notice, when you open the box, is a smartphone wrapping plastic with a major highlight of the device, as well as a 12 plus one month, warranty card a plastic case with a spark Inscription next is a pair of earphones, a usb type c charging cable with a 10 watt charger, as well as a sim ejector tool. Now, moving on to the design and build quality of the spark 90, it features an ultra slender design. That is both slick and gorgeous. I really like how it looks. I like the fact that it doesnt have a camera bomb.

However, the downside about the design of this pack 90 has to be the closet back cover that shows smudges and fingerprints all over. You have to be cleaning this thing every now and then to keep it clean. Thankfully, it comes with a silicone case that actually looks nice and will also prevent it from smudges. The back and frame of the device are made from plastic, but designed to look like glass. It looks like a premium smartphone for an entry level device. I like that. It is not too big to hold for a 6.8 inch smartphone. It has a compact and solid feel to it. The power button and the volume controls are located at the right side of the device. The power button also functions as a fingerprint scanner, and it is fast and responsive. A sim card tray on the left will hold two nano sim card, as well as a micro sd card. As you can see, the bottom of the phone has a headphone jack, a microphone, a usb type c charging port and a speaker grille, leaving the top plane in terms of sound quality. This pac 90 has a single down firing speaker that will be okay for some people or should i say sufficient for some users. However, a stereo setup would have been the best for a much better experience, since the main highlight of the new spark series is the selfie camera techno decided to give the rear camera a 30 megapixels and a 32 megapixels for the selfie camera, which is kind of Strange how it will a selfie camera have a higher megapixel count than the main camera.

Well, i guess this desk people use the selfie camera more than a rear camera, mostly for tick, tock, snapchat and instagram wheels. The device also comes with a 2 megapixel step center and a vga sensor for low light detection. Funny enough, those extra two sensors dont really count that much on the front side of the device. The tecnosp90 has a 6.6 inch hd plus display with a teardrop notch. It has a resolution of 720 by 16 to 12 and a pixel density of 267. The brightness level is capped at 480 minutes. The display is sharp, bright and delightful for causing media content such as watching tick, tock videos, youtube videos and general media consumption. It has a 90 head high refresh rate, which makes cooling and navigating through the user interface fuse fast. Two flashlights are also located at the top of the display for night selfies. Moving on to performance, the tecnospace 90 comes with an octa core mediatek halo, g37 processor. Paired with four bits of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage, for the unit that i have here, its a 12 nanometer processor that is capable of handling day to day talks, even though the g series of mediatek processor is touted as a gaming processor, the halo G37 is not a gaming piece by any means. It is, however, still a good mid range gaming processor. As shown in this video, i carried out some benchmark tests and the result shows that the system can handle most 3d games with low to medium graphics settings.

I played call of duty mobile and the gameplay was fine with most graphic settings set to low. However, i had the best experience with it. Playing 2d games such as candy crush and subway surfers positive. Skin opening, apps and overall performance are all decent with 4 gigs of ram and memory efficient technology, which adds an additional three gigs of ram for a total of seven gigs managing background after multitasking is smooth. Now, when it comes to software, the spark 90 comes with android 12, but with the custom software, which is technos high, ios 8.6, it has some new features as well as improved user experience. The settings panel can be assessed by swiping from the top right corner, while the notification center can be assessed by swiping left. There are also some new ui improvement in the settings. Menu as well. Bloatway, however, is something you cant do without in todays smartphone, and this part 90 here is not an exception for a far better experience. You might want to do some cleanup by deleting some of the unwanted apps on the camera aspect. The 13 megapixel camera of the spark 90 produces good, looking daytime images with a satisfying degree of clarity, vivid, colors, great dynamic range and correct exposure. This demonstrates how well techno has optimized the new spark series, but i still believe theres room for improvement. I like how detailed and vivid most of the images appears, which makes them appear more realistic.

Portrait photos are also nice, but not the best ive seen in a mid range smartphone. The 32 megapixel selfie camera is a device main selling point and im quite impressed with it. The selfie camera is amazing and dynamic range appears to be decent as well. I like how the selfie camera can capture more details and how well the colors are reproduced. Selfie, portraits are also good, though not the best that ive seen about video. It records video at 1080p resolution with no video stabilization. However, the footage looks nice and i like it what up? What up guys first take off here, so this is a front facing camera of the techno spark 90, currently shooting in 1080p 30 frames per second, the weather is not too friendly. Today, as you can see, its the footage looks great, looks okay um. But what do you guys think? What do you guys think about the video quality and the audio quality kind of? Let me know down in the comment section below i like the skin tone. It looks okay, but let me hear your thoughts down below okay, okay, now, moving on to the battery, the tecno spark 90 comes with a 5000mah battery, which i believe will be more than enough for an average user on a single charge. It can easily last a whole day. One of the downside of this pac 90 has to be the bundle slow 10 watt charger which can take forever to charge from zero to 100.

Okay, to be specific, it took about three hours plus, which i feel would be a tunnel for some people. So at the beginning i said it is the best entry level device you can get right now. As you can see, the spark 90 comes with plenty of unique features such as high refresh weights, amazing performance, a large storage capacity and a very good selfie camera. I wanted an error for the 64 gigabyte variant or 88 000 for the 180 gigabyte variant. You can hardly find a deal like this elsewhere, which is why i recommend you check it out if you ever want a phone in this price range, so that is it for me, guys kindly share your thoughts with me in the comment section below lets discuss. Thank you so much for watching.