Looking nondescript cardboard box is the worlds loudest smartphone, which also just happens to have infrared night vision, im, not sure who was asking for the worlds loudest smartphone, but here it hath been given to us think of the possibilities we got super loud notifications super loud gaming Or you know listening to some really good speaking of opera. Did you know, one of the very first web browsers ever invented at the dawn of the internet was also called opera. It was thanks to that same web browser for sponsoring this video come around to this side of the desk and let me show you how it works. This is the view of my desk from where i sit. We have the main camera here, two video monitors, so i can see what im filming and the top down camera up here. So i can see my desk, but were getting distracted, were here for the browser opera is a free download that obviously lets you browse the internet, but also includes some pretty nifty features that arent normally seen on an internet browser. It can import all of your bookmarks from whatever browser you were using previously, but it also has a built in vpn or virtual private network. The integrated vpn secures your internet traffic and also has no subscription no logins, no data limits and no payments of any kind opera also includes a built in ad blocker which protects your privacy as well as speeds up your internet.

Browsing not to mention opera has a built in messenger that allows you to chat with all of your friends using twitter, instagram and facebook in one spot, without having to open a bunch of tabs. Speaking of tabs, pinboard has operas glorified bookmark manager that helps keep my different project groups organized and easy to select at a glance. It also has a built in player which handles music and podcast playback without needing to open up the individual websites. My favorite feature, though, is probably going to be the pop out video player, which allows me to take a video and put it wherever i want, which is especially useful while im researching or taking notes. I can just float that video around wherever i need to. So. If youre, looking for the absolute swiss army knife of web browsers ill leave a link for opera down in the video description, its hard to beat a free, vpn and free ad link is down in the description. And now i think, its time to see how durable the worlds loudest smartphone really is. Lets get started Music. The worlds loudest smartphone is made by a company called agm mobile theyve been around for a while now making inexpensive ultra rugged smartphones. But this is our first look at what the company can do here on my channel. I doubt theyve ever experienced an unboxing quite like mine inside the box. The phone is an absolute unit with a centrally located loudspeaker right in the middle of the back panel.

Making this one of the most unique, looking phones, weve, seen in a long time also in here, is a usbc charging cable and an 18 watt fast charger. The agm h5 feels pretty solid. First impressions are important kind of reminds me of the kyocera duraforce sapphire phone. We tested last year surrounding the large rear speaker. Protrusion is a decorative carbon fiber. Looking back panel size wise, it has about the same footprint as my almost three year: old note, 10 plus, but even with my case, the h5 is nearly twice as thick, but thats kind of what we expect when getting a rugged phone before we get too far. Lets see what it sounds like just in case it doesnt survive till the end of the video Music Music Applause Music, the 3.5 watt speaker is actually pretty loud. I was not expecting the rgbs to be dancing back here, but maybe a little pizzazz as all opera needs to make a comeback. Agm is saying the speaker, outputs, 109 decibels, which is way louder than a macbook or ipad, and while my music isnt an alarm or notification, its definitely getting up past the 100 decibel range, which means agms on par for their specifications. Nice work, the speaker, is pretty legit lets see how the rest of the phone holds up and what that night vision. Camera looks like getting our mohs hardness scratch test laid out. I noticed there is a plastic screen protector.

Also, a nice inclusion, its still pretty mind, blowing that this phone is only 260 bucks, usually were testing phones here on my channel that cost four times as much. There is quite a bit of rockage to the phone and not because of any camera bumps, but because of the speaker bump, which is something ive never said before. After working our way up the scale we see scratches at a level six with deeper grooves at a level, seven, which is something ive said before once or twice. There is a front facing 20 megapixel camera protected by the front glass inside of a teardrop notch and right above that we have a plastic grille covering the earpiece, and this is where we get our first glimpse of some of that budget build quality. The earpiece grille is just glued into place and will probably fall out on its own over time. The agm h5 is also ip69 water resistant, but that resistance, definitely isnt visible on the outside of the speaker. Grille, hopefully theres more protection on the inside, but we wont know till we open it up. Speaking of opening it up, the sides of the phone are covered in a thick layer of rubber, just like a built in case and digging past the layer of rubber. We find a plastic sub layer underneath the textured power button and volume rocker are made from metal. We have some protruding rubber and plastic corner bumpers and quite a bit more rubber with a microphone hole up top on the left side.

We have more rubber with a watertight flap covering the sim and sd card tray. The flap is what probably helps this phone achieve its ip69 rating. There is a metal programmable button on this side as well, and if we make our way down to the bottom of the phone, we get another watertight flap covering the usb c port and a headphone jack making our way to the back of the phone. We see the massive speaker is taking up a whole ton of real estate, almost like a little turtle. Shell, the rear carbon fiber, looking panel isnt, actually, carbon fiber, its just a rubberized layer with a carbon fiber texturing on top, which is fine. The last carbon fiber phone we tested didnt turn out too well, and i think rubber would go much farther towards impact and drop protection than carbon fiber. Would the aesthetic texture does look pretty cool, though the turtle gel loudspeaker is made from metal on amazon? Hourly employees earn benefits that support themselves and their families. Well, that was a strange advertisement, especially when 4 000 of amazons warehouse workers qualify for food stamps instead of buying advertisements saying they pay good. I think amazon should just pay good. Where were we oh yeah? The camera lenses are made from plastic, which is something we havent seen since the htc m9 back in 2015.. Plastic lenses are pretty rare. I assume agm chose plastic for its impact protection, while assuming the large speaker hump, would keep the plastic from scratching.

Plastic does have its benefits. Of course it just probably wouldnt, be my first pick for camera lenses. Speaking of cameras lets check out the infrared night vision. There are several different kinds of night vision: theres these super expensive, opto, electronic military grade, goggles that have the classic green image, but then theres much cheaper versions that use infrared leds to illuminate the surroundings. The infrared light isnt picked up by human eyes, but it can be seen by the cameras, which is why a lot of security cameras use this technology. The agm h5 is using a singular, led on the back to illuminate my desk, invisible to our eyes, of course, but visible to the camera itself, which is then picked up and displayed in black and white on the screen, its actually pretty cool, not something. I would probably use every single day, but still very interesting, especially in a sub 300 phone. Finally, the burn test: the h5 has a 5.6 inch 720p display and since we can see the pixels start to go black after about 10 seconds, we know its an ips display, which are definitely less expensive than the led panels. And another reason: this phone is quite a bit cheaper than we would normally see, even though it has a 7 000 milliamp hour battery. The screen pixels do completely recover, though, which is kind of fun. There is a fingerprint scanner on the back panel, a capacitive scanner once my fingerprint is set.

I can rough up the surface with some more scratches than it should ever be seen in real life, and it looks like even with the damage, its unlocking the phone. Every single time, nice, finally, the bin test – i mean with a phone this thick, we can pretty much assume its a solid brick, but its still nice to know for sure, when bent from the back its unflexibly immobile and same windpin from the front. Agm is definitely making budget rugged phones here with plastic, camera lenses and lower resolution screens than were used to, but it does make up for the cut corners with the price and a pretty cool speaker and infrared cameras. I have to say im a fan. The agm h5 passed my durability test and is definitely a phone ill. Remember itll, be fun to see the insights of this guy hit that subscribe button.