Everyone today were checking out the umidigi bison gt2 pro 5g thats a mouthful right there. I do want to thank umidigi for sending this out so on the back. Youve got all the specs here inside weve got a mediatek mt6877. The density is 900 thats, the first time i heard about this. I looked it up and basically this is like one of the newer processors thats high end for the arm cortex. So this is a cortex a78 plus 6x cortex a55. I know it can get a little confusing talking about the cpu and gpu uh, but just bear with me here: android 11 8 gigabytes of ram a whopping 256 gigabytes of internal storage, with the option to include a microsd card, theres, dual sim cards or nano sim Support 6150 milliamp hours 6.5 inch 2400 by 1080, so it is going to be a 1080 overall, but you do have more pixels there. So itll look a little denser or nicer, and the box youre introduced with the phone itself underneath that is the quick user guide. A usb i mean usb wall outlet and the usbc cable. This rugged phone doesnt feel too thick uh. It does weigh a bit, but it is thinner than that alcatel rugged smartphone that i had that was last year. The whole time does fly on the side. Youve got pretty much most of your buttons volume keys power button, which is also a fingerprint sensor. An extra customizable button here on the bottom youve got a microphone as well as a usbc, cable or port.

On the other side, youve got the other customizable button and you can get to the net sim tray, slash micro, sd card tray. Just with your fingers, you dont have to get any type of pin and on top, is that a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack thats? What it looks like awesome, nice to see that still going on, there looks like theyre starting to get rid of it in other places, anyways theres a camera on the back its not protruding too much, but if you lay it flat on a table thats one of The first things thats going to get touched or hit if it falls straight flat, so theres, the 64 megapixel camera, the infrared sensor is there theres a second mic back here a barometer and then im seeing this. For the first time, a pressure relief hole im, not exactly sure what that is, im going to take a guess that thats for like water in case, if like some of it, gets inside thats. Just my guess, though, this has a ip68 69k rating. That means itll survive up to like 1.8 meters under water, which is pretty impressive. Actually, the back has a nice rubber feel to it. It is pretty sturdy, though, overall on the bottom theres like a place where you can place a little hook and then the speaker grille man, that looks like one small speaker and thats really sad to see. I was hoping for something more up front, like uh like the speakerphone on top.

Here there is the front camera as well, then you got some more specs here. Do have this set up just now and it does come with the screen protector pre installed, heres the fingerprint scanner, its really responsive, probably one of the most that ive seen most responsive, that ive seen and out of the box theres, not much bloatware at all. When you got your main google stuff and just a little bit more after that, but theres a ton of storage space here, so nothing to worry about. I mean if we look at it here, 243 gigabytes free. So you really dont have to worry about anything im. Not even going to put a micro sd card in here i mean its just like theres, just too much space to ever be concerned about something like that. All right so now were outside and uh. I know you cant see this in video like the screen too. Well, but in person you can actually view everything just perfectly fine. I mean its not as bright as my iphone, but as long as you can view this outdoors thats, probably one of the main functions and features you need on a rugged smartphone. So you can view this outdoors, i cant get a good feel of the camera. Quality feels a little over sharpened like your typical android phone, but it doesnt look too bad. I took some pictures using the rear camera and it is better than expected.

Not gon na lie here. The sharpness is pretty solid. You can see the detail even when zooming in for the front camera, i still prefer iphones im still impressed, though, with a little bit of light seeping through you can kind of see with the camera. A couple of things down here, you cant heres. What it looks like with the flash on flash is actually better than expected, so you can guys. I saw this comment the other day asking what to get so heres the thing uh media can. The screen is great. Its like a beautiful vibrant screen and you can watch videos at full, hd 1080p on youtube. It does have a 90 hertz display, so you can watch videos at 60fps on here and the the speaker on the back is small, so it does sound kind of tinny but its not as bad as like other ones that ive seen it does get really loud. So thats a good thing: thats, probably the only good thing about it, otherwise, its like i just wish it was up front because it can also get covered here so thats, just not that great and also the other downside is that this on the drm drm info. This has a widevine level of l3. That means videos are capped at 480p on netflix hulu, disney, plus etc. So thats a big downside and if youre looking at this for media consumption, then i think youre better off looking elsewhere for the geekbench scores for those that you want to see.

Well real, quick. The gpu is in mali, g68 mc4 and then that cpu heres the score we got normally for this its got slightly higher every single time. I did it, which was interesting, and these scores arent the worst theyre somewhere on the lower end. But as ive mentioned before these, this doesnt always translate into performance and performance on here has been great. So far, everything is like really snappy. So i really like to see that this is probably the snappiest phone. I havent really noticed any lags whatsoever either slow, downs or hiccups. I mean if they are there theyre, just so seldom. I dont even notice it so thats nice for those wondering yes, you can do a split screen on here, because it is running android. 11.. I currently have my sim inside and i tested this out a couple of times. The download speed does show 33 and the upload speed is 5.77 now thats, not so accurate because im, i only have like two or three bars. It keeps going back and forth, but at its peak i saw it around like 40 megabytes per second either way. This is pretty snappy. Like im talking about the internet speed, i havent noticed any issues with it being on 5g. I also did make a call and the call quality was excellent. I could hear the person fine and vice versa. First, game here is roblox the graphics i tried to set to uh the higher the highest level that i could by doing manual and im, not sure if theres, an fps counter where you can find it whoops not pressing it so yeah this works really smoothly and On here it gave me an option to choose either high quality or low quality.

I did high quality. I did notice a bit of hiccups, but overall things seemed to work really well, i wanted to get in get into combat or something but either way. I dont really notice any issues here so youll be just fine, yup yeah, not really any problems here. Next game here is gentian impact. Uh surprisingly, everything has been really smooth here. Ive noticed just uh, maybe like two or three hiccups at most but thats early on on in the game, maybe when the files were still loading, something like that, i cant be too sure, but nonetheless yeah. This is 100 playable. I havent noticed any lag in fights. So far or anything like that, i guess maybe the clouds right there didnt look too natural when the shadow was coming in no biggie, oh my god. Finally, i wanted to check out one more game here. This is apex legends mobile, oh by the way the graphics are set to normal im, seeing a little bit more hiccups and stutters here and there uh. Maybe if i lower the graphics, it might be a little smoother well have to check it out and catch an impact was at normal settings. It wasnt at the lowest. So if you do have any performance issues or if you want to get rid of more hiccups or whatever you call it, then yeah setting it to this lowest setting should fix most of it. Okay, so i turned down the settings and i did fight someone with uh the normal level graphics right now, its at smooth and um yeah.

I dont notice too much of a difference, but i guess its not completely smooth in frame rate but its decent. When i say not completely smooth, i think there are, i do see some frame rate drops here and there like its not at 60fps all the time, but overall, its definitely playable and by the way ive been playing games for almost half an hour here and um. The back just gets slightly warm here, its not bad at all, so the heatsink is is pretty well maintained or the material just helps you prevent it from feeling that hotness overall, this is the best rugged smartphone in terms of performance that ive ever used compared to The alcatel zikr and blackvue smartphones, this one tops it all just because the performance is really good and you can play games on your high end games pretty well here without too much lag or stutter. Only downside is the media consumption, where youre capped at 480p for street on streaming platforms, but that same issue is occurring with the other smartphones that ive mentioned too or the other brands. None of them have this, or none of them have widevine level of l1 to watch videos in full, hd, 1080p, but yeah. I guess thats the one hindrance of rugged smartphones, but if youre in the market for one, especially if youre gon na use it outdoors and um performance, is something you care about too, then this is definitely the one to take home.

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