This might potentially be the last fan edition device well get from samsung and for that reason, its really important to go back and look at this device from a long term perspective. If you are watching my channel for the first time, please subscribe and press the bell icon. Also, if you find this video good enough, do hit the like button too, all right, while sharing my own experience, ill try to answer all of your queries too. Lets talk about the build and feel of this phone after months of usage, as you guys know that it inherits its design from the s21 lineup, it looks and feels really premium and to date i have never felt like using a cheap phone. Its a premium phone by all the means and im a very rough user, especially when it comes to exposure to the water, and i have found out that the water resistance of this phone is pretty solid. I guess it wont be really going to talk about the buttons and ports, but i would just like to recreate that if its got a headphone jack, it aint, a flagship and s21 fan edition – is kind of a flagship, a sub flagship to be more precise, which Definitely means it: doesnt have a headphone jack. The lack of headphone jack is okay, at least to me. Whos moved on to wireless earbuds and doesnt, really like using white headphones. But what i dont particularly like about this phone is the lack of microsd card slot, whether you have the one to eight gigs or even the 256 gig storage variant.

You will eventually run out of it. Remember there isnt a 512 gigs variant of this phone. Apparently samsung has put in a dynamic amoled screen in this phone, and i was expecting this dynamic amoled screen to have a variable refresh rate, which is unfortunately not the case. With the s21 fan edition. It either runs at 120, hertz or 60hz refresh rate. Now many of you have been asking me about the screen refresh weight bug. I have never seen any screen refresh rate issues on my phone. The only issue that i am aware of is when i restart this phone. It takes a while for the 120 hertz refresh rate to kick in till that time the phone keeps running even below 60hz, and that is kind of annoying. I dont know if its just normal or its a bug, the display otherwise is really beautiful. The brightness is top notch resolution. Colors everything is top notch. There is hdr 10 support too, and i really like the bezel profile of this phone. One good thing about the display is the protection of gorilla glass. Victis. If you remember the original s20 fe brought the gurira glass 3 on the front, and that was a bummer kohiro glass victis makes a screen off size, 21 fe stronger, theres, nothing special about the fingerprint scanner of this phone, its just an ordinary scanner that does its Job well and i do use face id unlock in addition to the fingerprint scanner on all of my phones, and i recommend the same to you guys.

Haptic feedback of the s21 fe is good. The haptics motor produces a clicky feedback that you will definitely like. Now. I have talked a lot about the software of the s21fe in my previous video, so i wont be talking about the software features today. I would like to remind you guys that this phone will get android updates up to android 16 and it supports five years of security updates. Now this is a big advantage, because even the original s21 series doesnt qualify for four years of android updates the s21 fe. Just happens to be a lucky device, my phones, software, has been running, smooth and lag free. One ui 4.1 animations are really smooth and in my opinion this is the best looking and most practical ui and software for an android. Smartphone samsung has added the full fledged flagship software experience to this 21f, which is why you get top notch features in the camera. App like the 4k at 60 frames per second video recording for both the front and rear cameras, are the dual video recording mode super slo mo with motion detection button, the portrait, video and the pro mode with raw format and many other features. The camera result of the s21fe is pretty good. I cant comment whether or not this phones camera result has improved over time, because i found it pretty consistent since day. One the ultrawide camera is not that great. I mean its not on the level of a flagship device.

I think thats, where samsung can improve a few things. Video stabilization of this phone is pretty neat in all of its resolution mode, so i believe you can definitely keep this phone for all sorts of photography and videography purposes. Music Applause lets talk about the most important thing: the performance and thermals. Many of you are still skeptical about the exynos 2100 on this phone. Exynos chipsets are not known for anything good, but samsung did improve a lot of things with the exynos 2100 when they reinvented the exynos chips. S21Fu delivers top notch performance and it reflects while performing a heavy task on this phone. You can run heaviest games with graphics set at max. The games run smooth without any lags, but all this doesnt mean theres no downside. Unfortunately, the exynos 2100 still heats up on excessive usage. I would like to stress upon the word excessive usage here and when the phone heats up, it causes many other issues like battery drain and sometimes the refresh rate becomes choppy. I did not experience extreme heating while playing the games. However, the phone did heat up up to 48 degrees upon performing a software update. This is when the phone became untouchable, but i think all the phones heat up while performing software updates, because its a resource, intensive task. Let me know if you guys find this something unusual. I would love to hear you out. Another thing that you guys are worried about is the longevity of this phone, while its equipped with the exynos 2100.

Here i would like to talk about my x21 ultra that i used for one and a half year. The phone was powered by exynos 2100, first samsung phone with this chipset, and i must admit that i was a great fan of the device, be it the performance, the stability, the thermals and the battery performance. My s21 ultra only improved with time, and i expect the same from the s21 fe. I sincerely hope. Samsung only improves it from here on. Having said all that the snapdragon variant of the galaxy s21 fe, the one with snapdragon 888 in my opinion, is still superior, but its downside is limited. Availability, Music lets talk about the battery performance now to understand the battery output. You have to take into account the hardware combination. I mean its an exynos 2100 powered phone with a very bright and decently sized amoled display and the battery is relatively small. Just 4 500 mah. You shouldnt expect a lot from this phone at first. But if you are still interested in the numbers, the max its gon na give you is seven hours of screen on time, with moderate use and about five hours and 30 minutes with intense use. So you should be getting around six hours of screen on time and thats what this phone has shown in two of my battery twin tests that are already published on the channel. I remember i am talking about the screen on time. I am not talking about the standby time or something else uh if you just use your phone for like five or ten minutes or even 30 minutes in a day, the phone should be able to last for at least three to four days while it stays in The idle mode for most of the time 4500 mah battery is pretty small and it barely takes north of one hour to charge it from zero to a hundred percent.

And with this we reached the conclusion: when s21 fe came out first, it seemed like an overpriced device, but with time its price has come down, for example, on amazon. You can pick up this phone for about 620 us dollars and it was down to 590 us dollars at one point and from amazon in the uae or dubai. You can pick up this phone for about 570 us dollars. I know the price hasnt come down in most of the countries, but i believe sooner or later, rest of the countries will definitely follow and the price will fall in all those countries, and in that case this device would make absolute sense. So, given that the price falls and comes down to about 500 us dollars in near future, the galaxy s21fu would be a great boy and it will become a true bang for buck, and i would recommend this phone without a second thought. Thats.