This is the aiku neo6. It takes a lot of bang for your buck to be successful, versus the likes of poco and samsung. So does the iq neo6 have what it takes im will for gsm marina and lets find out in our full review Music. The aiku neo6 has a very similar set of features to other successful mid ranges weve seen lately. It does bring its own style, though, as well as super fast charging. Our neo6 is in dark nova, an eye catching matte gradient finish. The large squared off camera bump. Also helps the neo 6 stand out from the crowd. The back and frame are made of plastic and the phone is overall, not too hefty, but not that grippy in the hand, either on the front is a 6.62 inch. E4 amoled display, with a 1080p resolution and a fast 120hz refresh rate, this smooths out moving elements on the screen when youre, interacting with it and the refresh rate can dial down to as low as 60 hertz when idling to save energy theres. Also, a 360hz touch sampling rate here for extra responsiveness. This display is really nice for a mid ranger content looks sharp and you get the excellent contrast of an amoled panel as well as great color accuracy, theres hdr 10 plus support too max brightness is also pretty respectable. Here we measured 490 nits with a manual slider, which can boost up to 770 nits in auto mode in bright conditions.

Under the display is a fingerprint scanner for your biometrics, its very responsive, but the placement is a bit lower than we like for audio the icon. Neo6 doesnt have a traditional headphone jack, but there is a pair of stereo speakers here. They scored a very good mark in our loudness test and the output is well balanced. The sound quality is just mediocre, though Music you can get the icu neo6 with 128 or 256 gigs of storage, but thats not expandable. The interface of the phone is vivos. Fun touch os 12 based on android 12.. It brings your standard android experience, but with some visual customizations here and there there are plenty of options to customize. The looks yourself too. Through the personalization options, the phone has an ir blaster, so you can use it to control other devices through the smart, remote app and the icon. Neo6 also has some features tailored to gamers, like 4d game vibration, which you can find within an in game overlay. But maybe the best feature of all is that aiku promises to provide two years of android updates and three years of monthly security patches for this phone. At the heart of the icuneo6 is a high end, snapdragon 870 5g chipset, its a popular one for flagship killing phones and, while its not quite as powerful as the top flagship. Silicon is still plenty for great gaming performance. The iq neo6 aces the cpu and gpu benchmarks, and on top of that, the thermals are good too.

Thanks to an advanced cascade, passive cooling system, sustained performance remained quite stable throughout our stress test and the phone never got hot. The iq neo6 has a 4700 milliamp hour battery and battery life is good, but not excellent. As far as mid rangers go, it was able to score an endurance rating of 97 hours in our proprietary tests. The charging, though, is something special. The phone comes with an 80 watt flash charge adapter in the box. With it we were able to charge the phone from zero to 98 percent. In half an hour for cameras, you get a mid range setup, thats quite popular nowadays, a 64 megapixel main cam, with ois an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro cam. The main cam takes good photos with adequate detail levels, excellent contrast, low noise and wide dynamic range. The processing is a bit over the top, though the colors are quite vibrant to the point of being unrealistic and details can come out smudged and over sharpened. At times, you can mostly overcome this, though, by toggling off the auto hdr. These photos have a more natural look with more balanced sharpening. The colors are a bit toned down too, but theyre still oversaturated portrait photos from the main cam are good with proficient enough. Subject: separation 8 megapixel photos from the ultra wide are decent as well. They have enough detail low noise and wide dynamic range. Still. These photos share the unrealistic over processed look with those from the main cam.

At least iku is staying consistent here, 2 megapixel, close ups from the macro cam are usable, but not great. They dont have a lot of detail and are, as over processed as the rest of the photos in low light. Photos from the main cam are always heavily processed even without night mode. On the auto mode photos are nice with saturated colors and wide dynamic range night mode. Doesnt make a huge difference, but you will notice that these are sharper and theres some more detail here. Low light photos from the ultra wide arent as processed as those from the main cam. They have a darker exposure, true to life, colors and acceptable dynamic range. The dtl is mediocre. Turning on night mode makes hardly a difference on the ultra wide. Besides brightening things up a bit selfies from the 16 megapixel front facing cam are likable. They have realistic, colors and contrast and good dynamic range. The detail level is much better when the auto hdr is switched off, though, when it comes to video. The main camera can record in up to 4k resolution at 60fps. The 4k footage has good sharpness, low noise and plenty of detail with natural looking rendition. The colors are true to life and the dynamic range is balanced. The ultra wide is limited to 1080p recording the footage has acceptable, colors and dynamic range, but contrast is on the low side and it looks almost out of focus so thats the iq neo6 its an excellent all around mid ranger that most notably brings really fast charging And grace the same chipset performance for those long gaming sessions and besides that you get a nice high, refresh rate, amoled, good battery life and stereo speakers.

The main downside is the photo quality theyre, not bad, but theyre. Nothing special and some people may not be fans of that over process. Look still. The iko neo6 is overall, quite competitive, even against heavy hitters, like the poco f3 gt and the galaxy a52s its worth recommending.