This is the my robots and its really cool its subject: tracking device youve seen stuff like the obs bot me and the obs bot tiny on this channel. So im really interested in these type of devices, so my robots reached out to me to do this video. So i said what the heck and i havent been on youtube in a while. You guys life has been kind of giving me a bunch of these. So ive been trying to you, know bob and weave and do what i can, but anyway, i want to show you this device, its really cool, so heres. What youre looking at here right. So you can see my phone is set up here, thats the iphone 13.. I hope my exposure is decent but yeah. This is the device here ill get you some close up shots of it, but i just have it mounted to a tripod here right and what you do the way this works. You see theres a camera right. There see theres a camera, okay and you can see the red indicator light there. What im going to do now is see if i can show you this im, just going to put up an okay sign and you can see that light changed to green. Hopefully, you can see that that light changed to green and now the device is tracking me. Not only is it tracking me on the um see x axis horizontal axis, but its also tracking me on the vertical axis, as you can see here, maybe oh somehow, i canceled it just by doing this, i think you can cancel like that.

Yeah, so be careful with your hand, gestures so anyway, let me show you there you go, so you get the idea. Okay, let me show you here how it tilts to follow the subject that up and down isnt as smooth as uh as i would hope. It is, but let me show you this man so check it out, so really really smooth. Now, one of the things that um im always curious about is when you use these type of devices with your smartphone is audio right. The iphone 13 and iphones in general. Usually have pretty good mics thats if youre in close proximity, but im about i dont, know six feet away from the phone its windy today, theres no way that audio is good and im gon na. Let you hear what that sounds. Like im, actually recording audio from my tascam. I have a digital audio digital recorder, its portable. You can see. I have a lavalier mic here: okay, theres some other options, but this is tried and true ive been using this for years. Okay, so to get good audio now i also had my robot send me their wireless mic, so they have a wireless mic that plugs right into the iphone 13. im going to plug that in and let you hear how that sounds, but im going to keep my Tascam on me as well, so we can do some compare and contrast, because i know this is going to be solid, solid, audio.

Okay, what do you think im just using the front facing camera here on the iphone 13? You can certainly turn it around and use the rear facing camera as well. Okay, so, as you can see, ive gone ahead and put the my robus wireless mic on me here. So lets just mount it right here and you can see the receiver here on the phone. It just plugs right into your lightning port, very, very simple. Now, to pair it theres a little button on the back of the mic here, theres a little button push that button to power it on the green light. Will flash youll know its paired with the receiver when it goes solid, green now the manual says that theres a red button on the receiver as well. It says that that light will go solid, but mine just disappears so, but you can see that the mic is hot, so it is on okay lets go ahead and get um the device tracking me so lets just uh lets just kind of step back and just Kind of give you an idea of the flexibility that this gives you when you have a microphone now. I listen back to the audio from that first shot that i did and the iphone 13 mics sound, pretty darn good. Now i have to um wait until i can. I have to wait until i can get back to the office and and really check it out, but from what i heard initially, the audio sounded fine, except for when i turned away and stuff like that, um but yeah.

So, but just from uh a matter of best practice, its always best to have a microphone a dedicated microphone, so that your audio stays consistent. And you know if youre in windy conditions, you have a better chance of having good audio. Now i said a couple of things in that first shot. The one thing i talked about is how to engage or initiate the tracking and how to stop it. I actually stopped it by mistake. You stop it with a palm right. The light will change from green to red and it will no longer track you, as you can see here, to engage it. You put up an okay sign. Just like that. Can it see me, i think, im close enough. Oh there, it goes boy, i dont know what happened there. Lets try this again, because i didnt have that much trouble before lets see yeah you got to be. I dont know about four feet away from the device before to pick up that gesture. So just keep that in mind, but otherwise its really smooth – and i also mentioned that it wasnt very smooth when i walked up on it on the vertical axis, but its smoother than it looks when you actually look at the device. The device looks like its ratcheting, but its actually really smooth when you look at the playback – and i dont know if that has if the internal stabilization on the iphone has anything to do with that, but nevertheless um it looks good, looks really good to me.

Okay lets try going down, i dont know if itll track me going down. No, it wont okay, just up just up okay, now uh. What im gon na do now is. I am going to change the orientation of the phone because you can use this in portrait mode as well, so for you, tick, tockers out there and instagram stories, and you know for you guys that, like to do that, um man here you go. You got uh! Your own cameraman your own cameraman that will follow you and if you pick up the mic as well, not sure how good the quality is. But if you pick up the mic as well, youve got your own setup right there. So um ill put pricing up on the screen as well. If i have it so that you know how much it costs – and i think i stopped it by mistake again: okay, okay, guys, keep in mind that you can inadvertently stop the tracking. So watch your hand, gestures, im, not even sure how i, if i got my hand up and whether i did it down here or not, no, its not doing it down here just up here and you have to be like. I said you have to be. Oh this is this is about four feet. I want to say, and you can see that its stopped and then were going to reengage it there. We go okay, all right, so let me put it in portrait mode, so you can see what that looks like and then well call it a day.

Okay, so, as you can see, ive got the phone set up in portrait mode and uh were gon na. Go ahead and start tracking there we go boom all right, so we are tracking in portrait mode now looks good man, oh yeah, you know it it it. It picks up a palm very, very easily, so uh. Keep that in mind. Ive noticed that a couple of times that it will stop tracking if it senses any kind of a palm gesture, but yeah check that out man. It looks good that is really awesome and its going to pan up as well to keep the subject in the frame. That is really really neat really really neat check that out so im gon na back up some now. The one thing i have to note so, as you can see, i was not able to keep the wireless mic mounted on the phone, because you know the phone is mounted into the device there. So keep that in mind. But i would imagine, if youre doing like a tic, tac video or something like that, youre, probably going to be pretty close up or like right here, youre, probably dancing or something i dont know what yall do on you know what yall do on tick tock. I dont know but yeah check it out. Man i mean it works really really well. Device works well outside of those uh. You know jester snafus um thing works impeccably well and i got a fly or something thats taking interest to me and get out of here fly but yeah.

So weve got portrait mode. You got landscape mode. You can connect a wireless microphone to it and, oh the other thing. I failed to point out its completely 360. look at this. The device rotates completely 360 degrees thats one of the limitations of the um obs bot products. They stop at about a hundred little over 180 degrees, so theyll rotate uh completely to the rear um, but they wont go a full revolution like this does, as you can see, im just walking in a circle, and this thing is not stopping. That is really really cool man. That is really really cool. All right. Let me put it back in landscape mode, put the wireless mic back on and then well wrap up the video okay yall, so the sun is setting so were getting ready to lose light. So were gon na go ahead and wrap the video up here its like its, not getting me all in the frame, so maybe i have to back up, i dont know, but anyway, hey thanks for joining me. Man, like i said i really like the device. I think it works as advertised. It works really really well outside of the few little gesture glitches like. If you talk with your hands like i do youre going to stop the device just like i did, but thats, not the fault of the device thats. The default of the the user – okay, one more thing – i failed to mention one final thing: i failed to mention this thing is also useful for taking photos right, so you can position yourself right where you want to take the photo im gon na position myself right Here put your timer on on your phone, put the timer on get yourself in position and pose take your picture just like that were gon na do one more.

I want to step back a little bit see if i can do this. There we go were gon na step back a little bit and take a picture smile baby. There you go so just wanted to make sure to mention that i forgot that piece all right: okay, yall uh, the sun – is setting and were losing light here. So were gon na go ahead and wrap the video up man. I appreciate yall for checking me out uh. I havent done this in a while, so i could be a little bit rusty. I dont think ive made a video in like three months or four months or something crazy like that anyway, man once again, thank you for watching. If youre into this kind of stuff man, gadgets and uh drones, i do do drones. I used to do a lot of drones, but i do more gadget stuff nowadays, if youre into that consider subscribing to the channel um dont forget to click that bell and that way. Youll know when i upload new videos. Okay, once again man. Thank you. So very much guys and gals for checking me out in the meantime be good to somebody be good to yourself. I will see you in the next video all right later: yall, Music, dont be so hard to reach. Just pick up your phone tell me: where youll be cause, i got ta. Let me know when youre ready cause. I made reservations too many invitations and the last night was heavy.

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